July 12, 1954  
July 12, 1954 - Brethren & Co-Workers Letter
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Herbert W Armstrong 



Proclaim to the World the GOOD NEWS OF THE WORLD TOMORROW

BOX 111, Pasadena, California

Publishing: The PLAIN TRUTH a Magazine of UNDERSTANDING

July 12, 1954

Dear Co-Workers in God's Work:

   Never has our faith been so severely tried. This financial "tight squeeze" not only is still on — it is squeezing harder than ever before. Physical APPEARANCES make the situation look hopeless!

   LISTEN! I have to ask every one of you to take this to heart.

   On the one hand, a flood of wonderful, heart-warming letters pouring in daily from radio listeners and PLAIN TRUTH readers from all parts of the world, that make our hearts leap for joy as we read of precious lives being changed — the glorious light of God's TRUTH being received by multitudes all around the earth. At last, after 18 centuries, the same Gospel Jesus preached going out in great power around the world. Again, I shall copy, below, a scattered few of these letters selected at random.

   But on the other hand....

   A long distance telephone call from the agent of two of the super-power Mexican stations that carry the Mighty Gospel Message to all North America every night, threatening to put us off the air because we are not keeping up with payments for radio time.

   Our business manager comes to me discouraged and depressed, saying he just can't keep up — there is not enough money coming in to keep this great and mighty work afloat — he has been unable to write out salary checks for our staff — another issue of The PLAIN TRUTH has been lying at the printing plant, all printed, but undelivered because he cannot write the check to complete paying for this issue — and already we have had to skip one issue this year, and now have had to plan to skip another, due to insufficient funds. He tells me he simply cannot keep on paying for the net- work broadcast unless we have a sizeable increase in money received IMMEDIATELY.

   "There's no use hiding our eyes from the facts," he said to me. "This whole work is on the way down and OUT, unless our Co-Workers — or MORE of them — can be made to realize how serious it is, and come to the rescue AT ONCE. I'm going farther behind in paying bills every week."

   Co-Workers, I told Mr. Mattson I would write you another letter at once, and assured him, in FAITH, that God will move on the hearts of our Co-Workers — and a much larger number of you — to bring the daily and weekly receipts up to the equal of the necessary outgo.

   NOTHING BUT EARNEST, HEART-RENDING, PERSISTENT PRAYER, in real FAITH, can bring this about. Co-Worker, your liberal offering and faithful payment of God's tithe is direly needed now, but that is not enough alone — the work of God NEEDS YOUR DESPERATE, INTENSIVE PRAYERS AS WELL, that God will move in His irresistible POWER on the hearts of others — many others — beside yourself — so that there may be enough!

   I say to you again, as I've said before, THIS WORK OF GOD SHALL NOT FAIL! Unitedly we will lift our voices in earnest, believing petition to Almighty God. To HIM we shall look! HE will move on many Co-Workers who have been careless and neglected their important part in His work. HE will stir others who are able to send in larger amounts. In His way, thru those willing to respond to Him, HE WILL SUPPLY OUR EVERY NEED — for He has promised it!

   Hundreds of you have written me how thrilled you have been to be able to read some of the thousands of letters coming in from listeners. You've told me how it encourages you — how it overjoys your hearts, to actually see this concrete evidence, (or at least a very small portion of it) of what this powerful and dynamic work of God is doing in the lives of MILLIONS of precious people — NOW WORLD-WIDE!

   Well, dear Co-Workers, if ever we needed encouragement it is now! So once again, I have selected just a few letters at random out of the thousands upon thousands that are coming in, and I copy these letter for you here:

   From Monterey, Mexico: "Dear Pastor: Last night, 8:30 P.M., over station XEG, I heard your sermon. It was great, as it has been every time I have heard you. WHY do our children of Mexico not get the opportunity to learn the true words of God — I mean in our language? I am sending another check to you so it may be used in God's work — it is tithes and offering — which I thank my Lord for being able to pay. God bless you." Although we are reaching many who understand the English language in Mexico, and down into Central America and even the north coast of South America, we are not yet able to reach these people in their own language. My son Ted and another student, David Hill, are rapidly learning to speak Spanish fluently, and one of our next moves will be to broadcast the Gospel over South America in Spanish, but we are not allowed to preach the Gospel in the Spanish language on Mexico stations, by Mexican law.

