November 29, 1946  
November 29, 1946 - Brethren & Co-Workers Letter
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Herbert W Armstrong 


Published every little while, to keep our Co-Workers informed of the progress, the problems and future plans for carrying on God's work in these closing days of this age; — broadcasting "The WORLD TOMORROW;" publishing The PLAIN TRUTH, and other Gospel literature. HERBERT W. ARMSTRONG, Box 111, Eugene, Oregon.
VOLUME VII, Number 6                           November 29, 1946

Dear Co-Workers:

   GREETINGS! Mrs. Armstrong and I are on the train, enroute from Los Angeles to Eugene.

   I have WONDERFUL news! It won't keep until we arrive home. I must write it now, and it can be printed and mailed from our office early in the week.

   In fact, I have two wonderful things to tell you, each so thrilling it can't wait. First, then, today in San Francisco I completed definite arrangements with the management of a large Los Angeles printing establishment — the same printing plant which now prints the West Coast editions of "Life" and "TIME" as well as "SUNSET" magazine — to have The PLAIN TRUTH printed hereafter in this same plant on the gigantic new post-war rotary magazine press just recently installed for the printing of "LIFE" and "time" — now to come out in two colors and attractive new dress, 16 pages, twice as large as formerly!

   Arrangements are completed for the NEW larger, more attractive PLAIN TRUTH to come off the presses late in December, starting off this enlarged finer magazine with the January, 1947, number. The November-December number already has been mailed to you. I hope you have received it before this. How do you like it? I hope you'll write and tell me.

   I have far more thrilling material in store for you in the new larger January issue. In this first enlarged number, I plan to disclose what I believe to be the most sensational material ever published in The PLAIN TRUTH — facts that are too "strong" to put on the air. At the San Francisco Conference last year I saw the opening public activity of an astounding plot to conquer and rule the world — a plot conceived and engineered by one of the most powerful organizations in the world — a plot fully prophesied, and therefore certain to be carried out! And amazing developments and activities in Europe since have progressed this terrific movement to an alarming state — if one has the understanding to SEE!

   Frankly, I don't believe I can ever publish a more important article, or explain a more wonderful or necessary subject, than that starting on page one in the current November-December number. The TRUTH answering the questions, WHY we are here, the great PURPOSE being worked out here below. WHY God permits suffering, wars, and all the terrible conditions in the world today, is more important than the more sensational disclosures I expect to make in the coming issue. Yet I know only too well that most people will find this more sensational expose more interesting to read. And it, too, is important. And then this larger, 16-page PLAIN TRUTH will contain considerably more than the usual number of articles. In the beautiful January number will also appear the real scriptural explanation of the NEW Testament teaching on Tithing; the sequel to the March-April article on "The Coming World- Explosion in PALESTINE;" a really amazing article on present conditions in America in DIVORCE and RE-MARRIAGE, with a fearless revelation of the Bible TRUTH on this vital question, now actually hitting one home in every three in our land! — an up-to-the-minute analysis of world conditions, and the drift toward ATOMIC WAR; an article beginning the eye-opening explanation of the questions "WHO is the BEAST?" "WHAT is the IMAGE, and the MARK of the Beast?" With a full 16 pages, with illustrations, two colors of ink, more attractive headings and typography. I sincerely hope to make this January number the finest, most attractive, most interesting, most helpful, and in every way the BEST issue of The PLAIN TRUTH ever published!

   And did you notice? The circulation has grown to ONE HUNDRED AND TEN THOUSAND COPIES! That's an immense circulation, going to every state, and several foreign countries. I know you rejoice and praise God with us, in this splendid and powerful growth of The PLAIN TRUTH — now to be doubled in size, made more attractive in appearance, and to come out regularly every month! It will, of course, be a tremendous undertaking. But we are putting all our energies to the task, redoubling our efforts, and I know our loyal Co-Workers will also redouble their efforts that the increased cost may be met, and God will give us strength and power and ability each to meet our responsibility and to accomplish the glorious mission to which we have been called.

   I almost forgot to mention some very good news in connection with the enlargement of The PLAIN TRUTH. By having it produced, hereafter, in this large establishment in Los Angeles by mass- production methods we shall be able to publish this much more attractive magazine, double in size, at a cost only about 16% more than the smaller, less attractive magazine has cost by the smaller, slower, less efficient methods we have had to use here in Eugene.

