July 24, 1953  
July 24, 1953 - Brethren & Co-Workers Letter
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Herbert W Armstrong 



Analyses Today's News, with the Prophesies of THE WORLD TOMORROW

Box 111, Pasadena, California

Publishing: The PLAIN TRUTH a Magazine of UNDERSTANDING

24 July 1953

Dear Co-Workers:

   Here it is, past mid-summer. The broadcast continues, once a week, thru the summer (8:30 PM Central Time on XEG for Summer — all other stations same time ....every Sunday), not only in the United States, but over ALL EUROPE!

   Starting September we go on a far better wave-band for England, at a much better night-time, over Radio Luxembourg.....and in addition, Richard D. Armstrong goes on the French-speaking band, carrying The Gospel to all Europe in the French language. That is TWO programs over super-power Radio Luxembourg; one in English, and one in French. Soon we hope to have Herman Hoeh broadcasting to all Europe in the German language over Radio Luxembourg. Do you realize what this means? Gradually, steadily, this powerful work of the Almighty is expanding AROUND THE WORLD!

   Up until now, we have sent out God's last message only in the English language. Now time has opened and is contracted for the message to go out in the French language. Next comes German. God has prepared Dick Armstrong and Herman Hoeh for this tremendous mission! And.....already well along the way in acquiring fluency in the Spanish language are one or two other students and future ministers at Ambassador College.

   Jesus told when the end of this world will come WHEN He has proclaimed His true and original GOSPEL OF THE KINGDOM OF GOD, as He now is doing thru us, to ALL THE WORLD!

   Yes, time races on! Time is shorter than we realize!

   Three baptizing teams are out in the field. At last report, one team was in Virginia, one in Illinois heading South, and one in Oklahoma. God is giving His servants this year the greatest harvest of precious lives for His Kingdom of any year so far. The Tabernacle at Gladewater, Texas, is progressing abut TOO SLOWLY. Due to the fact our people of today have not yielded themselves to permit God to stir their hearts, as did God's people in Moses' day when they sent in more than needed for God's Tabernacle, we are unable to keep but a small crew of men working on the job. Progress is being made abut it is doubtful whether the Tabernacle will be ready in time for the Feast of Tabernacles in September.

   Plans are all completed for the housing project on the grounds hundreds of little booths with double-deck bunks, — to be built as nearly as possible according to the Bible directions for this purpose. They will be small, and very inexpensively built ....yet the need of so many of them multiplies the cost into many thousand dollars. There has not been money enough to even start the construction of these housing booths altho brother Roy Hammer and sons and helpers are working long hours daily clearing the brush for the housing area.

   Listen, dear Co-Workers! Here is my problem. We expect at least 700 people at the Festival of Tabernacles. If we do not get this housing area built in time, these 700 people will have to pay about ten thousand dollars for cabin and motel expense. This is a huge sum, and ought to be paid as rent to God's CHURCH, so it can apply on the cost of building. $10,000.00 would go a long way to- ward paying for the construction of our own housing facilities. Then, too, the object of this great festival is to afford an opportunity for God's people to get away from the world, out in God's beautiful nature alone with God and God's people for the eight days. It isn't a proper keeping of the Feast of Tabernacles when people have to leave God's Tabernacle grounds every night and go back into the outside world to sleep.

   How about it, Co-Workers? Will you pray earnestly over this? Won't more of you let God open your hearts and your checkbooks and pocketbooks? Won't you be willing to sacrifice other things that GOD'S Tabernacle and booths may be built? Must we lose that $10,000 because we lack the funds in advance of the Festival to build?

   Meanwhile, the July PLAIN TRUTH has had to lay, all printed, for one solid month in the printing plant because of lack of sufficient funds to pay for it. Think of it! One month late! And we had it printed ON TIME!

   The summer months are the most difficult of the year especially this year, when we are building God's Tabernacle. I am now fasting to get myself in top shape for the big campaign this fall.

   Co-Workers! I call on you now in Jesus' Name to rally to God's great cause! We have to re-double our efforts! Pray and pray long, and earnestly, and continuously, that God will move every heart to sacrifice and action that His work may have funds for its need! Let's send up a mighty wave of believing prayer!

   A miracle is now needed to keep the work going and finish the Tabernacle! Pray for it!

In Jesus' Name,
Herbert W. Armstrong


   All new students must arrive on campus at Pasadena by Monday morning August 24th. College starts early this year, because of early date for Festival of Tabernacles. If you have not already done so, write immediately for application blank.

Publication Date: July 24, 1953
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