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When Isr'el out of Egypt went and did his dwelling change,
When Jacob's house went out from those who were of language strange,
God, Judah made to be His own and Isr'el His domain;
At the sight of them the sea quickly fled, Jordan was driven back.

Like rams the mountains and like lambs the hills skipped to and fro.
O sea, what ails you, that you flee; O Jordan, that you turn back?
What ails you mountains, that you skip, you skip and leap like rams;
What ails you, hills, that you did leap, That you did leap like lambs?

O at the presence of the Lord, earth trembled so with fear.
O as the presence of the God of Jacob did appear;
Who from the hard and stony rock did pools of water bring;
And by His pow'r He turned the flint Into a water spring.