June 14, 1959  
June 14, 1959 - Brethren & Co-Workers Letter
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Herbert W Armstrong 



Proclaim to the World the GOOD NEWS OF THE WORLD TOMORROW

Box 111, Pasadena, Calif. 91109

Publishing: The PLAIN TRUTH a Magazine of UNDERSTANDING

Copenhagen, Denmark

June 14, 1959

Dear Friend:

   I am writing you from Copenhagen, Denmark. My son, Garner Ted Armstrong, is with me. We have arrived here by direct polar- flight from Los Angeles, enroute to visit Germany, London, Radio Monte Carlo from which we broadcast direct into Russia, and Rome.

   For some little time I have been wanting to just sit down and write you a personal heart-to-heart letter, to tell you some things about The WORLD TOMORROW broadcast, which is world-wide, and The PLAIN TRUTH magazine.

   I want to take you behind the scenes, as it were, and show you HOW we obtain much of the NEWS material of world-wide importance as it fulfills Biblical prophecies, and which makes The WORLD TOMORROW program and The PLAIN TRUTH so thrilling and packed with interest. It doesn't just come to us. We have to GO AFTER IT! We have to search it out!

   You may not have known, but we go ourselves, or send trained news-gathering men who also are ordained ministers with UNDERSTANDING of the prophecies, and know what to look for, to all parts of the world to observe world conditions on the spot, and report events that are important from a prophetic standpoint. Often the commercial news-gathering agencies overlook the most important items. A big 8-column newspaper headline may report a happening of no prophetic importance whatever.

   Right now, the MOST IMPORTANT EVENTS IN THE WORLD are not the Geneva Conference of Foreign Secretaries, or what Khrushchev is doing in Moscow. The world is BLIND to what the BIBLE reveals is MOST important! The most important news right now is taking place in the Ruhr in Germany, and in Bonn, the capital of West Germany. Events that will RESHAPE YOUR LIFE are just SIZZLING there!

   Dr. Adenauer is ON THE WAY OUT. A cry of "the Liar Chancellor" rang out in the West German Parliament day before yesterday. DO YOU REALIZE WHAT THIS MEANS? The world doesn't. It knows nothing of the PURPOSE being worked out here below. It has no understanding of PROPHECY. But when Economics Minister Ludwig Erhard publicly called the German Chancellor a "LIAR" it started a division in Germany. IT MEANS that the NAZI UNDERGROUND is getting ready to come above ground. I was telling our radio audience and readers of The PLAIN TRUTH about the Nazi Underground before the end of World War II. They plotted then to come back and succeed in World War III if they lost the second world war.

   The world has its eyes only on RUSSIA as the starter of hydrogen-bomb world war. I have told you all along Russia will not start the next world war—but GERMANY, this time heading a "UNITED STATES OF EUROPE," will! I said this even in late 1944, and early 1945!

   The world simply does not realize the tremendous German COMEBACK. So far it is industrial and economic. The Germans have gone ahead of Russia and Britain in capturing WORLD MARKETS. Garner Ted Armstrong travelled all through South America (he speaks Spanish fluently) in 1957. Everywhere he saw the Germans capturing the markets. Here in Copenhagen we see it. Most automobiles here are German made—very few U. S. made! German industry is the world's greatest miracle today.

   And who do you suppose built it? It was Ludwig Erhard, who is now driving to oust Chancellor Adenauer. The Nazis, possibly under a new party NAME, will soon take over political power, just as Hitler did!

   Our trip to Germany is timed to this great turning point! Just as the man who BUILT, or rebuilt, German industry starts to oust Mr. Adenauer, a German national TRADE FAIR, revealing German industrial supremacy, is being held in Duesseldorf next week. We are flying into Duesseldorf next Tuesday to attend this fair. We have with us a new miniature pocket-size professional-quality tape recorder. We expect to bring you, on The WORLD TOMORROW program, an on-the-spot running account of this industrial exposition. You will actually HEAR the hum of German machinery.

   We are going up to Essen and other centers of German production in the Ruhr. We hope to bring you the very SOUNDS of roaring motors inside the great Krupp Works. We will report, on the spot, what we see of this expanded industrial might of West Germany, getting ready for World War III. We also will visit the capital, Bonn, and report whatever we can unearth there. A few years later most of these sources of information in Germany will be CLOSED. But now we are still free to go in there and observe the actual facts.

   In London, we have to make arrangements to have the British edition of The PLAIN TRUTH printed locally in London. We have been sending the British edition by air-freight from Los Angeles. But the British circulation is climbing toward 20,000 copies, and now must be printed in London. United States circulation is 200,000. Also we have outgrown our office in London, and must now locate larger quarters. And in addition, we are going to London to make advance arrangements for a series of 5-week evangelistic campaigns for next summer, 1960, in London, Bristol, Manchester, Glasgow, and Belfast. Halls have to be booked about a year in advance. These campaigns will carry on from mid-June until the end of December.

   Next November Garner Ted Armstrong has to visit the Philippines and Australia, and possibly South Africa in the interest of God's work. He will speak several times in these places. As you must know, we broadcast every week over national networks in both the Philippines and Australia, and three times a week over South Africa, where The WORLD TOMORROW is the number one listened-to program, according to British surveys. Also I myself will have to visit Japan and Formosa in November and December. A whole national network of leading radio stations has opened its doors to us in Japan. I have to make arrangements for the program to be translated into Japanese and broadcast in that language. In Formosa I want to meet Generalissimo Chiang Kai-Shek, who has opened his super-power radio station, Voice of Free China, to us. We have been broadcasting The WORLD TOMORROW twice weekly on that station for a long time. The Chinese Reds may invade Formosa within another year. This powerful station is our only means of carrying the last Gospel Message of Jesus Christ to the vast Chinese population—and it may soon be closed. We must make it as effective as possible while God keeps the door open.

