June 09, 1947  
June 09, 1947 - Brethren & Co-Workers Letter
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Herbert W Armstrong 

OUR Co-Workers'

Published every little while, to keep our Co-Workers informed of the progress, the problems and future plans for carrying on God's work in these closing days of this age;---broadcasting "THE WORLD TOMORROW;" publishing The PLAIN TRUTH, and other Gospel literature. HERBERT W. ARMSTRONG, Box 111, Eugene, Oregon.

VOLUME VIII, NUMBER 3                        June 9, 1947


GREETINGS! Dear Friends and Co-Workers:

   This is the most solemn, serious, URGENT message I have ever written you. Read it carefully. Read every word.

   Amazing things are happening! Miracle after miracle has been performed by the Almighty for His work, in breath-taking rapidity. I have many really thrilling things to tell you.

   And now comes the greatest development of all! It is SO IMPORTANT it will be difficult for us to realize its great and far-reaching significance. But NOTHING is impossible with our God!

   But there is a REASON why God is now moving so SWIFTLY in opening before us unbelievable opportunities, performing miracles one on top of the other to speed the work ahead. And so first, before I tell you the astonishing things that have happened, — the tremendous developments now opening before us — let me try briefly to MAKE CLEAR to you WHY — why God is now moving so swiftly, placing such important facilities in our hands miraculously, one after another with a speed that takes our breath!


   Repeatedly I've reminded you, TIME IS SHORT! It's later than we think! This world is about DONE! Everybody's now talking about World War III — how soon will it strike? — where will it start? — who will be guilty of starting it?

   Just this morning Mrs. Armstrong overheard three people talking about it — just taking the next war for granted, as everyone now does. One said he felt like he wanted to run and hide in a thick woods someplace. Another said, "Well, this sure is a sorry world, when people are so scared they feel like running in fear!" Yes, this is a sorry world! It's man's world, operated in defiance of God's laws, under sway of Satan the invisible god of this world! It's allotted time has almost run out! The KINGDOM OF GOD is soon now to appear, to save humanity from itself!

   And TIME IS SHORT! There is SO little time left for the tremendous world-wide commission to which we have been called! But it's still DAY — we still are privileged to work, tho the night when NO MAN CAN WORK for God draws swiftly down upon us!


   Over 1900 years ago Jesus Christ came into this world with a Message direct from GOD. His Message was the GOOD NEWS (Gospel) of His coming WORLD GOVERNMENT to abolish all present governments, to rule the whole earth, and bring, at last, PEACE, PROSPERITY, HAPPINESS, JOY, to sin-cursed suffering humanity.

   He proclaimed Himself the future KING of that world-ruling Kingdom of God. He revealed plainly WHY we have no peace today — no real happiness or joy! The ways of God are the TRUE values. But men are living wrong. Jesus taught men how to live — revealed and taught the LAWS of His coming millennial Kingdom. He called on men everywhere to REPENT of the ways they live now, to live by the laws of God, to accept Him as Saviour, High Priest, and coming King, that we might be converted — CHANGED by the power of God from sinning mortal flesh into righteous immortal spirits.

   Hundreds of years before the prophet Daniel was used of God to reveal the future course of the governments of this world. After Nebuchadnezzar's Chaldean Empire of his day, another kingdom was to arise, stronger in military power, but inferior in character and value. After this another third world-ruling kingdom — Alexander's Greco-Macedonian empire. The was to come the strongest of all, but the most degenerate — the ROMAN EMPIRE. After it lapsed into apparent death, seven successive efforts at revival were to occur in Europe — the last, by a union of ten dictators in modern 20th Century Europe!

   This last and final outgrowth of the Gentile babylonish system centering in Europe we see developing over there today! Yes, TIME IS SHORT! Daniel's prophecy of the 2nd and 7th chapters shows that in the days of these kings and kingdoms, now struggling toward revival in Europe, the Second Coming of Christ is to occur — all these and all other governments on earth are to be destroyed, and thru Christ the God of Heaven shall set up a world government that shall rule on earth FOREVER!

   Revelation 17 shows this Fascist system now emerging once more shall fight against Christ at His coming — but they shall be destroyed, and the Fascist system abolished forever! Then men shall LEARN the true ways of God! Then God's Law shall go forth from Zion! Then men shall seek to live by God's rules, and for the first time in all history a LASTING PEACE SHALL DAWN!

