Why Today's World is in revolt ...and the answers!
Tomorrow's World Magazine
May-June 1970
Volume: Vol II, No. 5-6
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Why Today's World is in revolt ...and the answers!
J Lacour  

Crime "Ancient" Solution for a Modern Problem
R. K. Helge

   Statistics from the FBI show a rise in virtually every major type of violent crime. Families have to cower behind locked doors. Homes are secured with ingenious new locking devices and complex electronic warning systems. Society has to resort to trained dogs, possession of firearms and armed guards for its safety. Surveys reveal that the literal fear of Physical violence haunts at least 54% of our population.
   Yet crime can be 90-99% eliminated. ELIMINATED TODAY in our 20th century "sophisticated society." How? By applying the only laws which have ever been realistically designed to deal with physical human beings and human nature.
   God's Laws.
   The Ten Commandments.
   The Statutes and Judgments. How would God's Government handle the crime problem in America? Just the way it prevented such a problem from ever getting started in ancient Israel.
   The cessation of crime starts by preventing it in the next generation. By training the children both by teaching and example to have a thorough respect for law, their elders, parents, teachers, neighbors, for public office and for all persons in authority (Deut. 6:1-7, 20, 24). Yes, and this includes the Internal Revenue Service and the police officer that gives you a ticket, even though you don't think you have it coming. (Read our free, fully illustrated booklet, The Plain Truth About Child Rearing, if you want to know how to teach your children in today's world.)
   Equally important is the appropriate legal response when a crime is committed and the suspect is apprehended First and foremost, the guilt or innocence of the accused person must be determined swiftly. Today it takes an average of seven months before a defendant is brought to trial to even ascertain if he is guilty or not. This is a ludicrous mockery of justice in and of itself.
   Furthermore, once the accused is brought to trial, our wildly intricate legal system of interlocking and contradicting codes and precedents often sets the guilty free. The many hypertechnicalities, which have become a fetish today, should be thoroughly reviewed in the light of God's simple, uncluttered legal system.
   To assure that all the facts of a case have indeed been ascertained, a compulsory statute would demand the presence and testimony of all witnesses (Lev. 5:1). And as a guarantee of absolute truthfulness, perjured testimony by a witness should result in the same penalty being inflicted on the witness as the false testimony would have wrought on the accused (Deut. 19:16-20).
   Next, every case should be heard by two or three judges rather than just one (Deut. 17:6). This way their decision could be final with no appeal unless the judges themselves felt that the case required consideration at a higher level (Deut. 17:8-13). Today the average criminal case takes 18 months on appeal that is after the accused has been found guilty. In one renowned case the condemned criminal had his execution delayed for 12 years by judicial delay which is the epitome of "cruel and unusual punishment." Truly it is written that justice delayed is justice denied. Such would never happen under God's legal system.
   Judges must be dedicated, honest men beyond reproach. Men filled with wisdom who deplore a bribe and decide each case without fear or favor. Every judge must decide every case according to the facts, without regard to the accused's age, sex, race, religion, political convictions, economic status or social stratum (Deut. 16:18-20).
   Once the offender is found guilty, punishment must follow immediately and swiftly no later than the next day. The delay of punishment of one criminal encourages every criminal to conclude that he can commit his crime and enjoy its fruits without retribution (Eccl. 8:11). The sentence must be executed not in hatred' but in love. Love' for the criminals, love for the victims but most important, love for the nation as a whole.
   The punishment must truly fit the crime.
   It is imperative that both the trial and the punishment should be held in public for all to see. The punishment should not be carried out in secret. A major thrust of the deterring effect is lost when it is done behind closed doors. God intended the public to hear and fear! (Deut. 21:21.) And within a few months, all crime would drop 90-99%.
   God's logic is very simple He knows how to keep law and order among His created beings. The tempted offender must know, without the shadow of a doubt, that should he commit a wrong, he is going to be punished and that the punishment will hurt far more than whatever possible "pleasure" he hopes to derive from committing the wrong.
   But with a populace that refuses to pattern its life after God's Word, but insists on doing what is right in its own eyes, the foregoing will not be achieved until the whole earth comes under the Government of God (Isa. 9:6-7; Rev. 11:15).

