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O bless and praise God, O my soul, praise his Name!
Eternal One, my God, Thou art very great!
O Thou art arrayed in glorious majesty.
Thou cov'rest Thyself with light as with a robe.

Thou spreadest the heavens; made them like a tent;
Thou buildest Thy chambers on waters above;
Thou formest the clouds to be Thy chariot;
Thou walketh and rideth on the wings of wind.

Thou makest the winds to be Thy messengers;
And also Thy ministers flames of fire;
Thou didst set the earth on its foundations,
So that it never should be shaken or be moved.

With the deep Thou didst cover earth as with a robe;
Till waters rose and stood over mountains great;
They fled at Thy rebuke; Thy voice of thunder;
At Thy command mountains rose and valleys formed.