   THIS is the TRUE GOSPEL — the Good News of the Kingdom of God, its Message of the right way to live, it's Message of redemption thru Christ, and God's gift of eternal life! Yes, THIS is the KINGDOM OF GOD which Christ revealed over 1900 years ago — THIS is the true NEW TESTAMENT GOSPEL — the true GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST!


   Jesus commissioned all HIS ministers to go into all the world and preach THIS Gospel. (See Mark 16:15-16; Mat. 10:1,7-8; Luke 9:1-2; and 10:1,9). THIS is the Gospel Peter and the apostles first preached to the Jews. (Acts 2:30-36; 3:18-21; 4:19-20; Acts 8:12). THIS is the same Gospel that was later preached to all the GENTILES (Acts 10:34-38; 19:8; 20:25; 28:23, 30-31; Gal 1:8-9).

   But do you know what was prophesied for the future? Not that the True Gospel would flourish and become generally accepted by all the popular churches — NO, NOT AT ALL! — but just the opposite — APOSTASY, turning AWAY from the Truth, and to FABLES — the people demanding their salaried preachers and pastors to preach smooth things and deceits. (II Tim. 4:3-4; Isa. 30:8-10; Rev. 17:2 and 18:3 and 12:9). It was not the few, but the MANY that were to be deceived (Mat. 24:5,11). Satan was to appear, not as a devil, but as an angel of LIGHT, deceiving the world with a FALSE GOSPEL, organizing religion into organized confusion, becoming thru deception the GOD OF THIS WORLD, until the churches of the world would CALL him "GOD," though he is an imposter and only the devil! His ministers were to claim to be the ministers of Jesus Christ, appearing as ministers of righteousness, preaching ANOTHER Jesus, — yet using the NAME of Jesus Christ before a deceived world! (Study II Cor. 11:3-4, and 13:15). The true people of God are referred to as the LITTLE FLOCK!

   And today the ministers, and the popular organized churches and denominations REJECT, and DENY the true Gospel of Jesus Christ — which is the Message He brought from God — the Gospel He preached — the GOOD NEWS of the coming KINGDOM OF GOD! They have, thru deception and without knowing it in most instances, rejected the true way of salvation and entrance into that Kingdom! The truth about being "BORN AGAIN" has been perverted until it means today a reformation of an already-immortal spirit, instead of a second and spiritual BIRTH of a mortal flesh-and-blood soul. They have tried to do away with God's LAW, the transgression of which is SIN. And thus professing Christians are deceived into remaining SINNERS while they are deluded into thinking they are saved!

   EITHER THIS WORLD IS SO DECEIVED TODAY, OR PROPHECY HAS NOT BEEN FULFILLED, and THE WORD OF GOD IS NOT TRUE! Today the world is groping in spiritual DARKNESS as surely as when Jesus came bringing the true LIGHT! Today millions are deceived by an imitation that is called "the Old Fashioned Gospel," — but it is not the same Gospel Christ preached at all, and it was a NEW gospel some three of four hundred years ago, tho it may be labeled "old-fashioned" now!

   IT'S TIME WE GOT BACK TO THE FAITH ONCE DELIVERED! That true Message is faithfully preserved IN THE BIBLE! And, looking down into our day — the 20th Century A.D. — this day when the whole world is deceived, religious and professing "Christianity," yet groping in the darkness of paganism under the false cloak and label of Christianity — and of our day, Jesus said prophetically:

   "This GOSPEL OF THE KINGDOM shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the END come." (Mat. 24:14).

   Friends and Co-Workers, we have now reached that time! Jesus Christ, the true Head of His Church, has CALLED US to that tremendous mission! Fourteen years ago He started this work from NOTHING, except the knowledge of the TRUTH which He had revealed, and an abiding FAITH borne of a rich experience which He had directed, and an absolute reliance upon Him, and a fearlessness in boldly proclaiming HIS TRUTH as He revealed it, regardless of whom it offended. From that humblest beginning, God has caused His work to expand constantly in scope and grow continuously in power! TODAY IT IS A NATION-WIDE INFLUENCE. And now the time has come when it must GO INTO ALL THE WORLD, for a witness UNTO ALL NATIONS!