Modern Youth Should You Be a Political Activist?
D. Albert

   The day has passed when young people naively looked at life with starry eyes. Today's youth recognizes the overwhelming problems thrust upon it by a hypocritical older generation. And they rightly react with disgust and disillusionment. But for an increasingly large number, that's not enough! The cry is for action VIOLENT ACTION if need be to get results.
   Street demonstrations, mass rallies, brick throwing, fire bombings, and most recently, dynamite explosions these are the eagerly used tools of the political activist, the militant, who insists that democratic measures and due process of law are inadequate and much too slow to effect the changes they demand. The cry is "Revolution!" not reform. The ballet and the bomb are fast replacing the ballot!
   The recent student uprisings the deaths at Kent State and Jackson State, the closing of many of our big universities are more than just sporadic incidents. They are tragically indicative of the attitude of our age. I
   f you are a youth awake to the problems of our times, you want to do something. But should you join the revolutionary elements in our society? Should you turn to violence to hasten change?
   If you have come to see that God is alive, and that He speaks to modern man through His Word, read this plain answer!
   "Let every soul be subject unto the higher powers. For there is no power but of God: the powers that be are ordained of God" (Rom. 13:1). This means God allows the "powers that be" to exist. Now this does not mean that He sanctions or approves of their evils more about that side of the coin later. But notice, He does not give anyone the authority to try to overturn them by violence! "Whosoever therefore resisteth the power, resisteth the ordinance of God: and they that resist shall receive to themselves damnation (or judgment)"! (Verse 2.)
   No wonder the worldwide Communist movement attacks God and the Bible. The Bible plainly condemns the violent overthrow of government! God is a God of "law and order," not of anarchy. He is the great Lawgiver (see James 4:12). Satan is the great deceiver and anarchist. It was he who first resisted the power and government of God. Violent overthrow of government is his way of bringing about change. He is the arch-rebel behind all rebellions and revolutions!
   "Submit yourselves to every ordinance of man for the Lord's sake... For so is the will of God" (I Peter 2:13, 15). Or as the Living Letters translates verse 13: "For the LORD'S sake, obey [submit yourself to] every law of your government." Thus "civil disobedience" is directly contrary to the will of your Creator.
   But what about social injustice? What about "capitalistic oppression"? Does the Bible deal with these issues? Emphatically yes! The Bible speaks bluntly to unscrupulous "rich men"!
   "Go to now, ye rich men, weep and howl for your miseries that shall come upon you. Your riches are corrupted, and your garments are motheaten" (James 5:1-2). Yes, God knows of the graft and corruption among the rich and He promises to do something about it!
   God Almighty is aware of their fraud and oppression. "You have made a fine pile in these last days, haven't you?" He demands. "But look, here is the pay of the reaper you hired and whom you cheated, and it is shouting out against you! And the cries of the other labourers you have swindled are heard by the Lord of Hosts himself. Yes, you have had a magnificent time on this earth, and have indulged yourselves to the full. You have picked out just what you wanted like soldiers looting after battle. You have condemned and ruined innocent men in your career, and they have been powerless to stop you" (James 5 :3-6, Williams Version).
   But what can WE do about it? "Be patient therefore, brethren, unto the coming of the Lord"! (Verse 7.)
   Can you take God's advice to youth? Youth is characteristically impatient and impulsive. It demands answers here and NOW! But don't be deceived into thinking that solutions that have been wanting for millenniums will be quickly ushered in by a street rally or firebomb!
   Did the Communist Revolution rid Russia of all oppression and tyranny? Think about it. What comes after revolution? Peace? Freedom? Love? Happiness? Prosperity? Do new rulers rid themselves of all the evils of the old?
   Can man bring about the Millennium? No. But God can. And He will. Soon.
   God Almighty will soon massively intervene in world affairs. He will crush all oppression and forge a just society.
   Now if you insist on becoming a street-walking political activist, espousing revolutionary violence, you will not only fail but you will also bring about your own destruction.
   But there's a better way: You can become a real activist. You can LITERALLY change the world.
   We are preparing the way for the second coming of a conquering Jesus Christ. We are preaching His warning Gospel message of the coming Government of God.
   So throw down your weapons. Pick up your Bible. Come help humanity.

