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Hallelujah! Praise God's Name! Praise His Name of whom you serve!
You who stand within God's house shall praise His Name within His courts!
Praise the Lord for He is good; Sing your praises to His Name!
God has chosen for Himself, as His prized possession, Israel.

God is great above all gods, What He pleases that He does;
In the heav'n and on the earth; in the seas and depth of oceans wide;
Raises mists o'er all the earth; Sends the lightning and the rain;
And in Egypt He it was struck the firstborn both of man and beast.

He sent signs and wonders great In the midst of Egypt's land:
Many nations did he strike; many mighty kings for Israel.
Great Your Name Eternal God; Great Your fame forevermore!
Both endure to ev'ry age and to generations yet to come.