   Today, TIME IS SHORT! Soon there will be an END of true Gospel preaching. The past eight months GOD has revealed to us that HIS TIME HAS COME — the time is so short there must now BE NO MORE DELAY! A year ago God revealed to me the necessity of establishing a college in connection with this work. But by last fall all circumstances seemed to make it necessary to postpone the opening of the college for two more years. Then, suddenly, unexpectedly, God literally THRUST UPON US the splendid buildings and magnificently-landscaped grounds for the beginning of Ambassador College in Pasadena, ALREADY BUILT AND PREPARED, so it could get under way a year sooner — THIS COMING SEPTEMBER! In every way, it's coming into our hands was a MIRACLE!

   Then came the conception of sending students abroad for their fourth year of study in Switzerland — to be trained in speaking the LANGUAGES of other nations WHERE those languages are spoken — to be trained in the experience that comes only with travel — to be trained in understanding the customs and ways of foreign people in other parts of the world, BEFORE they are sent out to preach the true GOSPEL to those nations! And suddenly, out of a clear sky, came the astounding offer of an ideal home for the European unit of the college — a five-story villa in the finest location in all Europe, almost new (built in 1934), an exact replica of the Petit Trianon of Versailles palace! Yes, and at a fraction of its cost, without a down payment, and on terms we can handle with a mere 8 percent increase in present income of this work! In late February, as you know, Mrs. Armstrong and I went to Europe to inspect this very unusual place. We found it finer than we expected, even better adapted to the purpose of the college than we supposed. Because of the drop in tithes and offerings from our co-workers which seemed temporarily to set in at the time, we have had to delay negotiations for this most splendid property. However, I feel God opened this place to us — led us to it — that it is His will that it be turned into the European unit of Ambassador College, and the Continental headquarters for God's work. A tentative offer has just been air-mailed to the owner in Lugano, Switzerland. I feel it will be accepted. If so, title to this marvelous property will come into our hands on the first monthly payment. There will be no interest, no taxes to pay for three years — and we get possession in time for our first class of seniors to occupy it!


   Now quickly let me tell you of the thrilling, rapid developments of these past few weeks. May 1st, Walter E. Dillon assumed active full-time duties as president of Ambassador College. He is in Pasadena now, with his office set up in the smaller of the two college buildings.

   We are to have possession of the entire property July 1st. Mr. Dillon expects soon to complete his work at Columbia University for the degree of Doctor of Education. I have known him for more than 30 years and consider him potentially the ablest man that could be obtained to head AMBASSADOR COLLEGE. He is a life-long educator — a natural-born teacher and administrator, with a most unusual record behind him. He is one of the finest men, morally, I ever knew — a fine, clean, upright man of highest ideals who has started many hundreds of young people out on their life-course imbued with the higher ideals of fine character. He is a man who commands the respect and co-operation of teachers and students alike — one who is universally liked, — has that faculty of inspiring others to WANT to do their best work. He believes heart and soul in our program, and is devoting his talents and his life to its accomplishment.

   The faculty of AMBASSADOR COLLEGE is already well along toward completion. Mr. Dillon and I have been amazed at developments. We are hardly being permitted to go out and select our own faculty — GOD IS SELECTING IT AND IS SENDING ITS MEMBERS TO US!

   Tentatively engaged already are the following:

   Head of the department of Science, Dr. H. O. Taylor, who comes to AMBASSADOR after 19 years as chairman of the Physics Department at Wheaton College, Ill. — a thoroughly Fundamentalist college. He holds a Doctor of Philosophy degree from Cornell, was on its faculty some years. He comes with the impressive background of several years each on the faculties of Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Consulting Physicist at the National Bureau of Standards, Washington, D.C. Dr. Taylor is coming to establish at AMBASSADOR a course comprising a survey of astronomy, geology, physics and chemistry, adapted for students looking toward the ministry and evangelism, as well as teaching, and business. Dr. Taylor is a fine Christian gentleman, and ardent believer in the truth of our national identity as ISRAEL.

   Head of the English department, and possibly dean of women: Dr. Enid Smith, a Christian lady who holds a Doctor of Philosophy degree from Columbia, has a world-wide experience, has taught in India and Hawaii, has been head of the English departments in high schools, and several colleges and universities, and has been a dean of women. Her background and experience is impressive.