   Now I have what seems to me just now an even MORE WONDERFUL announcement — a thrilling announcement I've had to hold back for several months! Yet it's hard to conceive of any announcement being more thrilling than that The PLAIN TRUTH, after all these years of struggle to that end, is at last to blossom out into a full 16-page attractive magazine, with twelve issues every year instead of only two or three. Mrs. Armstrong and I have worked hard and long, and struggled against almost every obstacle and opposition, to bring The PLAIN TRUTH from a little mimeographed paper of 300 copies in February, 1934, up to this beautiful magazine of 110,000 copies to make it's appearance in three or four weeks. But the effort and struggle has not been ours alone; for YOU DEAR CO-WORKERS, after all, have made it all possible by your unselfish faithfulness! Yet let us give all thanks, praise and glory to GOD.


   Now for this second very important announcement I've had to hold back several months. I want to first explain what is leading us into a wonderful new phase of this work — one that will lay the foundation for FOLLOWING UP this great and growing work by PERSONAL CONTACT — one which will prepare the way for the work to enlarge to WORLD-WIDE scope! The commission of our Master was not for a little localized Gospel work. No, instead, He commanded, "Go ye, therefore, and teach ALL NATIONS;" "Go ye INTO ALL THE WORLD and preach the Gospel to every creature;" "And this Gospel of the Kingdom shall be preached IN ALL THE WORLD for a witness UNTO ALL NATIONS; and then shall the end (of this age) come."

   The time has now come to lay the FOUNDATION for that, — the ultimate, final mission! The TRUE GOSPEL is not being preached today! It must go to ALL NATIONS, in all languages! For years I felt helpless, frustrated, in contemplating the vast commission. I couldn't see how it was to be done. But now God has moved suddenly, swiftly, mightily, in a manner we never would have imagined in our wildest dreams! He has placed in our hands some- thing we never would have thought possible. But ALL things are possible with God. And He moves in mysterious ways His wonders to perform!

   Let me explain, first, a basic fundamental of Christian TRUTH — then I think you'll understand, and marvel at what God has just done, these past few days, for His work!

What True Christianity IS

   I think, from the leading article in the current PLAIN TRUTH, you can understand that God's great PURPOSE in placing human beings on earth is the supreme MASTERPIECE of all His works of Creation — the creation, in us, of righteous, holy, perfect spiritual CHARACTERS. Redemption is, merely, the completion of Creation. God's purpose is to mold, fashion, CHANGE us from what we have made of ourselves, into what He desires to make of us. The word "conversion" means a CHANGE.

   Now this change takes place in the MIND — and the "heart," by which word we mean a certain faculty of mind. The process of salvation begins in the MIND. The first step is REPENTANCE, and repentance is a change of mind. The second step is faith in, and acceptance of Jesus Christ as personal Saviour — and that, too, takes place in the MIND, and in the Heart. We are not in any sense CONVERTED until we have received God's Holy Spirit, and in Scripture it is revealed that the receiving of the Holy Spirit is the renewing of the mind — an illuminating of the mind, bringing UNDERSTANDING; and God reveals that His Spirit is the Spirit of a SOUND MIND.

   In other words, real conversion and salvation is EDUCATION — not the kind of purely mental, purely materialistic, and mostly faulty and erroneous education of this world — but REAL education, which is the enlightening of the mind, feeding of the mind and soul, thru that faculty of mind we call the HEART, the development of self-discipline and character in the true spiritual values.

   God intended man to become EDUCATED. We never glorify God by ignorance, nor by neglecting to train and educate the mind! What is the principle thing that elevates a man above a dumb animal? It is his MIND! That mind, then, to glorify God and fulfill His purpose, ought to be developed, used, rightly cultivated and trained.

   Yet, today, what do we find? Most highly EDUCATED people reject God's Truth, spurn salvation, regard Christianity as an ignorant superstition. And most of those who will surrender to God, accept Christ and seek salvation today are comparatively UNEDUCATED, or have limited education! It's a FACT that most people today who claim a real born-again salvation have not been educated, or trained and developed their minds, as much as the average intellectual skeptic or scientist who through his "scientific knowledge" and mind training has come to believe there is no God!

