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Twas not a foe who did deride, For that I could endure;
No hater thus who rose in pride, Else would I hide secure.
But thou it was my friend and guide; We did as equals meet;
We walked to God's house side by side, And counsel blended sweet.

His speech more smooth than butter was, Yet in his heart was war;
More soft than oil his words appear; Yet sharp as drawn swords were they.
But Lord Thou will in judgment sit, And bring them down to woe;
And in the deep and dark-some pit, In ruin lay them low.

Death shall them seize, and to the tomb, Alive they shall go down;
For wickedness is in their home; Among them abound their sins.
But as for me, I'll call on God; The Lord will safety give;
He'll hear me when I cry aloud, At morning, noon and night.