   Languages and History, Genevieve Paine, who holds a Masters' degree from Colorado, has had several years experience as a foreign language teacher, is taking further study in the East at the present time in preparation for her work at AMBASSADOR beginning September 22nd. She, too, is a fine Christian and ardent believer in the Israel truth.

   It will be our policy to start with a faculty of EXPERIENCE, and then develop a faculty as we go along from young men just out of college, to be trained as the KIND of professors that meet the high standards at AMBASSADOR.

   Every effort is being made to secure adequate housing accommodations for students. We are now negotiating for the large and lovely estate adjoining the college campus. This estate compromises about one and three-quarters acres of beautiful grounds, and a fine 22-room house which will make a most splendid men's dormitory. We have another very splendid property in mind which we hope to be able to lease for the girl's dormitory. We are in touch with the owners of the property adjoining the campus, who desire to sell it and wish us to have it. Only complication is a 5-year lease to another party, but we are negotiating also with this party and hope, with God's help, to work out an arrangement whereby we may have possession of this large and splendid property before college opens this fall.


   On the heels of all these amazing occurrences, miracle after miracle, comes to us now the probable offer to sell to us two great super-powered radio stations, located just across the border in Mexico. I must say first, that a prior option has been given to another party, expiring June 15th. We will not know definitely until that date, but the indication is that on that date we shall have the opportunity to purchase and own the MOST POWERFUL RADIO STATION IN THE WESTERN HEMISPHERE — perhaps in all the world! — in addition to another very fine 50,000-watt station!

   Now some three or four years ago we had an opportunity to buy a Mexican radio station, but never one as good, as valuable, so powerful as this. In fact, these stations will cost a lot more money than the one then offered to us. Apparently God's time had not then come. But somehow I have a conviction that it has come, now, and that it is God's will that we now acquire this tremendously powerful facilities for carrying the true GOSPEL to the world.

   If so, Friends and Co-Workers, GOD WILL HAVE TO PERFORM ANOTHER MIRACLE, one that would appear, to our eyes, far greater than any He has performed for us so far — but OUR GOD IS NOT LIMITED — NOTHING IS TOO HARD OR DIFFICULT FOR OUR GOD, and if it is His will, and His time has come, then nothing can prevent. If not, then of course we don't want it.

   This is a most solemn, serious matter. These radio stations can be purchased only for CASH. They are now producing a very large profit for their owners — running well into six figures a year. They cannot, of course, be bought cheaply. There are, as I understand, two owners. One must sell on advice of his physician because of health — he must dispense with this responsibility and activity or not live many months. The other is a wealthy Mexican who has many other interests and finds his interest in the radio station is embarrassing his other interests and his personal political prestige, and he feels disposed to sell. If these super- powered properties are to come into our hands, the action must be quick and decisive, for time is at a premium. If we are unable to take advantage of the opportunity within a very short time, it will be offered to interests with ample capital to purchase, and who know the profit-making possibilities of these stations.

   Breath-taking though it is, it will take ONE MILLION DOLLARS CASH to take full advantage of the present amazing opportunities. On that amount, we could purchase both radio stations, developing one to the full honest maximum of power for which it is both licensed and equipped, ON A CLEAR CHANNEL (some of these Mexican stations are not using all the power they are supposed to, in actual fact), — we could pay off HALF the purchase-price on Ambassador College property in Pasadena, pay a full HALF on the Switzerland property and thus obtain a very large cut in the principal price, and retain an ample cash surplus in the bank to fortify this work against the occasional crisis we have had to weather thru ever since the work started.

   The amount needed is so large that for MOST of you, I can only ask you. JOIN ME IN BELIEVING PRAYER! Ask God to REVEAL His will, and to ACT for us ACCORDING TO HIS WILL! If this is, as I frankly feel, opened by the Eternal then He is able to lay this heavily on the heart of some one or a few people of means who are able to supply this great and immediate need. Yes, GOD IS ABLE!

