March 20, 1956  
March 20, 1956 - Brethren & Co-Workers Letter
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Herbert W Armstrong 



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March 20, 1956

Dear Brethren in Christ:

   GREETINGS IN JESUS' NAME! Here are the instructions you will need and the information about the great Passover festival and Days of Unleavened Bread.

   The Passover this year is on Sunday night, the 25th of March, just after sunset. The Passover is commanded to be kept on the 14th of Nisan, as you know, which falls on the 26th of March. However, since God reckons days from sunset to sunset, that would mean that the 14th of Nisan begins at sunset on Sunday the 25th of March according to the Roman calendar. This is the most solemn occasion of the year. Unless prevented by serious illness or otherwise absolutely prevented, God COMMANDS our presence without fail. It is obligatory! God will not accept excuses. The second tithe God has told us to save is for this very purpose. Thus, through His own financial plan God provides a way for us to attend all of His annual festivals. This is God's vacation plan for us. If prevented from attending one of the local churches for this service or meeting with brethren in Gladewater, Texas for the entire period, write immediately for directions for taking the Passover in your own home!

   Those living near Portland, Eugene, or Salem, Oregon or in the Tacoma, Washington area, will meet with the brethren at those points according to arrangements made by the local pastors. Of course, those living near Pasadena and the southern California area will meet here for the Passover and Holy Day meeting. Brethren in the San Diego and Fresno Churches will meet at the Headquarters Church in Pasadena, or at another location which will be announced here if a suitable place can be obtained. The Passover service for the brethren in the Corpus Christi and San Antonio, Texas area will be held Sunday night, March 25th, in the Bee County public library at 607 Adams St. in Beeville, Texas. The service will begin promptly at 7:30 P.M. The Feast Day will be held in the public library there also, with the feast beginning Monday night at 7:30 P.M. Then, also, for the Corpus Cristi-San Antonio area the Two Holy Days, March 27 and April 2, will be observed at the Youth Center at 806 E. Hayes St., Beeville, Texas — both of the Holy Days will be all-day meetings beginning at 10:00 A.M. For the brethren in the St. Louis and Chicago areas, Mr. Raymond McNair, the pastor in charge over these churches, will make arrangements for both congregations.

   Arrangements will be made to send an ordained minister to Longmont, Colorado, to administer the Passover, and to hold all-day services on the Feast day, March 27th. Those of you living in or near the Longmont area may contact Mr. Dwight Webster by merely writing to "Dwight Webster, Lyons, Colorado" to obtain information as to the place of the meeting and accommodations.

   For those or you who are not able to regularly attend one of the local congregations but live close enough to one of them to be able to travel there to observe the Passover and the Holy Days, this is important! You may contact the pastor in charge of the local congregation to find the time and the place of the meeting. I am including here a list of their names and addresses: For the Tacoma area. Mr. Burk McNair, 1014 N. K st., Tacoma, Washington; for the Portland, Salem, and Eugene areas, Mr. Dean C. Blackwell, 98 Clearvue St., Eugene, Oregon; for the Corpus Christi-San Antonio Area, Mr. Wayne Cole, 713 Lansdown Drive, Corpus Christi, Texas; for the Chicago-St. Louis area, Mr. Raymond F. McNair, 7134 S. Green, Chicago 21, Illinois.

   All others should try to come to the big tabernacle in Texas. God willing Mrs. Armstrong and I are planning to be at the tabernacle for the entire eight days including the seven days of the festival of Unleavened Bread following the passover. We hope to have Mr. Raymond Cole, Mr. Norman Smith and, as circumstances permit, a number of other ordained ministers at the tabernacle to be bringing messages during this period.

   The evening following the Passover, which will be Monday the 26th, the Feast will begin at sundown. This begins the seven day Festival of Unleavened Bread and is an annual High Day, a Holy Sabbath of God. The Feast will be held at the tabernacle. The following day, Tuesday 27th of March, there will be services both in the morning and the afternoon. There will be services held twice each day for the entire eight days including the second annual Sabbath which falls this year on Monday the 2nd of April. There will be preaching, question and answer periods and wonderful fellowship with brethren from all parts of the United States.


   Meals will be served, as usual, at cost, at the tabernacle. You must obtain your own motel or hotel reservations beforehand as before. You brethren are familiar with the great need of God's work of the past and how we have had to struggle for this last year with television and other things which prevented the construction of the boothes on the grounds.

DIRECTIONS FOR FINDING THE TABERNACLE: The grounds are just off highway # 80 about eight miles west of Gladewater, two miles east of Big Sandy about one hundred miles east of Dallas. Those of you who have not been to the tabernacle before should be able to find it without difficulties since it is just off the main East- to-West highway leading from the Fort Worth-Dallas area to the East Coast and New Orleans.

   Beside a combination filling station and cafe on the north side of Highway # 80, you will see our sign "Private Grounds, Radio Church of God Tabernacle" and you may drive straight north on this road until you arrive at the tabernacle, completely cut off from the view of outsiders.

   Those who come by train or bus can get taxi service at Gladewater, and possibly at Big Sandy, or, if coming by bus, it is possible the driver would let you off right at the grounds, though it would be better to go first to a hotel in Gladewater or Big Sandy making sure of your place to stay before you go to the tabernacle.

ACCOMMODATIONS will not be too difficult to find at this time of the year. There are a few cabins near the grounds at the little cafe just mentioned, but unless you have already made reservations, they probably are filled. The name of the establishment is "Tucks Cabins". There are motels in Gladewater along the highway and near Longview. Also there is a good hotel in Longview, about twenty miles from the tabernacle.

   The better motels, first-class, cost from about five to eight dollars per day for two people, and other cabins are available which cost less. Hotel Longview rates, a strictly first-class hotel, are four to six dollars single and six to eight dollars double. I STRONGLY ADVISE PLANNING TO ARRIVE EARLY so you can find adequate sleeping accommodations. We have no facilities for making reservations for you, make yours as soon as possible. The evening meal will be served at the tabernacle on Sunday evening before the Passover at 5:00 P.M.

   Don't forget brethren that God has commanded all of us to attend these annual Holy Days for our own good. It isn't that God "needs" something from us, but that we need everything from Him, therefore, God has commanded us to attend His Holy Days to keep us ever mindful of the great plan that He is working out here below and to knit and bind His Church, the Body of Christ, together in a bond of love and unity and fellowship. Those who have been privileged to attend in the past have said what a wonderful time of rejoicing and spiritual feasting it is to be able to hear so many sermons from God's called servants, and to fellowship and talk with others who believe in the truth of God from all over the United States! It is truly one of the most wonderful experiences in a Christian's life. Make every possible effort you can to attend the Feast Days at Gladewater, and go to God in prayer with any problems you may have, trusting Him, IN FAITH to supply the answer! God bless all of you! We shall look forward to seeing you at the tabernacle in Texas.

Sincerely in Jesus' Name,
Herbert W. Armstrong

Publication Date: March 20, 1956
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