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Lord, remember David now, and think on all his weight of care,
How to You he made his vow, and to Jacob's mighty God He sware:
I'll not tread within my hall, nor on my bed will seek repose;
No sleep on my eyes shall fall, nor slumber shall my eyelids close.

Til for Jacob's mighty one I find a sure and fit abode.
Of the ark at Ephratah we heard and found it in the wood.
Let us go to where God dwells and at His footstool bow us low.
Rise, O Lord, come to Your rest; and the ark Your might and strength to show.

God in truth to David swore, and His oath He never shall disown:
On Your throne Your seed shall reign; if My cov'nant and My laws they keep.
High on Zion's holy hill the Lord has fixed His dwelling bright:
Here I'll dwell forevermore; the chosen rest of my delight.

I will bless her with increase; with bread her poor will satisfy;
And her priests I'll clothe with peace, and all her saints shall shout for joy.
David's horn shall bud and grow, thence my anointed light shall stream.
Utter shame will clothe his foe, but bright his endless crown shall stream.