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O give thanks unto our God; Blessed be His Name!
His mercy shall always endure; His kindness never fails.
Let Israel confess to God: His mercy always shall endure;
Let Aaron's household now repeat, His mercy never fails!

I called upon the Lord my God; In distress I cried!
He answered me and set me free; Put your confidence in God.
With the Eternal on my side; Why should I fear what men can do?
Trust not in princes nor in man; Better far to trust in God!

All nations compassed me about; Compassed me like bees;
But the Eternal is my strength; In his Name I cut them off.
Open the gates of righteousness; Where all the righteous enter in;
I shall not die but there shall live, And shall tell of all His works!

O give thanks unto our God; He has answered me!
He my salvation has become; He the chief, the cornerstone.
He by the builders was refused; He was rejected by His own.
God is the Lord who show'd us light; Blessed be the Name of God!