   Let me say that, if I could have my preference, I should prefer to operate these Mexican stations, if we are permitted to acquire them, on a sustaining basis, non-commercial — simply owned by the RADIO CHURCH OF GOD, Inc., as NON-profit educational enterprises of our non-profit corporation. I have ideas in mind which I feel would attract to these stations a tremendous listening audience, and I feel certain their entire operating cost could be met as the expenses of our present work are met — thru the tithes and offerings of God's people who wish to see His work carried on unshackled and FREE to proclaim His Truth. However, there is a possibility of a net profit as high as a quarter million a year from these properties, and if those who might make their purchase possible for us demand a return out of profits for what they thus make possible with their money, then perhaps we would find it necessary to organize a separate corporation for that purpose.

   Let me make it plain and clear to our Co-Workers just here, too, that this work of God, for the protection of all its Co-Workers, is INCORPORATED under the laws of the state of California, as The Radio Church of God, Inc. — a non-profit association and CHURCH, for the spreading of the GOSPEL. No person is permitted by law to ever make a penny of profit in any manner from this work. Very strict records are kept in our accounting department, and our books are audited regularly by a certified public accountant. This work is financially responsible, and above reproach.


   Now with the starting of AMBASSADOR COLLEGE, we shall need endowments and special gifts for that purpose, as well as for the other rapidly-growing phases of this work.

   Beside outright GIFTS, and generous OFFERINGS, and tithes, there is now another way open for many to help very materially in God's work. Since the work is incorporated, it is now possible for persons having life-savings of some sizeable sum to live off those savings, or partly so, as the case may be, while at the same time they put the money to work in GOD'S SERVICE. About two years ago one of our co-workers offered to send in for the work such a sum of money — I don't remember now the exact amount, perhaps a couple thousand or five thousand dollars — with the arrangement that we in turn send them a monthly check of a certain small percent, for them to live on, as long as they lived. At the time we were not incorporated, and our attorney advised against accepting it. Now, however, the work is in position to receive such sums, both for the Gospel work, and for the College.

   Also the work now is in position to receive deeds to property, or to be bequeathed property of money in wills. Many would rather have their money go into God's work in the event of their death, or a portion of it.

   Then, also, we need SCHOLARSHIP FUNDS, and LOAN FUNDS for the college, to be used in assisting worthy and qualified students unable fully to pay their own way. As the work develops and expands, the NEED grows. Every Co-Worker has a SERIOUS RESPONSIBILITY — and supplying YOUR PART of this great and growing need is YOUR PART in this work. That's the part I cannot do. Remember, NONE of it goes to me personally. And remember, too, EVERY DOLLAR placed in this work carries the true GOSPEL out to TWO THOUSAND PRECIOUS SOULS! Already we are reaching millions every week with the TRUTH — but now the work must expand till it's WORLD WIDE!


   Finally, Brethren, Friends, Co-Workers, LISTEN! Two months ago we found this work in a life-and-death crisis. Suddenly it had gone thousands of dollars behind, because some of our Co-Workers had grown lax and careless. I sent out a very special emergency letter. The response was splendid, and in three weeks two thirds of that indebtedness was paid. But then tithes and offerings began to fall off again. The last BULLETIN helped a little, but we have been just barely holding our own with week-to-week expenses.

   And now, the past week, it has begun to drop off again. That portion of the indebtedness into which the work was plunged two months ago still hangs heavily over our heads — AND IT IS GETTING SERIOUS AND DESPERATE!

   It CAN'T BE PUT OFF LONGER! We have had to delay publishing The PLAIN TRUTH that should have been out in March or April, and people are writing in by the thousands asking for it! It's mostly written — a dynamic article giving you the BIBLE TRUTH on our greatest national evil — DIVORCE AND RE-MARRIAGE; a thrilling article on the PALESTINE QUESTION, for which I have gone to San Francisco, New York, London, to interview personally the men in whose hands the fate of Palestine rests; a most revealing article on European and world conditions — as I found them, as they are, and in the light of PROPHECY. Many other vital and interesting things — hundreds of thousands of people HUNGRY for these truths, waiting impatiently for that PLAIN TRUTH. My part is almost ready. Co-Workers, won't you strain to EXTRA sacrifice to hurry along YOUR PART? We are still way behind with one of the great super-powered radio stations, and the broadcast may be shut off unless there is an IMMEDIATE and a MOST GENEROUS RESPONSE.