Business Notes The Japanese Worker
F. Brown

   What makes a nation a superpower? How is it that a country that only twenty-five years ago was defeated in disgrace and dishonor, being devastated and occupied by hostile forces, has now become one of the economic giants of the world? Why does it happen to some and not to others?
   All these questions could be asked with validity about Japan.
   From the radioactive rubble of Hiroshima and Nagasaki has arisen a people who now have become the third-ranking industrial power in the world behind only the United States and the Soviet Union. Ten years ago the average Japanese existed on near-subsistence-level income, but today he has passed the British (one of the victorious allies) in average income! Within another ten, he may even be level with the Americans! And beyond? Many economists predict that the 21st century will be "The Japanese Century."
   As with the Germans, Japanese success lies a great deal in their willingness to work and produce, sometimes under very adverse circumstances. A country lacking in natural resources, Japan has capitalized on its greatest asset people. The coupling of an astute business community and a cooperative government with the intrinsic Japanese character has produced a unique species of workman one who is willing to sacrifice for the future welfare of his country. Does this sound too idealistic to be true? To American ears it indeed sounds unbelievable, but in most Japanese corporations, this is the case.
   In an article in Business Week, Konosuke Matsushita, head of the giant Matsushita Electric Industrial Company, makers of Panasonic appliances, states that "... each man is taught that he is managing the company through his work, and that with this work is doing something for society." He proudly points to the fact that 420,000 ideas were stuffed into the company suggestion box last year, and that many employees often work late devising ideas to increase production! Japanese workers are more interested in the team effort than in their own personal self-satisfaction a perfect physical application of Romans 12:1:"present your bodies a living sacrifice."
   A "somewhat') different attitude from the unionized, apathetic American worker and the more unionized, more apathetic British worker.
   Another example quoted in Business Week talks of the employee who comes to work half an hour early every morning just to be more efficient on his job. This he does without any extra pay and his boss doesn't consider him to be particularly outstanding. It is this kind of loyalty and interest that has almost "overnight" made Toyota the fifth largest automobile producer in the world!
   Compare the indolent, affluent, self-seeking Americans and Britons whom we see around us (we "see" them because they're not working), demanding extra "goof-off time" (as it is called by the men themselves), shorter work weeks, longer weekends, and more money for every little hand's turn of work performed!
   But it wasn't always this way. There was a time when the American working man was the example for the whole world. He produced more, demanded less and was willing to work for the overall benefit of his country. There was a time when Britain's industry was indeed great when British products epitomized the very highest quality.
   What has happened to the American attitude?
   What has happened to the British craftsmen?
   Both have been buried by affluence.
   The society we see around us is the product of decades of unparalleled prosperity, the likes of which no nation in history has ever experienced!
   Every great empire in history which has passed through the phases of humble beginnings, then affluence and power, has ultimately fallen and collapsed in a confusion of immorality and lawlessness. Such will soon happen to the United States and Great Britain, unless the trends of apathy and self-seeking are reversed and a return to God's Law the way of giving, serving and sacrificing is attained.
   Prosperity will undoubtedly also generate the crashing thunderous collapse of the Japanese giant, unless they too turn from their own ways to follow the immutable laws which Almighty God built into His universe. The seeds of their demise are already evident in Japanese society: student riots, collapse of the strong family structure (due to Westernization), deep-seated immorality.
   Every nation on earth will have to face the facts: There are two basic ways of life. One, the way of giving, sharing, of sacrificing and serving. The other, the way of getting, grasping and seeking to serve only the self. Affluence is naturally the breeding ground for the latter because affluence nourishes human nature!
   Right now, the Japanese are experiencing an economic miracle; but no form of society can last without the power and the Law of God to uphold it. It seems that both we and they will just have to swallow the bitter pill of experience to believe it.

