Strike Solution
Tomorrow's World Magazine
September-October 1970
Volume: Vol II, No. 9-10
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Strike Solution
K Crouch  

   HOW do you run a country with no petrol, no transport, no power? Sydney was asking this question this summer. People were desperate for food, homes blacked out at night, industry paralyzed by day. Very few workers were able to get to work. Millions of people were literally under siege! A whole metropolis was held to ransom. This pictures the frightening spectre that threatened Sydney.
   There were two thousand fourteen strikes throughout Australia in the past year! How many were genuinely necessary? And how many were only superficial reflections of a widespread, growing, industrial blackmail — an ugly manifestation of human nature in the raw? Labor, management, politicians have all offered solutions — that haven't worked! Why? Because God and His Word are left out! Nobody seems to have the faith — or is it the guts — to apply God's solution!
   Over a century of struggle against a hostile employing class is the historical setting of current views — views which are not easily changed. Currently, the employer is the "villain," and more so if he attempts to maintain his rights of management during industrial disputes. Often this concept is a 19th century anachronism which unions are not willing to recognize.
   Right now we hear reports of permanent industrial warfare. Secretary Mitchell (of the Hospital Employees Federation of Australia) said "chaos would result unless there were a change of heart by both sides to create an industrial structure that encouraged cooperative effort" between employers and unions.
   Yet the whole motivating incentive today is the reverse from what God says it should be.
   The Bible reveals what the employer's attitude should be toward his employee — and that is not to exploit him. It also reveals what the employee's attitude should be to his boss — and that is not to militantly and destructively extract more than industry is capable of fulfilling. The Bible shows HOW that "change of heart" can take place!
   God shows there should be no need for the present unrest. There is a standard upon which industry can be run — and Jesus Christ is going to show that it can be done when He standardizes the entire economic structure of the world.
   That standard will be the giving standard! "Give, and it shall be given unto you... For with the same measure that ye mete withal it shall be measured to you again" (Luke 6:38). If this standard were applied in Australia (or anywhere on earth) today, the need for militant industrial warfare would be obviated.

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Tomorrow's World MagazineSeptember-October 1970Vol II, No. 9-10