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My God, my God, O why hast Thou forsaken me, Thy son?
O why hast Thou not heard my cry, my anguished bitter cry?
Yet Thou art holy and enthroned amid the songs of praise.
Our fathers did rely on Thee and Thou didst rescue them.

They cried to Thee and Thou didst hear; they trusted Thee, O God.
For Thou delivered them from fear and they were not ashamed.
But I am just a worm and not a man at all but scorned;
Rejected and despised by men, and mocked and scorned by all.

They sneer and toss their heads at me; make ugly mouths and mock:
'Let God deliver him,' they say, 'He left it to his God.'
Yet Thou art God, indeed, who took me from my mother's womb;
O be not far from me, My God, for there is none to help