Teen-agers How Far Should You Go?
G. Geir

   It's Saturday night. Party night at a friend's house. You've been dancing pretty consistently with one particular girl so you decide to take her home. Then once she's in your dad's car, the thought crosses your mind: "Say, I'd like to have 'some fun' with this girl." What should you do? (We know what practically everyone else will surely do.)
   How can you get the most satisfying enjoyment out of your teen-age years?
   Let's look at one all-important factor that you may not have considered before. And we are going to speak plainly as our Creator God would have us.
   First of all, let's all admit one obvious fact. "Parking" with that girl will immediately give you some titillating sensations and some very pleasurable or at least some unique moments. Nobody's going to argue that point.
   But here's the question :
   Why do these experiences bring enjoyment? Is sex inherently synonymous with pleasure? The answer may surprise you because what may seem to be naturally connected with "fun" at first, can quickly lose all its "kicks."
   You've surely heard of husbands who "get tired" of their wives as sex partners and so "swap" wives with their neighbors. Now if sex were inherently synonymous with pleasure, this could NEVER happen!
   There's another element involved here. It's found in the Book of Proverbs: "Stolen waters are sweet, and bread eaten in secret is pleasant" (Prov. 9:17). This simply means that in certain areas of life you get a "quick thrill" out of doing what you know you're not supposed to do. Human nature gets a perverted exhilaration from the unknown or the illegal. This is why the shoplifter steals a $20 sweater when he has $1000 cash in his billfold.
   And this is also why a man cheats on his wife. And as he "laps up" the "stolen waters" of cheating, he further perverts his nature and as a direct result, he has a harder and harder time getting excitement from sex in marriage. It's a vicious cycle. In fact if a man continues to cheat, he may find it impossible to ever again be sexually satisfied with his own wife he will forever need the thrill of conquest to become aroused, then perversion, then nothing!
   Now what does all this have to do with you? Plenty!
   It's a living principle that as your desire for what is wrong grows, it dulls or even destroys your enjoyment for what is right.
   Let's take a look at your future marriage. You want it full of happiness. So remember: The more you "fool around" before marriage, the harder time you'll have properly enjoying sex in marriage. If you dull your appreciation for the right by doing the wrong it may become virtually impossible for YOU to ever enjoy the peak of the most rapturous sexual experiences with your future mate. That's a fact which has been unfortunately proved by all too many couples.
   Here's how it all works. There is a definite, definable "sphere of living" within which all fun stays fun. Within this sphere, the more you repeat experiences, the more your senses are sharpened and the more your enjoyment continually heightens.
   But if you go outside this sphere of living, then your sense of appreciation and enjoyment for what's right dulls. Now to satisfy your senses you must do something even more perverted. This in turn dulls your sense of pleasure still further and you're in a whirlpool, being sucked ever downward.
   This crucial sphere of living is precisely defined for the teen-ager in our free booklet, Modern Dating. Before you do something you might regret the rest of your life, why don't you get your free copy it can't hurt and we know it will help. Give it a try!

Physical Fitness Exercise or Excuse?
J. Petty

   Many people erroneously believe that Jesus Christ was a weakling a soft, pasty type of individual an effeminate. Much of this image has come from purported "pictures of Christ." Of course these pictures are absurd. Even a casual reading of Jesus' various activities reveals a man of dynamic energy strong and supple, Jesus Christ enjoyed a rugged outdoor existence. NO sissy, no sunken-chested weakling was the tough-muscled carpenter from Nazareth.
   In many cases people endeavoring to be truly Christian tend to conform to the traditional- but utterly erroneous image of Christ which today's world has imprinted in their minds. But a lethargic day-to-day existence is directly opposite to God's way of life. In modern society especially, with its routine eight hours at the desk, men and women need vigorous activity as a regular part of their lives in order to lead a dynamic and abundant life.
   Students and faculty alike here at Ambassador College recognize this need and do something about it. Students participate in strenuous activities such as running and swimming at least four times a week. Many popular sports and games are engaged in at all times of the year. Basketball games, track meets, handball matches, and swim meets are only a few of the ways that Ambassador keeps its students and faculty active.
   Furthermore, in order for a person to do God's will, he must have courage and fighting perseverance. What better way to develop these qualities of tough masculinity than by rough but always friendly man-to-man "combat" (companionship) on the athletic field!

