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With my whole heart have I cried to Thee; O Eternal hear my prayer;
For I keep Thy law and meditate on Thy precepts night and day.
I am up before the dawn to pray; For my hope is in Thy word.
Hear my voice according to Thy great love; Save me Lord, and quicken me.

My pursuers come with malice near; And Thy law they do not keep;
But Eternal, Thou art near to me and all Thy commands are true;
Thou hast founded them forever, Lord, They are valid for all time.
Look on my affliction, deliver me; For I love Thy law, O God.

I do not forget Thy law, O God; How I love all Thy commands;
But the wicked do not seek Thy law and Thy way is far from them.
Many are my persecutors, Lord, Yet I never turned from Thee.
O consider how I do love Thy law; For Thy law is truth and love.