June 13, 1957  
June 13, 1957 - Brethren & Co-Workers Letter
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Herbert W Armstrong 



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BOX 111, Pasadena, California

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June 13, 1957

Dear Brethren of God's True Church:

   I am leaving Pasadena in just a few moments. But, before I do, I find I must take time for a brief and most serious few lines to All our fellow-members in God's Church. Unless every one of you brethren can come immediately to the rescue, we are going to be forced to CANCEL the order for the new Tabernacle at Gladewater, Texas.

   You all know how we have completely outgrown the present Tabernacle. Last fall at the Festival of Tabernacles, several hundred were unable to see the speakers. The new lounge room at the rear was usually filled with people listening over loud- speakers, and two or three hundred usually had to sit outside the Tabernacle, outdoors, and hear the best they could.

   According to our regular rate of growth and past experience, we expect at least 500 more people at the Festival this fall than attended last fall. Hundreds will simply have to turn around and go home, or else take turn-about with others in being able to attend the services and hear the sermons. GOD COMMANDS US TO ATTEND!

   I have signed a contract for the new Tabernacle to seat over 5,000. We simply CANNOT meet the payments I have agreed to for this Tabernacle out of regular income of tithes and offerings for the work. UNLESS YOU BRETHREN CAN SEND IN THIS EXTRA, ADDED AMOUNT — OVER AND ABOVE YOUR REGULAR TITHES AND OFFERINGS — WE CANNOT CONTINUE THE PAYMENTS, AND THE CONSTRUCTION COMPANY WILL NOT EVEN START THE ERECTION OF THE LARGE, NEW TABERNACLE.

   We have been receiving only about one-fourth or one-fifth of the amount for this SPECIAL TABERNACLE FUND that we MUST have, or else cancel the contract. Some brethren seem to feel that my last letter didn't sound urgent enough — that many of the brethren felt the need was not serious or urgent, and so didn't pay any attention to the call. Others said they felt that perhaps by telling you the total amount needed I scared many brethren into thinking that whatever they could send would be such a small part of the total amount it wouldn't help, so THEY just quit and didn't send anything.

   IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST OUR SAVIOUR AND LIVING HIGH PRIEST, I ask you to read this CAREFULLY, and to ACT at once, dear brethren! Let's put it this way: If EVERY member would send in only 50 cents per day for this special Building fund, it would be enough to meet the payments — $3.50 per week per person. But some cannot send that much for each member of their family, and so others MUST send in more than that or there won't be any Tabernacle. Put another way, it is going to cost a total of $35. per seat. If there are two in the family, that family's quota is $70. If five in the family (including children, for they occupy seats) that family's quota is $175. But even though we have until next January to meet this, in regular monthly payments, many families of that size are simply unable to contribute that much. I REALIZE THAT. Yet these families MUST COME! Others who are better able MUST make up the difference. THIS MEANS THAT THE FEW OF YOU who are able to contribute a special $5000 or $1000, or even $500, are going to have to be willing to do it, or we cannot have the Tabernacle. It means that if you can only scrape up an additional $l. or $2. per month, in addition to tithes and your regular offerings, YOU MUST DO IT, or we can't build the Tabernacle. IN OTHER WORDS, EVERY ONE MUST DO WHATEVER HE IS ABLE. Those who have more must give more — those who have less MUST give even that small amount, never thinking it is too little to help. Second tithe cannot be used for this building fund.

    IF THE RESPONSE IS IMMEDIATE — RETURN AIR-MAIL — AND LARGE ENOUGH — and, IF you keep it up week by week and month by month, we can go ahead — but, THIS IS THE LAST CALL — otherwise I shall have to DISGRACE God's Church by breaking my word and agreement with the builders. CAN'T WE DO AS THE ISRAELITES DID UNDER MOSES? PRAY EARNESTLY OVER THIS!

With love in Jesus' name.
Herbert W. Armstrong

Publication Date: June 13, 1957
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