   WHY SHOULD THIS BE? It should be just the reverse!

   The true ANSWER is that Satan set out, 6,000 years ago, to deceive the whole world. Satan has led man in a direction OPPOSITE from the true way of God. Satan has swayed mankind into setting up an organized, babylonish civilization. In its every phase, this civilization runs OPPOSITE to the right and true laws of God. It is the spirit of COMPLETION, ORGANIZED.

   Now, this whole worldly civilization is BASED on a SYSTEM of FALSE EDUCATION! This paganized society that is THIS WORLD takes our children, from ages of 5 to 7, and begin to educate and train their MINDS, in the direction of SATAN'S philosophy, which is the way of materialism, of selfishness, greed, vanity, trust in man, ignoring God. The system of education is COMPLETED in the institutions of higher learning — the colleges and universities.

   And there, surveys show that 95% of freshmen entering college still believe there is a God; — but, four years later on graduation, 95% of these same students have become firmly convinced there is no God!

   Now what is the BASIS, the FOUNDATION, of true education?

   We read the answer in the 111th Psalm: "The fear of the ETERNAL is THE BEGINNING of wisdom; a GOOD UNDERSTANDING have all they that do His commandments." Jesus said: "Ye shall know the TRUTH, and the TRUTH shall make you FREE." "Ye shall KNOW," He said. Knowing is knowledge — education. But error makes none free. This world's education teaches error. This error enslaves the human race, in poverty, inequality, fear, wretchedness, suffering, discontent, unhappiness. It is KNOWING — that is, EDUCATION in, the TRUTH that makes us free — leads to happiness, prosperity, the abundant and full life, JOY! And what is TRUTH? "THY WORD," answered Jesus, "is TRUTH." The Word is the Bible.

   The very FOUNDATION of true education, then, is the BIBLE. And what IS the Bible? Not very many know what it is. LISTEN! The Bible is a special revelation from the Creator GOD, by which He reveals to man those basic necessary TRUTHS man does not know naturally, and could never otherwise find out. It is a revelation, then, of basic, essential KNOWLEDGE. It reveals what man is, how man came, WHY man is, the PURPOSE of things, where we are going, what lies on beyond. It reveals the basic spiritual LAWS OF LIFE. It teaches man how to be happy, successful, prosperous — how to live.

   Those things which man can discover, learn and know by his own efforts, God has left for man to learn. For example, man has been able to invent instruments, set up laboratories. Man has been able to discover that there are just so many elements of matter, and to classify them. He is able to take water apart and discover that it is composed of 2 atoms of hydrogen to each 1 atom of oxygen. Man has discovered the laws of chemistry, laws of physics. He has learned about astronomy thru telescopes, about small divisions of matter thru microscopes. He has learned about force and energy, about the law of inertia. Newton was able to discover the law of gravity, so God did not reveal that law in the Bible — He left that for man to discover himself.

   Man can know, naturally, only what can be transmitted to his mind thru the five senses — the eye, ear, nose, mouth, or sense of touch and feel. But he cannot see, feel, hear, SPIRITUAL things. So God has revealed the basic spiritual and material knowledge, and from this revealed knowledge man could be able, if he would, to explain and understand many things he sees but cannot otherwise understand.

   Now in the beginning, our first parents were willing to be deceived into believing that GOD'S REVELATION was a lie. God had said if they stole the fruit of the one tree which did not belong to them, they would surely die. God revealed the way of LIFE — made it available. Man, under Satan's influence, reasoned that God had not told the Truth, rejected God's knowledge, refused God's way of life, set out to live a different way.

   Ever since man has rejected God's KNOWLEDGE — basic knowledge — and consequently man's system of education today leads in the exact OPPOSITE direction from the Truth that the "fear of the Eternal" and the revelation of the BIBLE constitute the very BASIC FOUNDATION OF TRUE EDUCATION. Instead man has set up an organized system of education leading in the exact OPPOSITE DIRECTION.

   And — LISTEN CAREFULLY! — the farther one goes in this materialistic supposedly rational, but FALSE education of this paganized babylonish world, the farther he gets from the TRUTH! And finally he becomes so STEEPED in this false education, he is utterly unable to UNlearn it, so he could start all over and begin to receive the TRUTH. AND THAT IS WHY PEOPLE HIGHLY EDUCATED IN THIS WORLD'S EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS ARE LARGELY ATHEISTS AND ARE NOT ABLE TO ACCEPT TRUE CHRISTIANITY AND BE CONVERTED!