   From Ontario, Canada: "Dear Sir: I heard your broadcast tonight quite by accident, and have never heard anything which interested me so much. I would like to accept your offer of the publication "The PLAIN TRUTH," and I heard something about the United States in prophecy. The station I heard the broadcast from was WKBW, Buffalo, N.Y. Thank you. Sincerely...." This is one of the ABC Network stations, which reaches all eastern Canada as well as New York state and New England, at 8:00 P.M. Sundays. Even first-time listeners are so moved by this dynamic message that they become regular listeners. Co-Workers, we MUST NOT go off this powerful 50,000-watt station or the others on this great net-work. We even receive letters as far south as South Carolina from this station.

   From Manitoba, Canada: "Dear Mr. Armstrong: Your wonderful program is just over for another Sunday, and I must say it is one of the brightest spots of my week. During the winter months we can get your broadcast from KFGO (Fargo, N. Dak. — an ABC Network station, releasing the program at 6:30 Sunday evening, which is after dark in winter) as clearly as we get our Winnipeg radio stations. I've listened to your program all winter, and have been continually amazed and delighted with it, since you have cleared up many questions regarding the Bible which have puzzled me. While visiting us here my father listened to your program, and was very much interested. He would like to know what station he could catch it over when he returns to Vancouver, B.C. Would you please send me The PLAIN TRUTH? — it would be much appreciated. I must not forget to tell you how much I like to hear your daughter singing. May God give you the strength and courage to continue broadcasting His Truth." The program can be heard in Vancouver, B.C. over KVI, Seattle, 570 on the dial, 10:30 P.M. Sundays. CO-WORKERS! May we join her prayer that we may continue this powerful net-work broad- cast?

   From the Isle of Wight, in the English Channel, a woman listener writes: "Dear Mr. Armstrong: Thank you for The PLAIN TRUTH magazines that have been coming to me since the April number. Through some mistake two copies have been sent me each time. But the Lord has blessed each second copy and I was able to pass it on, and loan my copy, to hungry souls. The spare "Key to Revelation" was avidly received by a minister of a London Baptist church, here on the island for the evening to speak. Needless to say we who are interested in these things of God just revel in your magazine, as we are able at our own leisure to turn up its copious references. I listened again last night and was blessed again. May the Eternal continue to bless your ministry." Co-Workers, notice how hungry for the truth the people are overseas. How our hearts THRILL at reading these letters from eager, interested listeners overseas! YOUR generous offerings, and God's tithes, make it possible!

   From half way around the world, in far-away Malaya, just south of the scene of the war between Communists and French troops, this heart-warming letter has come: "Dear Sir; In accordance with your invitation over the radio, I shall be grateful if you will send me a copy of your magazine. We are living in an area well known for its Communist terrorist incidents, but we are confident that we are here in the Lord's will, therefore nothing can befall us, apart from His direction. We get your broadcast very clearly from Radio Ceylon on Wednesday evenings. Last night we had six service lads over for dinner. They are living in tents about mile away, and do not have much in the way of material comforts — and your broadcast came in clearly whilst awaiting dinner. We trust and pray that your message may reach their hearts. We are very limited in our movements, there being a curfew after 7 p.m. each evening, and travelling is only safe when in an armoured vehicle. We are therefore very glad of the radio, and of our touch with the Gospel messages that are being broadcast from Ceylon. Our nearest European Christian neighbor is in a small village 8 miles away. I will close now, with Christian greetings." DOESN'T THAT LETTER TOUCH YOUR HEART? Think of it! Half way around the world — 8 miles from the nearest Christian — terrorism by Communists all around them — unsafe to go outside of bolted doors after 7 o'clock in the evening, unless in an armoured vehicle — barricaded in, like prisoners every evening — having no magazines and newspapers accessible as we have here in America — CAN YOU IMAGINE HOW MUCH OUR BROADCAST AND LITERATURE MEANS to these people? Are we going to have to STOP this glorious and powerful work of God? THE MONEY YOU SEND makes it possible. Let's dig a little deeper! We enjoy luxuries here in America. Let's sacrifice a little more, that the blessing of Christ's GOSPEL may go in still greater power — around the world!