   I know that, while MOST of our Co-Workers are in poor economic circumstances and can send only the "widow's MITES" — notice it was "MITES," not just one "mite," — and while it is these many small amounts of a couple dollars, or a five or ten, that are the very BACKBONE OF THIS WORK — (and every single dollar takes the TRUTH to two thousand people, so don't think a single dollar is too little to send in) — yet I know that out of all our Co-Worker family all over the United States are actually SEVERAL who could, if they would let God have His way in their hearts and lives and pocket- books, send in generous offerings of more than a thousand dollars each — some for SEVERAL thousand!

   And yet, dear friends, the largest single contribution to this work so far STILL remains, aside from the one Mrs. Armstrong and I put in ourselves when we sold our home, an offering of $1,000. My wife and I gave more than that when we sold our home — we gave our ALL — and for the past year and a half we have been living part time in two rented upstairs bedrooms in another family's home, and part time in auto cabins, unable to have a real family life with our two high school sons, and forced to eat out all the time at restaurants. Now don't think for a moment I mention that to grumble at the hardship, or take credit for the gift — but rather to encourage you and as an example to you of how God works. We knew it wasn't God's will for us to have our home broken up, and be unable to live as a family in a home, and that in due time He would give us another home. Well, now, I think before closing I'll reveal to you one more of the miracles God has recently performed — this time for us personally! Suddenly, unexpectedly, not of our own seeking at all, a home came to us just the other day. It's not pretentious, but modest and plain and neat — but it is a home of refinement and character — just a CHARMING place, and ample in size and of most substantial construction. It came to us with no down- payment except just three monthly payments in advance, and on monthly payments which just equal what we have had to spend in restaurants for food — with NO INTEREST — and the title and deed to the property have been signed over to us. We are to move in July 1st. You may know Mrs. Armstrong, the boys and I are happy over it, not for the home alone, but for this one more evidence of how God takes care of His own. We gave the home we had to Him. Now He has given us the nicest home we ever had, and without any capital outlay whatever! I have found by experience that one never LOSES by being generous with GOD! "GIVE, and it shall be GIVEN UNTO YOU," said Jesus. Yes, and God loves a CHEERFUL giver — and a GENEROUS giver. It's more blessed to GIVE than to receive.

   Now dear Co-Workers, THE FATE OF GOD'S WORK IS IN YOUR HANDS! We must have an IMMEDIATE response from thousands of you, and of the most generous amounts you can send. I don't ask any to OVER-give, and God doesn't expect it — but most of you UNDER-give, and God's work suffers. Give liberally, generously — AND GREAT SHALL BE YOUR REWARD! God never lets His own go unrewarded! He PROSPERS His servants that serve Him with their whole heart! Use the enclosed reply-envelope, — SEND THE LARGEST POSSIBLE CHECK, MONEY ORDER OR BILL YOU CAN SEND, IMMEDIATELY FOR THE WORK — AND KEEP SENDING AS OFTEN AS IS POSSIBLE.

   Then, if you can arrange some larger gift, or endowment, or fund for the college, be sure to write me IMMEDIATELY. I have letters from many students wanting to attend AMBASSADOR COLLEGE who lack funds, and want to earn their way, but need help. Don't let some fine deserving young man or woman be deprived of this wonderful education because you might be negligent.

   And, in addition, if you are in position to place at our disposal some really large sum toward the purchase of these great radio stations, and some of this vitally-needed property — whether a half million dollars, a hundred thousand, a few thousand, or only fifty or a hundred, in addition to your liberal and generous offerings for the regular work, then write me at once, and I will correspond privately giving all details, or even, if necessary, make it possible for a personal interview. And if you are NOT in position to make such a large contribution, then, PLEASE, go to some private place alone with God, and go to your knees, and PRAY EARNESTLY, AND IN FAITH, agreeing with me that God will supply every need, and continue to guide and direct His Work! I need your prayers as much as your money.

   PLEASE RUSH THIS! We are not yet out of the life-and-death crisis — the need is still MOST URGENT! We MUST NOT be thrown off the air — The PLAIN TRUTH must be put on the presses without further delay.

   Send it AIR-MAIL! and God bless you!

Sincerely, in Jesus' name,
Herbert W. Armstrong

Publication Date: June 09, 1947
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