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Unless the Lord shall build the house, The weary builders toil in vain;
Unless the Lord the city shields. The guards maintain a useless watch.
In vain you rise ere morning break, And late your nightly Vigils keep,
And bread of anxious care partake; God gives to His beloved sleep.

Lo, children are the gift of God, And sons the blessing He commands;
These whom in youthful days bestowed, Are like the shafts in warrior's hands.
And happy they whose quivers bear Full store of arrows such as these;
They in the gate are free from fear, And boldly face their enemies.

That man is blest who fears the Lord; Who lives and walks in all His ways;
For of his labor shall he eat; And he shall prosper all his days.
His wife shall be a fruitful vine; His children all like olive plants.
Behold the man who fears the Lord! To him His blessing will afford.