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In Judah God is known and feared; In Israel His Name is great;
His tent in Salem He hath reared; His royal seat in Zion hath made.
There He broke arrows of the bow, The shield, the sword and war's array;
More excellent, O Lord, art Thou, More glorious far than hills of prey.

The stout of heart are spoiled in fight, A deadly sleep the warrior slept;
No hand of all the men of might; Its wonted strength or cunning kept.
O Jacob's God, at Thy command, The chariot and the horse went down;
For Thou art fearful, who can stand, In the tempest of Thy frown?

From heaven God His judgment gave, The trembling earth stood still and feared;
When all the meek on earth to save; For righteous judgment God appeared.
Let all around their presents bring, To Him whom all the world should fear;
He cuts off princes, God the King, Shall fearful to earth's kings appear.