October 02, 1957  
October 02, 1957 - Brethren & Co-Workers Letter
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Herbert W Armstrong 



Proclaim to the World the GOOD NEWS OF THE WORLD TOMORROW

BOX 111, Pasadena, California

Publishing: The PLAIN TRUTH a Magazine of UNDERSTANDING

October 2, 1957

Dear Co-Workers with CHRIST:

   Here is a most important and URGENT report to you again, on the condition and imperative GROWTH of GOD'S WORK!

   Time is getting shorter! We haven't as much time left to complete Christ's Commission, as we think! And there yet remains SO MUCH to be done. We must keep stepping up the momentum of that growth — or we would fail.

   But THANK GOD! — we are His instruments; this is HIS work. It keeps going forward in HIS POWER. This is the very work that God started off thru Jesus Christ. Jesus said He could do nothing of Himself — the Father that dwelt in Him did the work. At the START of this wonderful work God worked thru the individual and personal BODY of Jesus. Today, the same God is concluding His work for this age thru the collective BODY of us who are now Co-Workers with Christ! Today Jesus Christ is the active HEAD of this work, directing it from the Throne of Grace where He sits at the right hand of God the Father!

   We do not carry on this work by our own wisdom or strength, but by the wisdom and direction of GOD, and by HIS POWER! THAT'S WHY this work is growing so phenomenally!

   So, again, I HAVE NEWS for you! More radio stations have been added since my last letter to you. At that time, a month ago, I announced a better time on station WLS, Chicago — 10:30 PM, Monday thru Friday, instead of 11:30, and the addition of another half hour Sundays at 11:AM. We are starting to publish Gospel Messages in full page advertising space in Prairie Farmer. NOW two of those pages have gone out, and the third one is on the press. Hundreds of thousands of people read those full page messages. The very first week after the first "ad" more than a thousand people wrote in for the booklet offered.

   ATTENTION! SPECIAL NOTICE!! Also I suggested some of you might wish to subscribe to Prairie Farmer, so you could get these full page messages every issue. I received a letter from the farm paper saying they were being literally swamped with subscriptions from all parts of the United States, and asking me to ask you to STOP SENDING IN SUBSCRIPTIONS (except those in the four states of Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin and Michigan), because their circulation is confined to those four states ONLY, and they do not want subscriptions outside of those four states. So, Co-Workers, all outside those four states, PLEASE STOP sending in subscriptions for the Prairie Farmer. You may get a good laugh over this — we all did, here at Headquarters of God's great work.

   BUT — if you do want to receive and read these full page Messages, I have just arranged with the farm paper to supply us with reprints of this one page only. So if you do want to receive them — two every month — WRITE TO ME, here at Pasadena, and we will be glad to mail them to you from here.

   In my last letter also I told you of adding the first Canadian radio station, the super-power CKLW in Windsor, Ontario, Sundays only now, but we hope it will be daily or nightly a little later. Also of one additional broadcast Sunday mornings at 10:30 Eastern time over WWVA; one additional program every week reaching South Africa, making TWO broadcasts every week in that far-away British Commonwealth. These are starting tonight. The most important addition in a long time was station WLAC, in Nashville Tenn. That station has a very widespread coverage and is bringing in hundreds and hundreds of requests for literature.

   Also I mentioned that we were at last being offered time on the BIG-CITY Network in AUSTRALIA. That addition has now been definitely ordered. In addition to Sydney, which we already reached, we now have added stations in Melbourne, reaching 368,000 homes; Brisbane, reaching 150,000 homes; Perth, 97,000 homes — totaling 615,000 additional homes in Australia, or a total population of about two million people not reached before. Stations in Hobart and Adelaide are to be added later.

   Since my last letter we have added station KVOD, Denver, every night at 9:30, and station KRKD, Los Angeles, Monday through Friday at 10:30 A.M. Also God appears to be OPENING A TREMENDOUS NEW DOOR in thundering His Message into the far-flung parts of the world.

   It is Radio Bangkok, in Thailand (SIAM), in the south-east corner of Asia. Our New York over-seas Advertising Agency is now negotiating for a half-hour FIVE TIMES A WEEK on this very powerful and progressive station. We already have many interested listeners and followers in this part of the world, from the two years' broad- casting over the southeast Asia beam of Radio Ceylon. If this goes thru, it will be the most important broadcast of any kind in this part of the world, and by far the most effective and powerful Gospel program. Here, like other parts of the world, there has been political turmoil, but I have a new letter from the agency saying that our friend there at the station is on the side of the new political regime now in power. It looks very hopeful at the moment. I have already given the "green light" for the agency to contract for it, as soon as they get an OK from the station management.

   THIS WORK IS EXPANDING — GROWING MIGHTILY IN SCOPE AND POWER! God is opening doors! Time is growing SHORTER! We have to keep moving along!

   All this costs MORE MONEY. And, dear Co-Workers, THAT IS YOUR PART in this great work of GOD. God is doing HIS part — opening tremendous doors to reach additional MILLIONS all around the earth! CHRIST is doing HIS part, as our Head and High Priest on the throne of Grace. I am trying to do MY part, putting my ALL, and every ounce of strength and energy into it. Now you must sacrifice to do YOUR part, generously, unselfishly, regularly, as often as you can, send in God's tithes and your liberal offerings.

   Again the income is dropping below the expenses of this great work. Again I have to ask you to pray, with your whole heart in all earnestness, that God will lay it on the hearts of other Co-Workers to give more generously for God's work. God bless you,

With love, in Jesus' name,
Herbert W. Armstrong

Publication Date: October 02, 1957
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