Utopia - Nearer Than You Think!
Plain Truth Magazine
April 1982
Volume: Vol 47, No.4
Issue: ISSN 0032-0420
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Utopia - Nearer Than You Think!

Personal from Herbert W Armstrong

   Back in 1934: when the Plain Truth magazine was born and the World Tomorrow program first started on the air, I predicted the future union of the nations of Europe, resurrecting the ancient Roman Empire. That momentous event is near.
   When this political, military and religious union in Europe is accomplished, it will completely alter the entire world scene. It will provide a third GIANT power, equal to or even superior to either the United States or Russia! And, to the surprise of most, the world will be startled to learn that it will have been provided with military NUCLEAR power!
   Nations never in history have produced new and more destructive weapons without using them. It is possible that the nuclear World War III, more frightful than anything in human history, may explode on an unsuspecting world during this decade!
   If what I have said looks depressing, there is the brighter side! IF this happens, it will be merely the storm before the dawn of a beautiful, happy WORLD OF PEACE.
   The future indeed looks bleak and hopeless ... UNLESS there shall appear AN UNSEEN HAND FROM SOMEPLACE to change it. That possibility is not as ridiculous as many will think. I would even go so far as to say it is more than possible such an unexpected turn in events shall occur during this decade!
   Why shouldn't we have UTOPIA here on earth?
   The Los Angeles Times some time ago ran a story on a UTOPIAN college campus. The word utopia was used in its headline. It was a story the Times did on a unique and different college campus, where there are no riots, but where everybody is smiling and seems to be really happy!
   It is a college campus associated with The Plain Truth! It is the campus of Ambassador College, Pasadena, California.
   There is a CAUSE for every effect. There is a CAUSE for all the world's troubles. There is also a CAUSE for the enjoyable happiness that radiates all over this campus.
   Although there is a saying about it being darkest just before dawn, and we are now rapidly being whisked into that very short period of darkness in world history, it is the most SURE sign of the DAWN immediately beyond. And it is entirely possible that the 1980s may be the decade that brings that very UTOPIA to the world.
   And WHY NOT? The dictionary describes Utopia as an imaginary state of PERFECTION. But WHY should it be imaginary or—impossible? Why shouldn't we have PEACE on earth, with universal prosperity, good health, right education, abundant well-being for EVERYBODY?
   You may call Ambassador College an experiment in UTOPIA if you like—but students and faculty on the Ambassador campus in Pasadena and the two-year sister campus in Big Sandy, Texas, will tell you we surely are approaching utopia—these campuses are happy, joyful places to be. We advocate this WAY in The Plain Truth. We practice what we preach_ And we certainly ENJOY the result!
   True, we do say it actually will require this "strong hand from someplace" to solve the world's troubles and bring us PEACE. Then the critic will ask, "Aren't you saying it is IMPOSSIBLE for humanity to solve our problems?" No! We don't say it is impossible—we say HUMANITY IS NOT WILLING— humanity REFUSES. It is impossible ONLY because humanity rejects THE WAY to peace, prosperity and all the GOOD THINGS only because humanity REFUSES.
   It is not impossible. We are PROVING that at Ambassador College.

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Plain Truth MagazineApril 1982Vol 47, No.4ISSN 0032-0420