   Jesus Christ ordained that HIS Gospel (not man's gospel ABOUT Christ) must go with POWER into ALL NATIONS right now, just before the END of this world and the second coming of Christ. In previous letters I have told you how this great work of God for these last days was started—and of my conversion—being thrust against my will into Christ's ministry—the start of the broadcast and magazine over 25 years ago. In this letter I have tried to tell you a little of how we gather news and material which cause people the WORLD OVER to LISTEN, and some few to HEED.

   We have, besides, a News-gathering Department at headquarters in Pasadena. There trained men gather and compile for us vital news of prophetic significance from all over the world. We receive regular special reports from two private London sources, who have men reporting from all parts of the world. We receive special bulletins and news-letters not available to the general public from Washington, D. C. This department clips items from newspapers from all over. It subscribes, for example, to such newspapers as the New York Times and Christian Science Monitor, and papers from London and Paris. It receives clippings of special prophetic significance from all parts of the world. It carefully selects news prophetically significant from the News magazines such as Time, Newsweek, U. S. News and World Report and the German news magazine Der Spiegel.

   And so that, in addition to sending our own men to all parts of the world, is how we keep RIGHT on TOP OF WORLD NEWS, especially as it fulfills PROPHECY, in a manner no one else does, so far as I know.

   Jesus Christ warned our generation to "WATCH!" prophecy fulfillment, as well as to PRAY ALWAYS! He has set us as YOUR "watchmen"—see Ezekiel 33:1-11. We are carefully WATCHING these things, and reporting them to YOU! And we are warning this whole world of its SINS. We are telling the whole world what GOD in the Bible says sin IS. We are warning you of the real danger to Britain and America which GOD says is coming. That danger is beginning to emerge from UNDERGROUND right now in Bonn, and the Ruhr, in Germany. Ted and I will be there ON THE SPOT this very week!

   I wonder if YOU realize just HOW IMPORTANT, and HOW VALUABLE, this is to YOU? The day will come—and it's now LATER THAN YOU THINK—when you will KNOW for a certainty that GOD HIMSELF was speaking to YOU thru the human instruments of His own choosing, just as He promised He would in prophecy! I hope you are also WATCHING, and PRAYING ALWAYS, that, as Jesus said (Luke 21:36), YOU may be accounted worthy to ESCAPE the frightful things that are soon coming to pass in this world.

   This is a wonderful LABOR OF LOVE, which Almighty GOD has called us to perform. What a wonderful blessing it is for us to HAVE PART in the very WORK OF GOD!! I do thank you, and am truly grateful, for your interest. And would it be asking too much to ask you to PRAY FOR ME, personally, and for Garner Ted, my son, whom you hear also on the air, and for all who are co-workers with us in God's great work—even as we constantly pray for YOU? While the Apostle Paul prayed for all the brethren in all the Churches of God in that day, he also asked them to pray for him. You might not realize that we need YOUR prayers—but I assure you most sincerely that we DO! And may God's richest blessings and His divine protection be yours!

   In closing, let me tell you I am having two new booklets printed right away—very IMPORTANT booklets. The one, "The TRUE HISTORY of the TRUE CHURCH"—certainly a startling eye-opener. What did happen to the one and ONLY Church which JESUS built, started by His own apostles? You'll be amazed to find the true answer, carefully documented, and PROVED, by years of research into histories, manuscripts, and records not only in the United States, but also in the libraries of London, Rome, and other ancient depositories.

   The other booklet is entitled "Ending your FINANCIAL WORRIES." It is on the subject of tithing. Thousands have asked us about this—was it just for ancient Israel?—and how should the true work of GOD be financed? Did you ever wonder why we do not beg for money over the air, or make charge for our literature, or even any request for contributions in our literature? You'll find the booklet on "TITHING" mighty interesting, full of TRUTH and common sense, and it will not contain any request for money, but it will reveal to you an absolutely WORKABLE LAW of HOW to MAKE ENDS MEET!

   A recent survey by "U. S. News and World Report" disclosed what most Americans are really concerned about. In the face of the Russian missile lead, the race to conquer space, and the threat of hydrogen-bomb war, MOST Americans are FAR more concerned with making ends meet!

   WHY are so many parents "farming out" their children (a recent survey proves fully 25% of American children are living with people other than their real parents) so both parents can work? Why, in a wave of prosperity such as has swept over NO other nation, are Americans so desperately striving to solve all their financial difficulties? If you knew, and followed, this WORKABLE LAW for MAKING ENDS MEET, you could solve your problem and be free from this worry. But GET this new free booklet and read how it has worked for thousands, including John D. Rockefeller and Colgate the soap magnate. You'll find it mighty interesting!

   I am enclosing a self-addressed envelope for your request for these new free booklets, and I hope you'll send in your request for them right away, before you lay this letter down.

   Thank you, and I pray God's richest blessings may be yours.

Most Sincerely with love, in Jesus' name,
Herbert W. Armstrong

Publication Date: June 14, 1959
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