   There are other faults with modern education. It teaches people to believe in and accept this paganized system of this babylonish world and become a PART of it. And it is not TRUE education at all for two other reasons — 1) it does not teach students to examine, to question, to PROVE whether the thing taught in the text book is true, but rather it teaches him to ACCEPT it without question, and memorize it AS truth. Pupils start in the first grade doing this. Students are given text books, assigned a lesson. They never think to question; they merely memorize what the book says, and they are graded on how well they have accepted and memorized it so they know it — or at least believe they know it! Now the Bible teaches us to PROVE all things, and accept and hold fast only to that which is PROVED to be true and good (I Thes. 5:21). And 2) the schools of our land fail in their mission because they do not teach the true METHOD of education, what it is, HOW to study, How to get it. The conception of most students is that education is something you get at school and college. When one graduates he HAS his education. As to METHOD the idea is to cram into the student's mind during college years enough educational food to last him the rest of his life. But in true fact EDUCATION IS A LIFE-LONG PROCESS. It only should begin in college. College should teach HOW to study, start him off, and teach him to keep on studying thru life.

   Now God's Word commands: "STUDY to show thyself approved unto God, . . .rightly dividing the Word of TRUTH." (II Tim. 2:15). God commands us to STUDY — to educate, train, develop our MINDS. How many Christians really do it? But notice the PURPOSE — to show ourselves approved unto God — RIGHTLY dividing the Word of TRUTH. The Bible is the foundation, the basis of that study. We are to study rightly to UNDERSTAND. We must PROVE all things. Be rational — question what we study, until it is PROVED true!

   Yes, Satan is the god of this world. This is Satan's world. It is steeped in his teachings, methods, procedures. Today the TRUTH appears as mere FOOLISHNESS to the highly educated in this world! "Howbeit, . . . we speak not the wisdom of this world, . . . but we speak the wisdom of God, . . . which none of the princes of this world knew . . . For the wisdom of this world is FOOLISHNESS with God." (I Cor. 2:6-7; 3:19). None but the FOOL says "there is no GOD." Yet surveys show most college graduates say it — EDUCATED FOOLS!

A Great NEW Phase of GOD'S WORK

   This is GOD'S WORK! And several months ago God showed me, as if by special revelation, that the time has come to found a COLLEGE in connection with His work. WHERE, today are young people who wish to dedicate their lives to God to go to find TRUE EDUCATION?

   Mrs. Armstrong and I did not send our daughters to college. Do you know why? It was certainly not because we do not believe in education, for with all our hearts we believe in right education! It was because colleges today do not teach true knowledge or give true education, but instead lead minds in the opposite direction farther and farther away from true education. They are factories of atheism and infidelity! Better be without education than have a mind stuffed with that kind of false beliefs. The BASIS of this world's educational curriculum is EVOLUTION.

   God showed me the time has come to establish an educational institution based on TRUTH, on God's REVELATION OF TRUTH, supplemented with those facts of natural and exact sciences which man has been able, himself, to discover — and all BASED ON, and explained by, and in harmony with, THE BIBLE.

   This is not to be a theological seminary. Not a Bible college. Not a college for future ministers alone, but a GENERAL college, giving a general and full education based on TRUTH, for any and all who want to know HOW TO LIVE, how to train and educate their minds, and to be started off on the life-long PROCESS of right education — of developing the mind, without neglecting the HEART, and the SOUL! Now out of it we hope, and believe thru faith in God, will come a FEW whom we shall see GOD HAS CALLED to His ministry. And they will come out TRAINED, educated, fitted, for the great mission. But too often men think God has called them to the ministry when He has not! There will be no promise of "a job" in the ministry to graduates. If God has called one to the ministry, this call will be SHOWN "by the fruits."