   Here's a second letter from a man in Roskilde, Denmark. I quoted his first letter in my letter of March 17, when he showed great interest saying the true Gospel was "new thoughts" to him. He was astonished at this Gospel of Jesus, just as those who first heard it from His own lips, 1900 years ago, were astonished, as you read in Mat. 7:28; 22:33; Mark 1:14, 22. etc. He requested literature that he might study further God's TRUTH that was new to him. Here is his second letter: "Dear Mr. Armstrong: Thank you so very much for your literature which I received. Already now I have read what you have written with a good deal of interest, and I look forward to receiving your magazine regularly. It is really amazing what the Bible tells us. It is interesting to learn a little about Denmark in this great picture given of the lost ten tribes in the Bible — and you will naturally understand that I am most anxious to know more about the position of my nation in prophecy. May God bless you richly in your work for Him." Co-Workers, this is YOUR work for Him, too — as well as GOD'S WORK in and thru you and me. The money YOU sent carried the Gospel of Christ to this man over in Denmark, by radio and in print — and to thousands of others in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Holland, all Europe and Britain — as well as those in far-away India, Malaya, and most parts of the world, — and to the Millions here in North America!

   From south-central India, comes this letter: "Dear Sir: In your programme last night you advertised the free magazine, 'The PLAIN TRUTH.' Will you kindly send me one, please. I enjoy listening to your programmes. By the way, what denomination are you? I'll close now, but I hope Jehovah God will bless your programmes and you'll be able to reach many hearts." WHAT DENOMINATION? The answer is, no denomination. Christ did not organize a lot of denominations. He did not join or belong to any. We belong to the only TRUE Church of God, the Body of Christ — the very Church Christ Himself BUILT — of which He is today the living HEAD, and we carry His Gospel to the world in HIS NAME, not that of any denomination.

   From way over in Indonesia, south of China — half way around the world: "Dear Sir: I accidentally listened to your broad- cast from Radio Ceylon on the 5th May. Before closing I heard that you can send at request, especially to foreign listeners, a brochure, in which religious articles are explained. One of those articles might be about the sense of life, another one dealing with the question, whether there is a God. I should like to have that book, that's why I ask you kindly to send me a copy of it. I feel very obliged, if you would acknowledge me on what days and at what time you are broadcasting your service, as I want to listen to you in due time. Thanking you in anticipation for your kindness, I remain yours faithfully, M. Sumadyone." To the peoples of India, China, and the far east I have been talking to them on the broadcasts about the PURPOSE of life, and about what God is like, and giving them scientific evidence of God's existence. Remember those people over there, most of them, know nothing about God or about Christ. But many are listening, and beginning to write in for further instruction in print about God and about the purpose of life, and salvation. THE MONEY YOU SEND IN PAYS FOR THIS. Jesus commanded: "Go ye into ALL THE WORLD and preach the Gospel." God is now doing this — thru YOU and me!

   From Wardmaster's Office, Royal Air Force Hospital, in Germany: "Dear Sir: Could you kindly oblige me by sending your book on God's word in Revelation as advertised over Radio Luxembourg. I am studying God's Word here in Germany, and I do feel this book of yours could prove to be a valuable asset to me. Until I hear from you then, I remain...."

   From all parts of England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales, the letters continue to pour in. My son Dick and Rod Meredith are both over there now, visiting with and counselling and baptizing those being converted thru the program. Right now you are hearing (or soon will hear) Dick's voice on our regular daily program in America. I had him record these programs before they sailed for England, to help me gain some much needed rest this summer. Soon I hope you will hear Dick and Mr. Meredith speaking to you from England, or from France or Germany. It appears there are already enough who have been converted, in London alone, to organize and maintain a regular Church there. The broadcast and The PLAIN TRUTH are really SHAKING and AROUSING many thousands in the British Isles, and the work is growing there by leaps and bounds. We are receiving letters now by the thousands from there, but I will wait until next time to reprint some of them for you.