Race Relations Harmony or Hegemony?
T. Hall

   What would have happened in our riot-prone, racially tense country if John or Robert Kennedy had been killed by a Negro?
   Perish the thought!
   But entertain it long enough to test your emotional reaction.
   Today, in America and the world, racism is rife. Tensions are mounting. Everyone is affected.
   America has been called a melting pot. True. Except for the black man. He has been the most notable exception - he has not "melted" primarily due to his color and physiognomy. Let's face the facts: Most Negroes occupy the lower stratum in our very much stratified society.
   To understand the position of the American Negro, we must understand slavery. Because slavery here in the U. S. dealt him quite a blow.
   Early in American history many politicians shuddered at the thought of emancipation for Negro slaves and the subsequent social integration which would then have to follow. Whatever the motivations of these men were, they all caught a glimpse of the racial confrontation which would inevitably erupt.
   The rest is history. The black man z.ms freed from the yoke of slavery. And now more than ten decades later, the realization of across-the-board "equality" continues to be an idealistic pipe dream at best. Though fresh facts from Government sources indicate progress for black people in employment, income and education, everyone knows that when economic or social adversities strike, the black man is the first to "get it."
   For almost two decades now, integration has been proclaimed as the "Great Solution" to the race problem. "Diffuse the Negro into Caucasian society and his problems will be solved." Solved? Man, they're worse than ever. Look at the record today we have more racial strife than ever before.
   For example, look at bussing. Eight out of nine Americans, according to a recent opinion poll, don't want their kids bussed. White parents don't. And black parents don't. Black parents don't like to see their kids riding a bus for two hours a day just to be deposited into a "culturally superior" white school. Which builds up further resentments, envies, hatreds more racial conflicts.
   Then the self-seeking exploiters take over. Feeding on the black man's legitimate grievances, everybody from power-crazed little "Hitlers" to the steely efficient agitators of the well-oiled international Communist machine knowingly engineers riots, gun fights bombings, etc. (all of which take innocent black lives) in order to further their own revolutionary goals. The black man has been used as a "tool"- not for his own good, but for the political purposes of others!
   Obviously, man's solution to the race problem has NOT worked.
   It is only natural to feel closer to one's own racial family to one's own "paint job." What human nature fails to see is that God created all men from one original set of parents Adam and Eve. Our Creator designed all men to live with and love one another without racial bias because we are all "brothers under the skin." Acts 17:26 reveals that God "hath made of one blood all nations of men" or as Phillips translates it, "From one forefather he has created every race of men to live over the face of the whole earth."
   God's Law is a law of love real, genuine, heartfelt outgoing concern for the other fellow. It is the way of respect and esteem for one's neighbor no matter what his color is. It condemns discrimination and bias, Notice the admonition of the Apostle James: "If you fulfil the ROYAL LAW according to the scripture, Thou shalt Love thy neighbor as thyself, ye do well: But if ye have respect to persons, ye COMMIT SIN, and are convinced {convicted] of the law as transgressors" (James 2:8, 9).
   The Bible says that honesty, justice, fair play and equality should be the "law of the land" in every nation under heaven and especially in those nations that profess belief and adherence to Bible teaching: "ONE LAW shall be to him that is homeborn, and unto the stranger that sojourneth among you" (Exodus 12 :49).
   Many "liberated," "free-thinking" religions of this world "use" these scriptures to justify and even to sanctify interracial marriage. However, that is not what these scriptures are talking about at all. Godly love is being discussed a sincere, simple, outgoing concern for one's neighbor.
   On the other hand, many blacks claim that "white man's churchianity" has given black people nothing but sweet sentiment and "pie-in-the-sky."
   They are right.
   But God's true Christianity has nothing to do with "white man's churchianity."
   Why? Because "white man's churchianity" does not reflect the truth of the Bible.
   Because God Himself is the Designer and Sustainer of all races.
   Because God Himself will eradicate all the deep-seated, debilitating problems which have ravished black society: unstable family life, racial discrimination, inferior education, no historical roots, limited job opportunities, inadequate housing.
   Because God Himself will send Jesus Christ back to this earth to throw down all human governments and to set up the Kingdom of God in which men of all races will be given an equal chance and a fair shake.
   Because God Himself will resolve all racial problems.
   Because God Himself will tap the real potential of all the races including the worldwide black community for the good of all humanity.
   I, as a black man, confidently await that day!