   However, EVERY student who comes will take the BIBLE course, which will be the basic course of the school. God willing, I plan myself to teach all Bible classes. There will be many other courses available, mostly selective, — such as English, foreign languages, history, mathematics, certain of the EXACT sciences, etc. All girl students will be required to take the domestic science course. And we shall not graduate girls, like some domestic science courses, who can cook dainty pastries and deserts but couldn't cook a wholesome meal to save their lives and who do not know how to be a good wife and mother. We shall teach girls to cook wholesome meals that build health, how to be a true wife fulfilling GOD'S PURPOSE, how to be a good, intelligent, efficient mother and HOME-MAKER. Some of our graduates will be fitted to become school teachers in the public schools — teaching rightly, and INSTILLING CHARACTER in those they teach. This school, God has shown me, must be a CHARACTER-TRAINING INSTITUTION. It must be utterly DIFFERENT from any school or college in the world today!

   While it will not be designed along orthodox worldly lines, yet we expect to receive full "accreditation" as a recognized, accredited college, and our standards in every way will be as high, or higher, than those of the top ranking state universities. Only the ablest, best-qualified professors and instructors will compose the faculty — and only those in sympathy with our ideals and basic purpose. Already I have selected the man to be principle, or head of this school — a man eminently qualified, a life-long educator, who in his own educational work has for years successfully employed the "character training" principle in connection with academic teaching in the schools of which he has been head. He BELIEVES God has revealed to us the TRUTH and is in full harmony and sympathy with this undertaking. I have the counsel and assistance of eminent educators who also are Christians and believe in the kind of school we are planning.

This Week a MIRACLE Happened!

   For several months, I have been planning this school ON FAITH. The main unsolved problem was WHERE TO HOUSE IT. I have felt convinced the best location for it is Pasadena, California. There are many reasons. Last summer we spent one month there, trying to lay plans. We had a building site selected — had gone so far as to have architects design the building — had been able to make arrangements with a contractor who could supply all building materials — and we even had virtual assurance we would be able to get the very necessary government CPA permit, since this was to be a SCHOOL and in the Los Angeles district, two things the government is encouraging. But the lot was not large enough. We learned the new Los Angeles "free-way" project is to take several feet off the side of it. We had to give it up. There would have been no grounds — no campus.

   Then my educator-advisers began to impress on me the desirability — in fact the NECESSITY, for a successful school, — of ample grounds for a campus, and of ample recreational facilities. As one life-long friend, with whom I grew up in the same Sunday- school class, now dean at one of the large Coast colleges, put it, while we are planning this for a SPIRITUAL and CHARACTER purpose, yet the physical goes hand in hand with it, and physical assets are required. Another thing, I learned we would be unable to build our own building for some time, because we would be unable to secure any financing. Banks and mortgages and loan companies will not loan money to a CHURCH, and are very reluctant to finance a "special purpose" type building. It looked hopeless.

   Then, just last week, I happened in the office of a real- estate dealer I knew in Pasadena. This dealer knew our plans for a college. She is a widow carrying on her husband's real-estate business. "Say," she exclaimed, "I have just gotten hold of the first property I've had since the war that is a REAL BARGAIN, and not inflated — it isn't what you had in mind, but I believe it is JUST THE THING for your college, far better than what you planned."

   She took me to see it. It was one of the large estates of Pasadena — former home of one of the nation's most wealthy and prominent families. It had almost 2 acres of the most beautifully-landscaped grounds. A fortune was spent on the landscaping alone. It has a championship tennis-court in perfect condition. It has an 18-room house, a fairly-modern mansion built of re-inforced concrete, and a six-car garage with two five-room apartments in the same building. It was a marvelous, beautiful place, but I knew we could never buy such a place. You'd know the name of the family who built it if I mentioned it. They spent almost half million dollars on it. But it is now owned by a man who has been a life-long educator. Some years ago he was dean of the school of law at the University of Oregon, here in our home city of Eugene. He became so enthused over our plans for a different kind of school, and assured me this place was just PERFECT for such an institution — the grounds just PERFECT for a small college-campus — the buildings PERFECTLY adapted to the needs of the school, — that he offered me the place at a ridiculously low figure, only a fraction of what it really cost, — and at such terms as to actually place it within our reach. Still, I took several days to study every angle, obtain every expert advice, and BE SURE — to "PROVE ALL THINGS," before accepting it, and going ahead with it. I called up my life-long friend, the dean, in San Francisco. When he heard of it, he instantly said it was PERFECT for the purpose, and in his judgment it was "Providential" — God had opened it to us by a miracle. I called the man, who will head the school, by long distance. He was of the same opinion. I asked him to come and see it, before I did anything. In two hours he was on a plane, and four hours later he had flown 1200 miles and was in Los Angeles. He was far more enthusiastic, when he saw it. At the same time, I had telephoned for Mrs. Armstrong to come down — as a matter of fact, the day before. Actually she arrived at the same time as the man who is the head of the school. Both of them, on seeing it, felt it was PERFECT for our need, even beyond our wildest dreams! Mr. Walter Dillon, who is to be our principle, explained just how it would adapt itself to class-rooms and every need for the college. The large living room 27 x 30 feet, will be the library, study, and lounging room. The large state dining room will be an assembly and class room. The study will be the principle's office. Upstairs rooms will be class rooms.