   I will take space for only this one letter from England, this time. A man in London writes: "Dear Sir: Please send to me your PLAIN TRUTH magazine. Thank you, Sir. As a child I went to church regularly up to age 16 years without understanding the Bible; but during the war I went to some evangelistic meetings in northern Ireland, where I did begin to understand some. Then I moved away to another country, and that became the end of under- standing the Bible, till tonight when I listened to your broadcast (June 22) for the first time from Radio Luxembourg, but will be a regular listener from now on. You drove home to me what I needed most. I cannot explain what it is. I was carried away, and I need to know more — much more — to understand what I misunderstood all these long years. I am now 34 years of age. You not only help and guide, but put it to people explained. I can't find words to say what I mean. To me it seemed that as you broadcast I could see happening what you were saying, just like someone speaking and I watching it all take place, like on a screen — like in moving pictures — like a television programme. I am a long way behind, so all spare Bible literature you could send me will be very welcome, and with your broadcasts, too, I shall be on the right road, thanks to you, Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong. Yours faithfully." — and he should have said, had he known, also THANKS TO YOU, dear Co-Workers — for it is MONEY YOU SENT that paid for reaching this man's heart, and starting him toward a life of salvation in Christ! Of course I am writing our ministers in London to visit this man immediately, and give him personal help. Doesn't your heart thrill, when you realize what a wonderful work God has called us to?

   From an Army sergeant, stationed in Mississippi: "Dear Mr. Armstrong: I've been listening to 'The WORLD TOMORROW' over station XEG since 1947. I have tried to stop this habit (of listening) many times, but I always am somehow drawn back into your vast radio congregation. In my youth I was quite religious. I went twelve years without missing a single Sunday service. The more I studied your sermons, the more my eyes seemed to be opened....You seem to shed more light on the meaning of Scriptures than any one I know. I am endeavoring to reach this same degree of enlightenment, and know I have a long way to go. A lot of the men here listen to your program (men in the Army) and would share the magazine with me. Everywhere I go, I see people listening to your program — all over Texas, Mississippi, Alabama, and Louisiana. Yours Sincerely."

   NEW NET-WORK LISTENERS: Here are just a few letters from NEW listeners in states we reached weakly or not at all before:

   A young man, in Miami, Florida, writes: "Dear Sir: I have heard your program over WQAM, in Miami, Fla. I wish to respectfully request a copy of The PLAIN TRUTH, which you have told us about. I greatly enjoy listening to you, and wish there were more of your type of speakers instead of those that bring the rambling sermons in our churches. I believe more young people like myself want concrete information given to them. You have brought to me a challenge as to whether I can follow God's Word, and have faith as I have chosen, by belief, His Son as the way to eternity. I pray that I can, and will certainly try. Thank you again, and we'll be listening for you." I hope recent broadcasts on LIVING FAITH have shown this young man the way to the righteousness of God. It is YOUR MONEY that carries this continual help toward eternal life to MILLIONS — all AROUND THE WORLD! Isn't it WONDERFUL?

   A woman in western Pennsylvania writes: "Dear Mr. Armstrong: I am receiving The PLAIN TRUTH magazine each month, and it is wonderful what the Holy Spirit has done for me in opening my eyes to understanding, through this magazine and my Bible. I read it all through, and then go back over it and re-study it with the Bible. I can't wait until the next month's issue comes, sometimes. I listen each Sunday to you over the air, and have told many of my friends in Pittsburgh about your broadcast. We receive it here over WCAE, at 4 P.M. God bless you and keep the broadcasts coming." — Her plea, dear Co-Workers, to keep the broadcasts coming, is to YOU! Will you respond — at once — even at sacrifice — and REGULARLY?

   From northern Indiana, a bed-ridden man writes: "Dear Sir: After having received and read my copies of The PLAIN TRUTH, The Key to Revelation, and The United States in Prophecy. I wish to express that by all means this is the most valuable and instructive material I have yet to ever receive regarding Bible prophecy. It is something I have looked for, for years, but regardless of where I've been or what I've read I could never find these most vital truths that I looked for. I'm so thrilled that at last I have found some one who can give me the Bible Scriptures as I have wanted to hear and see for a long time. I get your program on Sundays over station WAIT, Chicago. I have been in bed for the past 6 weeks, but I faithfully promise I shall send in my contribution as soon as I'm able to work again and will continue to do so. I wish every one in the world could read and hear your wonderful messages so they really would know God, and His wonderful plan, and what a wonderful world we are all soon to live in, and witness God's great handiwork. Until I'm able to contribute my share in this wonderful program, may God take care of you and see that you never go off the air or ever stop printing these wonderful and instructive messages of His divinely-inspired Word." — Dear Co-Workers, do you catch the zeal and the enthusiasm of this man confined to bed! He is a new listener. Let's pray God will open his eyes to God's HEALING power! He represents THOUSANDS of new net-work listeners who SOON WILL BE JOINING OUR FAMILY OF CO-WORKERS. Thousands of listeners are PRAYING that God won't take us off the air. We, as we permit the Holy Spirit to work in and thru us, are THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD — the only light shining in a dark and hopeless world — but look what sunshine radiates from the hearts of those — even tho bed-ridden — on them the light falls!

