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Behold, the day will come; the day of the Lord our God!
He shall bring all nations in that day against Jerusalem.
They shall take the city and share the spoil in the very midst of them;
Then our God Eternal shall go forth and shall fight against our foes!

In that great day of God our Lord shall stand on earth!
On the Mount of Olives He shall stand and the mount shall cleave in two!
There shall be a valley of mammoth size; by the Valley you shall flee;
For our God Eternal shall be King and shall rule over all the earth!

In that great day of God t'will be neither day nor night;
But at eventime it shall be light; it shall be one day to God.
Out from Zion shall living waters flow, to the east and to the west;
Then our God Eternal shall be King; in that day shall there be one God!

Behold, that day shall come when all nations shall obey!
Those of all the nations that are left to Jerusalem shall go;
They shall even go there from year to year, and shall keep the feast of booths;
There shall be one God, the Eternal, who is King over all the earth!