January 27, 1958  
January 27, 1958 - Brethren & Co-Workers Letter
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Herbert W Armstrong 



Proclaim to the World the GOOD NEWS OF THE WORLD TOMORROW

BOX 111, Pasadena, California

Publishing: The PLAIN TRUTH a Magazine of UNDERSTANDING

January 27, 1958

Dear Co-Workers with Christ:

   Again GREETINGS, in Jesus' name! This is 1958! Time is growing shorter—FAST! We have comparatively little time left to complete the GREAT COMMISSION Christ has given HIS CHURCH to complete just before the END of this world!

   The HEAD of His Church and of GOD'S GREAT WORK, Jesus Christ, is moving His work along faster and faster! It MUST be finished, ON TIME!

   Enclosed you will find the very latest big leap ahead in the progress of the work. It is a reprint of a big ADVERTISEMENT. It will occupy a whole page and a third of the March number of CAPPER'S FARMER—one of the three largest NATIONAL farm magazines. This will fill the larger part of TWO PAGES. It is part of our contract with Capper's that no other ads are to appear on these two pages—only reading or editorial matter to appear on the two left- hand columns of the left-hand page.

   This powerful Gospel Message, put into large advertising space, will be seen by more than A MILLION AND A HALF of America's leading farmers. The discontinuation of the single page ads in Prairie Farmer has made possible this far greater coverage of Capper's Farmer. Capper's is read by almost as many farmers in the three states of Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin (around 85%) as Prairie Farmer, and in the four-state area including Michigan, its circulation is greater—for the reason that Prairie Farmer reaches primarily only southern Wisconsin and south-western Michigan, whereas Capper's covers the whole of those states. Then, in addition, Capper's has a very strong circulation in such states as Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Ohio, beside a completely NATIONAL circulation into every state.

   For example: In Cook County, Ill., there are 2,272 farms, and Capper's is read on 1,894 of them. Bond County, Ill., has 1,364 farms and Capper's has 1,209 subscribers in that county. Take a look far away from the middle-west farm belt. In Oregon, Capper's has 356 subscribers in Marion County; 438 in Malheur County; 349 in Multnomah. It has 1,820 regular subscribers in Los Angeles County, Calif; 411 in Fresno County; 511 in San Diego County; and 728 in Stanislaus County. It has 1,172 in Chautauqua County, New York; 1,091 in Cattaraugus County; and 332 in Onandaga County, N.Y. Look down into Florida, and Capper's has 429 subscribers in Polk County; 343 in Duval, and 285 in Escambia County. Let's look at Texas—2,388 subscribers in Bexar County out of a total of 2,772 farms in the county; 642 subscribers in Upshur County, where our big tabernacle is located, out of a total of 1,893 farms existing in the county; 1,570 subscribers out of a total of 2,466 farms in Wharton County. And so it goes—all over the entire United States.

   Total circulation of Capper's Farmer, 1,500,000—almost FOUR TIMES that of Prairie Farmer, which confines its circulation to Illinois, Indiana, southern Wisconsin and south-western Michigan. In Capper's we reach a goodly portion of the farmers of the WHOLE UNITED STATES!

   There are other advantages in this switch to Capper's Farmer. It comes out only once a month, whereas Prairie Farmer issues twice a month—and so we are able to have the bigger portion of TWO PAGES in Capper's, every issue, for only about 20% more cost than we paid for the one page every issue before. We reach about four times as many people over the entire United States, instead of reaching two states and portions of two others, only.

   I think you'll agree this is a BIG LEAP AHEAD for the work!

   But that is not all! We are now going on a radio station about the middle of the west coast of Africa, and one in Central America—added to all the other radio stations carrying The WORLD TOMORROW around the world!