   Never, Mr. Dillon said, if we lost this place, would we ever again find another so perfectly adapted to the need. We could never build anything like it without spending money we shall never be able to spend. And it so happened that this is the ONLY estate in Pasadena or all Southern California that is zoned to permit the establishment of a SCHOOL. How this beautiful, great estate came to be so zoned, I cannot understand — but it is.

   I sought still more advice. I had the two architects who had worked on designing our school building last summer go over and see it. One of them is a former professor of architecture at the University of Southern California, and has had considerable experience with smaller schools and colleges. Their advise was the same. The landscaping, alone, they said, would cost over $50,000 — the bare ground, in some other location, would cost another $50,000. It would cost over another $100,000 today to construct buildings that would not be as good as these. I sought the advice of the most conservative bank president in Pasadena, and on his advice, a judge and attorney whom he recommended. All advised the same way.

   Then, most important of all. I sought the advice of GOD. I prayed over it and asked for wisdom and guidance. Meantime, we almost lost the opportunity. Others began to come along and offer more money — more usual terms. One offered a $35,000 down payment. Another offered $100,000 spot cash. The doctor who owned it was certainly being tempted. But I was not willing to make a decision until I was SURE. Finally, I had to go off for a long walk, alone, after praying a great deal of the night. And while walking, every- thing cleared, the doubts I'd had left, and I saw clearly God's Hand in it, and that He had opened it to us. Still, I wanted to be even more sure. But by this time these other cash offers had come along, and it really looked like we had lost our chance. But I knew if God wanted HIS WORK there, nothing could prevent it, so I left the final decision entirely with HIM. I had the attorney draw up papers according to the offer that had been made me. It didn't look, now, as if the owner would accept. I let the real estate dealer take these papers, drawn up by my lawyer, and present them — asking God to give the decision. And, THEY CAME BACK SIGNED! I learned later that the man offering $100,000 cash had come back with the money one hour after the owner signed our papers, and was told he was just one hour too late — otherwise his proposition would have been accepted! The real estate dealer, who originally told me it would have to be a cash deal, said it was "a miracle," and in all her real estate experience she had never heard of any deal like this. The attorney said the same thing. Yes, even they could see God had performed a MIRACLE! The small down payment is in escrow. The papers have been recorded. We are to get possession next Fall, IN TIME TO START THE NEW COLLEGE IN EARLY SEPTEMBER.

   There are many other details about this college, to be announced later. But we know, now, it is ASSURED. I held off making this announcement of the college until we had definite arrangements completed, so we could know definitely it would start, and when. But you Co-Workers are the first to know. It will be announced more generally for ALL listeners in the new January PLAIN TRUTH, with pictures showing the grounds and buildings.

   Let me only add here, there will be a very definite curriculum, of high standards. We had to decide WHAT grades to teach, since we cannot begin with grammar-grades. There are reasons I can explain later why we decided to limit this school to the higher grades comparable to a college or university. Entrance requirements will be reasonably stiff. We want CAPABLE, ambitious, young people who SINCERELY WANT TO MAKE SOMETHING OF THEIR LIVES. Full high-school graduation credits will be required. But students will not be limited to those in late teens or early twenties. Those a little older, who have a full high-school education but did not go on to college, and would like to go back to school and gain a full and RIGHT education, will be encouraged. Those who want to come to our college, but have not graduated from high school, will be advised to first finish high school, and then come to us. I do not know yet what tuition requirements will be. But to all those receiving this BULLETIN who want to come to this new, different, and I think very wonderful school, I advise you to WRITE ME AT ONCE, and get your application in early, because we plan to start this school SMALL, as all things God does thru humans must start, and the first year we will limit it to between 30 and 50 students. The second year, however, we hope to enlarge it to 100 students. We can take, later, as many as 250 or 350 students with these facilities, maybe more.

