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What happened to the dead man the Israelites threw into Elisha's tomb?
He came to life and stood up on his feet.

II Kings 13:21
The Bible Hymnal
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O Lord, my God, in You do I my confidence repose:
Save and deliver me from all my persecuting foes;
Lest they should seize my life from me and like a lion tear;
Devouring and rending it with no one to defend.

O Lord, my God, if it be so that I committed this;
If it be so that in my hands iniquity there is;
If evil I repaid to him who was at peace with me;
Yea, Lord, did I my foe release and aid without a cause.

Then let the foe pursue my life and thrust it to the earth;
Then let him take my soul and lay my honour in the dust.
Rise in Your wrath, Lord, stir Yourself, for my foes raging be;
Awake, my God, and vindicate the justice You command.

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