   Now here is another BIG LEAP AHEAD! About a year ago the Las Vegas interests, who made the original purchase of Ambassador Hall for the college, purchased to donate to Ambassador College a two-story building adjoining the college campus, on the north-west corner of Camden and Vernon. Again, as negotiations dragged out they were unable to raise all the money to make this donation, and we were forced to pay the difference—but the property was acquired very cheaply. It had been built not more than five or six years ago to house a furniture store, and consisted of just two very large rooms, one on each floor. We have just completed remodeling this building, partitioning it off into offices. We had entirely outgrown our office space.

   Over this past week-end, many of the offices of this work have moved into their new quarters in this building. Our new mailing office has about four times the space now that we had before. The new printing department also has about four times its former space. Two new Miehle presses have been added, in addition to retaining one of the two smaller presses used up to now. This increases our printing capacity about four times over. We can now print more booklets.

   On the second floor of this building we now have the Ambassador College Correspondence Course mailing office; the Letter Answering Department, where four men and about twelve typists are kept busy answering letters for me, under my personal direction assisted by Mrs. Armstrong. One of our biggest problems has been to create facilities for answering letters. Around 1,500 letters come addressed to me every day—seven days a week—often 40,000 to 50,000 letters a month!!!—many of them asking personal or Bible questions. You can see that it was IMPOSSIBLE for me to answer so many letters, prepare and broadcast full half-hour programs seven days a week, teach college classes, write articles, negotiate all the top business transactions, act as executive president of both the World Tomorrow broadcast and a Liberal Arts College, beside all the other responsibilities God has laid on my shoulders. We are now solving this problem. Today upward of a thousand letters a month are personally and separately and individually answered.

   Then also on this second floor is our "Co-Worker Department," where a highly confidential card-index file record is kept of every amount of tithe or offering you send in for God's work. Thus we can give you, at the end of the year for your income-tax report as a deduction, a record and receipt for all you have given to God's work thru the year. Then also the mail- receiving department is housed on this floor, where the 1,000 to 1,500 letters received DAILY are opened, and channeled to the proper department for reply. The executive and administrative offices still remain in the former two-story administration building. Thus we have TWO 2-story office buildings to carry on the BUSINESS end of GOD'S GREAT WORK! Truly, this work is growing by leaps and bounds.

   But still—the QUESTION is—ARE WE GROWING FAST ENOUGH to finish the tremendous WORLD-WIDE work which Jesus Christ, our Leader and our LIVING Directive Head, has commissioned us to accomplish, before the soon-coming END OF THIS WORLD?

   Are YOU, as one of our Co-Workers with me, and with CHRIST, doing ALL that you can for YOUR part in this work? Are you SURE? How many hours a week do you spend on Your knees in PRAYER—and I mean EARNEST, INTENSIVE, HEART-RENDING, PREVAILING, AND BELIEVING PRAYER, for this work?

   Just while I was writing, a telegram was handed me from Texas—from a wife whose husband has just had a heart attack, pleading "PLEASE PRAY." Such telegrams come all the time. Are YOU praying for the healing and the protection and guidance of all these who constantly and daily write or telegraph or telephone long-distance for HELP—for PRAYER? I need you to JOIN me in fervent prayer for these many people crying out in need. I need you to constantly PRAY FOR ME!

   And are YOU doing ALL that you can—yes, A L L that you can in the way of additional OFFERINGS beside your honest TITHE of your income for the great WORK OF GOD? THIS WORK MUST HAVE A BIG INCREASE IN FUNDS for the financing of God's work this year.

   The receipt of tithes and offerings has been FALLING OFF AGAIN, this last half of the month. CO-WORKERS—go to your knees and PRAY—and send in the LARGEST amount you can arrange to send— BY RETURN AIR-MAIL! This work can go NO FASTER than you Co-Workers make possible by tithes and offerings! We have to constantly SACRIFICE our own pleasures and desires for GOD'S PRECIOUS WORK! TIME IS SHORT. WE MUST HURRY! THE NEED IS AGAIN URGENT AND CRUCIAL! HURRY! And God will bless you!

With much love, in Jesus' name,
Herbert W. Armstrong

Publication Date: January 27, 1958
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