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Unto God I lift my voice; Unto Him I cry.
In the day my trouble comes, Then I seek my God.
In the night I do not cease, I am overwhelmed;
I remember God and moan; Never close my eyes.

I consider days of old; Years of ancient times.
I commune with mine own heart; Search and meditate.
Will the Lord cast off His love, And no more be kind?
Is this now my lot and trial; Will His kindness fail?

Has the Most High strength no more; Has His promise failed?
Then I think of His great works; Muse on wonders old.
I will talk of His great deeds; Who is great like God?
God's true way is holiness; Far removed from sin.

By God's mighty arm and strength, Israel was saved.
Then the waters of the seas Saw and did obey.
Clouds poured forth and lightnings flashed; Thunders rent the skies;
Whirlwinds shook the earth below; God so led His flock.