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Joyfully sing and praise God, All the earth sing forth His praise!
Glory and honor give Him, Sing homage to His name!
Say now to God, How dread Your works, How awesome are Your deeds!
So great Your pow'r Your foes submit, All the earth worships You!

O come, and see His great works, Among men how dread His deeds!
He turned the sea to dry land; And the multitudes passed thru.
So let us all rejoice in Him, Who by His power e'er rules;
Whose eyes observe and nations watch; None shall exalt himself.

O bless our God, you peoples, Make His praises to be heard!
Give unto Him your grateful thanks Who has kept us safe in life;
And not allowed our feet to slip, Tho' You have tested us,
Tho' we were captured by our foes; Yet have You set us free.

So will I come before my God, I will pay my vows to Him;
Vows which my lips have spoken, Which I promised when distress'd.
All you who fear Him, come and hear, Come you who worship Him;
I will declare what God has done, What He has done for me!

I called to God and cried out, I extolled Him with high praise;
Had I of sin been thinking, Surely God would never hear.
But God indeed has heard my pray'r; Blessed be God who hears;
He has not checked my pray'r to Him, Nor His own love to me.