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Praise the Eternal with a Psalm, Sing songs of praise to Him!
Play on the timbrel and the harp, And make a joyful noise!
This is a statute and a law, God has ordained for us;
In the appointed time to keep; this do on God's solemn feast!

Blow on the trumpet, sing a Psalm, Make joyful noise to God!
He has delivered us from sin, Saved us from Egypt's land!
We cried to God in bondage there; God heard and answered us;
From thunder clouds He answered us: Hear, O my people, hear my words!

But His own people would not hear, They would not hear His voice;
They only wanted their own way, Following in their lusts.
O that my people would obey; Walking in all my ways!
I should have soon delivered them; Turned my hand against their foes!