July 14, 1949  
July 14, 1949 - Brethren & Co-Workers Letter
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Herbert W Armstrong 


Box 111
Pasadena, California

July 14, 1949

Dear Co-worker for Christ:

   It seems as if invisible powers have delayed this issue of The PLAIN TRUTH.

   But IT IS MAILED OUT AT LAST! It has taken more persistent effort on my part than any number ever published. But I believe it contains more TRUTH than any issue — perhaps than any single magazine ever published — and perhaps that is why the invisible powers of darkness seemed to oppose and delay it.

   I believe you'll find it interesting — ENLIGHTENING! I hope and pray it will be helpful and valuable to scores of thousands!

   You simply can't realize HOW THIS WORK IS GROWING! — how amazingly God is blessing it! — what wonderful things are being accomplished! I can't begin to tell you the story in this short letter. I have SO MUCH, now, to tell you! As soon as I can prepare it I want to send you a large, illustrated BULLETIN, showing you in pictures what marvelous things God has been doing for us — how the college is growing — the growth of our vast listening audience — the unprecedented increase in The PLAIN TRUTH circulation — the HARVEST OF SOULS now being reaped!

    You'll have to be patient until I can get this written and printed and mailed. I know it will thrill you! God has given us now the large adjoining estate for the college, almost doubling the college grounds — now approximately four acres of the MOST BEAUTIFUL campus grounds anywhere in the world. This new property, which we now own, is called "MAYFAIR." On it is a 26-room three- story massive English-type building which is to become the "Student Union" on the campus of Ambassador College. It will be the center of social life of the students, and provide dormitory facilities. At present it is under lease but the lessee is anxious to cancel the lease and I feel that arrangements will be made so that we shall have "Mayfair" available for living quarters for our students beginning this coming September term. The only heavy payment ever to be made on this property has been made. We have title. The income for the property makes it self-sustaining, not a financial liability. Isn't that marvelous?

   While our student enrollment is very small — we are perhaps about the smallest real liberal arts college in America, but we believe the best — present outlook is for doubling the enrollment this September. But the important thing is that EVERY student now in the college is one I feel God has called and will use in life-service in His work with us. Two of our men students started a few days ago on a Coast to Coast baptizing tour — visiting and baptizing as many as time permits of the hundreds being converted by the broadcast and The PLAIN TRUTH and other literature. I talked to them last night, long distance, from the home of listeners in San Antonio, where they had just baptized two. To date they had already baptized eighteen, and told me they had never met such fine, wholly surrendered (to God), sincere people in their lives as those who have been converted by God's true Message over the air and in print, whom they have visited so far. Over four hundred have already written me they have given their lives to CHRIST, and want to be baptized! ISN'T THAT A WONDERFUL HARVEST OF SOULS? More such letters arrive daily. God is now giving us a harvest such as we never had before!

   HOW MUCH IS YOUR SALVATION WORTH TO YOU? HOW MUCH IS A SINGLE SOUL WORTH? God is using us in this great work of His to reach some seven million people every week with HIS MESSAGE. Two thousand are reached with every dollar you send in for this work! ISN'T THAT WORTH SACRIFICE? But listen! While GOD has been blessing this work so — showing His endorsement and approval; while we have been straining every nerve to DO OUR VERY UTMOST — while the work has grown so — yet half or more of our C-Workers have been shirking, or forgetting, or putting off — and WE FIND GOD'S WORK SUFFERING REPROACH, WITHOUT ENOUGH MONEY TO MEET EXPENSES, AND THREATENED WITH BEING PUT OFF THE AIR! Yesterday I received a telegram saying we will be put off the air unless money is sent immediately. We pay as we go, in advance, and if we don't have it, THE WORK WILL STOP! The past few weeks we have fallen several thousand dollars behind! Co-Workers, HOW MUCH IS A SOUL WORTH? Do you have a more important use for God's money? Surely EVERYONE can send the widow's two mites — and many of you can send from a hundred to a few thousand dollars each. Couldn't you, at least just this time, send ten dollars instead of two — or fifty instead of five — or still more generous offering for God's great work? GOD BLESS YOU, I know you'll respond once again LIBERALLY — and REMEMBER! We have to pay radio and other bills WEEKLY — so try to send your contributions weekly, if possible.


Sincerely, in Jesus' name,
Herbert W. Armstrong

Publication Date: July 14, 1949
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