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Let us sing to God and praise His name, Unto Him shall we give thanks!
For His wondrous works His name declare; Let us tell of His great deeds!
The Eternal says that He will judge, When the proper time is come;
Tho' the earth and all totters and dissolves, He will make its pillars stand.

The Eternal says unto the proud, Do not boast nor flaunt your pow'r;
And unto the wicked He has said, Do not lift your horn on high.
Neither from the east, nor from the west, Comes the lifting up of men.
It is God who lifts and who lowers men; For He righteously will judge.

In the hand of God there is a cup, And the wine therein is red;
It is full of wrath from which He pours; Wicked men must drain its dregs.
But I shall declare and praise my God; To the God of Jacob sing!
For the Lord shall lift up the righteous man; And shall cut off wicked men.