April 25, 1952  
April 25, 1952 - Brethren & Co-Workers Letter
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Herbert W Armstrong 



Analyses Today's News, with the Prophesies of THE WORLD TOMORROW

Box 111, Pasadena, California

Publishing: The PLAIN TRUTH a Magazine of UNDERSTANDING

April 25, 1952

Dear Co-Worker in Christ:

   Things are moving so fast I seem to get behind in sending you acknowledgment, with sincere thanks, for your faithfulness in paying God's tithe, and/or sending in liberal offerings. I am kept very busy, as I'm sure you realize — but I do thank you, and appreciate from the heart your faithfulness and sacrifice. This latest amount received from you was especially important, as receipts for the conduct of the work have legged again recently.

   I have written you about our trip to Gladewater, Texas, for the Passover and first holyday of the Eternal, and of the development toward the purchase of one of God's beauty-spots of nature in a 40 or 50-acre secluded wooded area a quarter mile off four-lane highway #80, a few miles west of Gladewater.

   This general letter was just mailed out a few days ago. There has been time for only a few replies, but already the enthusiastic responses are beginning to pour in, and a few are sending in contributions, aside from their tithes and offerings for the work, toward the purchase price of this land. Meanwhile, I'm glad to report that the Hammers at Gladewater have been successful in making the purchase for us of the two narrow strips of land adjoining the plot Buck Hammer is donating, and a $500 deposit has been put into escrow on each place. They obtained a 90-day escrow for us. This give us 90 days, a few of which already are passed, in which to raise the funds to complete this purchase. But the two deals are made, and legally in escrow, and certain for us unless we should fail to raise the money — which, of course, we MUST not, and I feel confident we shall not.

   Meanwhile plans are proceeding for the trip to Europe this summer by two of our graduates. They both have the written approval of their draft boards, and passports for the trip. Their passage to Southampton, England, and return flight from Rome, have been purchased, so there is no uncertainty as to obtaining reservations. Other plans are developing daily.

   Many other plans for the future development of this greatest work of our time are now formulating, some of which I will outline to you in the next general letter I hope to send out in about two weeks. Soon the gospel will be going out in overwhelming power to Europe, and all the world. Soon we shall start raising up local churches with Ambassador College graduates as pastors. Soon we shall start organizing our own private elementary and high schools in different centers in the middle west and all parts of the United States. Already three or four families have written me — just since we went to Gladewater, Texas, — that they are planning to move there so their children can attend our new school there and so they can attend the church soon to be started there. Meanwhile, for the first year in the history of this work, The GOOD NEWS is being published on regular monthly schedule. In June I expect to have another issue of The PLAIN TRUTH for you, in addition to the regular June number of The GOOD NEWS. I hope in another year we shall be able to publish both The PLAIN TRUTH and The GOOD NEWS every month — two magazines every month — one every two weeks. Yes, God's work is constantly taking on NEW LIFE — continually GROWING and MULTIPLYING in power and scope. YOUR part in it is MORE IMPORTANT THAN YOU REALIZE.

Herbert W. Armstrong

Publication Date: April 25, 1952
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