   Oh, how I hate to stop quoting these wonderful letters — letters form listeners who have been HEALED of serious diseases by God thru our prayers — letters of those being SAVED. They inspire us — they tug at our hearts — they fill us with joy and zeal.

   I cannot resist this one more brief letter from a Mexican neighbor, down in Mexico: "My Dear Pastor: Never before in my life have I given anything to any church for one reason: no minister of any church nor denomination ever before — and I have listened to good many — have convinced me of whether they spoke the TRUTH or not. But you have done it! So here is my offering to our ALL MIGHTY God. Please pray for my people, the people of Mexico, that they all can hear the words of God. Truly yours." WILL YOU PRAY FOR THESE MEXICAN PEOPLE? Pray that God will OPEN A DOOR that we can reach them in THEIR OWN LANGUAGE!

   SPECIAL! IMPORTANT! The Correspondence Course in Bible Study is now almost ready to start printing and distributing. We have decided to make no charge — to send it out IN FAITH. SEND IN YOUR REQUEST NOW, if you have not previously done so, to enroll for this course of study.

   EXTRA SPECIAL! I feel there has been no greater handicap to this great work than this: I have found myself unable to carry on a WORLD-WIDE ministry to the MILLIONS, and also a personal and individual ministry. Lately I have been unable even to see many visitors who have come to see our college and beautiful campus, and I have not been able to keep up with answering personal letters from listeners and co-workers. I am overjoyed to tell you my younger son, Ted, has been making remarkable strides in preparing for the ministry, and is now my personal executive secretary. We are training two girl-student typists to work with us, and Ted is going to help lighten my many burdens so I can plan to devote an hour or two a day to dictating personal replies to letters. Now, at last, I hope to get many of the thousands of letters answered. Mrs. Armstrong and I are deeply grateful to God beyond any words that He has called, and thoroughly converted, our two sons, and we are of course overjoyed to see the real ZEAL and energy they are both putting into God's work. Ted's help will enable me, at last, to get more of the personal letters answered. I've done my best, but I'm human and have never been able to keep up with answering personal letters from listeners and co-workers. If YOURS has been unanswered, please try to understand, and do not be offended, but PRAY with me that God will help me to solve this problem.

   FINALLY — Co-Workers, we've just go to "tighten our belts" a little more, sacrifice and go without some other material thing we want or had planned on, and PRAY A BIG LOT MORE, and throw our whole selves into this mighty WORK OF GOD as never before!

   We've got to, somehow, INCREASE the weekly and monthly amount of money sent in for the most important work on earth! NEW listeners in those states where HALF the population of the United States lives are becoming more interested all the time — thousands of new Co-Workers will be joining us — but we simply have to carry on thru this TIGHT SQUEEZE for several more months!

   I have to tell you THE SITUATION REMAINS DESPERATE! I need immediately another AVALANCHE of "widow's mites" — nearly everyone can send at least TWO dollars, if not more. And I need also by return mail more of the BIG amounts from those whom God has made able. No one has ever yet put as much as $10,000 at one time in God's work. Surely, among our thousands of Co-Workers, isn't there at least ONE who is able to make such a contribution to the most important work on earth? Remember, we are fully recognized and approved by the Internal Revenue Bureau, so that all your tithes and offerings sent in are deductible, up to 20% of your annual income. If any Co-Worker would like special advice regarding such deductions, or about willing to God's work whatever you have or any portion of it, our auditor was for 12 years a government attorney in the Internal Revenue Bureau headquarters at Washington, and will answer any such questions or give you any needed help.

   From all over the world comes the cry: "God grant you won't have to go off the air."

   DO YOU HEAR THAT APPEAL? Please, dear Co-Workers, go to a private place, close the door, drop to your knees, and pour out your heart to God over this desperate situation! PLEASE take it to heart! And send the largest amount you are able, whether one or two dollars, or many thousand! And KEEP IT COMING — more often, if possible! GOD BLESS YOU!

In Jesus' dear name,
Herbert W. Armstrong

Publication Date: July 12, 1954
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