April 07, 1958  
April 07, 1958 - Brethren & Co-Workers Letter
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Herbert W Armstrong 



Proclaim to the World the GOOD NEWS OF THE WORLD TOMORROW

BOX 111, Pasadena, California

Publishing: The PLAIN TRUTH a Magazine of UNDERSTANDING

April 7, 1958

Dear Co-Workers with Christ:

   I have to tell you that the pressure is still on us.

   We are not out from the tight financial squeeze in the operation or God's great work. Probably we shall never be. God has not intended our mission to be an easy one.

   The work plunges on ahead. Jesus Christ is the Living Head of this most important activity on earth. He is opening new doors — new powerful avenues for thundering His Gospel around the whole world. We have to be prepared to go thru these doors as Christ opens them. Otherwise the doors will be slammed shut, and we would fail in carrying out the Great Commission.

   The great increased volume of letters flooding our Head- quarters Office — and our overseas London office as well — is living evidence that from half again to more than twice as many are hearing and reading Christ's Gospel Message as were hearing it a short year ago — they are hearing the original TRUE Gospel the world has not heard for over 1800 years — the last warning Message before the END OF THIS WORLD!

   Nearly twice as many people are writing in for The Plain Truth, the Gospel booklets, and the Bible Correspondence Course, as were a year ago. Nearly twice as many are being baptized — people brought to real repentance and obedient faith in Christ as personal Saviour!

   God is blessing His Work as never before! Yes, the work is leaping ahead — growing steadily in power of impact and world- encircling scope. This it MUST DO, and IS doing! For the time remaining to complete this tremendous mission is very short and growing constantly shorter. We may have another ten to twelve or fourteen years — but they will whip by faster than the past fourteen, and fourteen years ago seems like last week! And there is yet SO MUCH to be done. Actually we have hardly started, when we consider that Christ has determined that His Message must hit this entire world — all nations with such overpowering impact that ALL MANKIND will know that it has heard the Message — that it has been WARNED — that it is left WITHOUT EXCUSE if it rejects or fails to heed Christ's thunderous warning.

   Now just where do we stand, today? YOU have heard Christ's Message. YOU are without excuse! Yes, a few million others have heard. Perhaps a fourth or more of all the people in such states as Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana have heard it. Perhaps one in every ten have heard it in several other states, but probably not more than one in every fifty have yet been reached in still other states — perhaps one in every fifty or seventy-five in Great Britain — one in a thousand in some parts of the world. True, this has become a truly great work. Already it has gone around the world, and into every continent — but not into all nations. And it has not yet hit any nation wi more than a fraction of the power or impact that Christ has shown us in His Word that it must!

   Yes, we have just barely started — but it is a glorious and impressive start. The foundation for the most powerful and far- reaching activity ever achieved by or thru mankind is laid, and soundly and solidly laid under the guidance, power and blessing of the Living Christ. In and thru His power we shall continue to the divinely set GOAL — for there is NO LIMIT to His power — ALL THINGS are possible with God!

   Right now we are receiving about 50,000 requests for Gospel literature every month. That is close to a record mail.

   But, as Christ leads us on into an increasingly more powerful and resultful work, we also are led into increasing financial outlays. Our business office is in a terribly tight squeeze. It continues to be a constant strain to meet necessary financial commitments. Again, the receipt of tithes and offerings has been dropping off alarmingly.

   Dear Co-Workers, if we here at the Headquarters office have to strain to the limit of our resources to keep this great work going, we have to rely on YOU to strain to YOUR very limit — to put the WORK of God FIRST, ahead of everything except the actual necessities of life — to sacrifice pleasures, amusements, wants and desires — so that, if possible, you may increase the offerings you send in for God's work, as well as being faithful in paying God's tithe.

   Again I have to ask you to send in the largest amount you possibly can — whether it be several thousand dollars or only the widow's two mites — according as God has blessed and made possible. We are in a most trying time. The nation is in an economic recession. Some 5 million are out of work. That means that those of us who do still have an income must strain harder to make up for Co-Workers now unemployed. I am happy to tell you, however, that a far smaller percentage of our Co-Workers are unemployed than for the country as a whole, and many of our faithful tithe-payers who were temporarily thrown out of work have written me that they are now happily back at work. Truly, God blesses His tithe-payers!

   Well, God bless you all! I know you'll respond as soon and generously as possible. Keep PRAYING, as never before, for me, and all our staff, and for God's work!

With deep love, in Jesus' name,
Herbert W. Armstrong

Publication Date: April 07, 1958
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