   Now, dear Co-Workers, once assured God was leading in this, I have gone right ahead without hesitation. But REMEMBER, we are launched, now, on a MUCH LARGER PROGRAM FOR GOD. Issuing The PLAIN TRUTH every month this year will add more than $30,000 to our expenses. And while God opened the way, and gave us this marvelous place on comparatively low payments, and with no down payment, except a regular double-payment — an unheard-of real-estate deal on a property of this value — yet there will be payments to meet.

   And in addition to this, the radio stations have all made large increases in their charges for time this year — our largest most powerful station almost doubled the charge!

   Now I have to tell you that, while I had actually given the order to start the broadcast on two more great super-power stations, KWKH at Shreveport, and KVOO at Tulsa, I later withdrew it, and decided to hold off starting on these new stations, because of all this increase in expense. I decided, instead, to first get The PLAIN TRUTH coming out REGULARLY every month, on this greatly- enlarged, more attractive basis. And then, later, when this is established, and I feel we can finance it, we shall add these and still more and more radio stations.

   But we have made one great addition this Fall and winter to the radio broadcasts. The program is now going out EVERY NIGHT except Saturday, on the super-power station heard all over the Pacific Coast, and Idaho, Nevada, and Montana — XERB, lower California, 1090 on the dial, at 9:PM Pacific time. That, together with increased costs on other stations, the regular publishing of The PLAIN TRUTH, will more than DOUBLE our expenses this winter!

   THAT MEANS WE SHALL HAVE TO DEPEND ON OUR CO-WORKERS BEING STILL MORE LOYAL, REGULAR, LIBERAL, in their support of this great and rapidly-growing work. God's work can't stand still. It must advance. We are now getting the solid foundation under us for a great, vast, powerful WORLD-WIDE work of spreading the true Gospel of the Kingdom in these last days. A few more years, and no man will be ABLE to preach the true Gospel. Now these great, super- power facilities are open to us. With the larger, finer, more interesting PLAIN TRUTH coming out every month, with a college which soon will be turning out trained, called, qualified helpers and ministers to FOLLOW UP THIS VAST WORK with personal contact all over the United States — with some, called of God for the mission whom I know God will send to us, soon coming out of this school trained for carrying the Gospel INTO ALL NATIONS, speaking OTHER LANGUAGES which will be taught in our school — we shall be prepared, then, to add more and more radio stations, until the Message is proclaimed powerfully to ALL THE WORLD! The college had to start next September. TIME IS SHORT. It looked like we would not be able to build and have a place for it before 1948. Then God intervened, performed a miracle, provided us a BETTER place than we even dreamed of, all ready to start NOW, with the next school year! Yes, God is able to do things for us that might seem fantastic. He can move mightily when His time has come! He HAS MOVED in our behalf. NOW IT IS OUR TIME TO MOVE, FOR HIM. We must sacrifice, be loyal, faithful, generous, as God has prospered us! We must be honest with HIS MONEY, putting it faithfully, with generous offerings added, INTO HIS WORK! The Christmas season is ahead, when most people FORGET God's work — FORGET to give their gifts to Christ for His work, but spend all their money TRADING GIFTS back and forth in a heathen, pagan festival not found in the Bible, except to be condemned in Jer. 10:1-4, called "Christ-MASS." If you do not know the TRUTH about Christmas, write at once for our special booklet, on The TRUTH About Christmas. So, at this season when God's work usually suffers, REMEMBER GOD'S WORK. SEND AT ONCE THE LARGEST, MOST GENEROUS SUM YOU CAN. I hope some will send several thousand dollars, in large offerings, to help pay for this wonderful new college property much sooner than we have contracted for. God has never failed us. We must not fail Him. USE THE ENCLOSED REPLY-ENVELOPE, and USE AIR-MAIL! GOD BLESS YOU!

Publication Date: November 29, 1946
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