Literature Puritanism or Pornography?
J. Lacour

   Literature is a source of power: Either a source of rejuvenating power, leading toward a more rewarding life, or a source of degrading power, creating a diseased mentality.
   Is there a standard for selecting worthwhile reading materials? How can we guide our children in their choice of books? Without a lengthy discussion of what constitutes literature, let's explore a few principles.
   First, we need to understand that it is the fiction of today that exhibits the most perverse qualities works that spring from unhealthy imaginations run riot. Novels, short stories, plays, scenarios all fall into this category. Sometimes listed in a separate class, science fiction, too, provides material for day-dreaming for escape from reality. Few works of this kind will edify the reader. Many may result in considerable harm.
   "But the Bible contains some of the most obscene and violent stories ever written!" shout the Tom Paines and the Robert Ingersolls of the world. Don't be fooled! There are differences. The accounts of David and Bathsheba, Jael and Sisera, Judah and Tamar are told simply and swiftly. Only the essentials needed to teach the lesson are expounded. The Bible does not concentrate on lurid details in gutter language. These inspired stories were written for our example - to show the effects of wrongdoing. Yet any story with a moral today would be dismissed immediately as Puritanical and artless.
   Just read the Bible then, and nothing else? Is that the answer? Hardly! Though the Bible is all truth, not all truth is found in the Bible-and not all inspiration comes directly from the Bible. The Bible is the foundation of knowledge, and we are to evaluate what we read in terms of its principles.
   The right kinds of literature can broaden our outlook and our understanding and make us better able to help others. Literature has always been a great teacher, though sometimes a false one. Some literary works have been responsible for molding and changing society! Become familiar with such volumes. The brief list on this page will help you get started.
   Historical and scientific works, biographies, travel some of these and others can benefit anyone who has learned to evaluate carefully what he reads. Indeed, it is not necessarily wrong to spend time on the major philosophical and fictional works of a country. The Apostle Paul, as an educated man, was acquainted with many writings of note and occasionally even quoted short passages from works other than the Scriptures (Acts 17:28, for example). Literature can be a means of "reaching" people. To read and understand the "classics" is to see again the overall lesson of the Bible. It is to see men willingly reject the truth of God and to consequently reap the rotten fruits of their own vain reasonings.
   Learn to be selective. Not everything in print is true. Learn to question what you read. Find out what you can about the author. What is his background? Is he obviously prejudiced? What was his purpose in writing the book? One of Benjamin Franklin's reasons for writing his Autobiography was to help others to be as successful as he.
   Ask yourself WHY you are reading. To escape? To provide entertainment? For enjoyment? To gain knowledge and understanding?
   In literature, as in all areas of life, man has been given a choice a test of character. Don't be misled into thinking that you must experience evil in order to appreciate what is right and good. Too many today think they may miss something or may not be considered "normal" if they do not experience, either actually or vicariously (through literature, etc.), all the perverse acts which the mind of man is capable of devising.
   Make no mistake. The wrong kind of
Books for Adults
   The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin.
   The Waste Makers, by Vance Packard.
   Famine 1975, by William and Paul Paddock.
   Exodus, by Lean Uris.
   My Own Story, by Bernard Baruch.
   Aerobics, by Kenneth H. Cooper.
   God Speaks Out on the "New Morality," by the Ambassador College Graduate School of Theology.
   Charlemagne, by Harold lamb.
   The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, by William L. Shirer.
   How to Be Rich, by J. Paul Getty.
   Hiroshima, by John Hersey.
   Life Science Library, by the editors of LIFE.
literature is being used to poison minds just as surely as are pornographic "art," rock "music," and drugs. You ARE what you think! (Prov. 23:7.) Dwelling on evil thoughts leads to evil actions (James 1:14-15). Learn to choose wisely. Teach your children to question, to evaluate on the basis of Biblical principles. Concentrate on those things which are true and just and pure (Phil. 4:8).
   Depravity has been around a long time, but it has never been so prevalent or so readily accepted as today. In the WORLD TOMORROW we are promised a pure language no longer riddled with obscenities and a literature of true knowledge and understanding!

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