January 29, 1960  
January 29, 1960 - Brethren & Co-Workers Letter
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Herbert W Armstrong 



Proclaim to the World the GOOD NEWS OF THE WORLD TOMORROW

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Publishing: The PLAIN TRUTH a Magazine of UNDERSTANDING

January 29, 1960

Dear Co-Workers with Christ:

   This is my first letter to you in this new decade. We have entered the 1960s. I wonder if you realize what frightful happenings are going to affect your life during the 1960s!!

   YOU, with me, and with Christ, are very specially concerned. God has placed a VERY SPECIAL RESPONSIBILITY on our shoulders for this decade. You and I have been called to the most gigantic mission of all history.

   LOOK at this situation! LOOK at what will happen—and what we have to do! While most people are becoming more calloused, indifferent and heedless to the terrifying situation we all face— while most people are too wrapped up in their own personal problems and interests and enjoyments to heed—this world has now entered its most violent and disastrous ten years since mankind was placed on earth!

   LISTEN to what President Eisenhower, scientists, and leaders say—and then listen to the stark TRUTH of what we are called to DO!

   "NO OTHER FACT IN TODAY'S WORLD EQUALS THIS IN IMPORTANCE," said President Eisenhower in his State of the Union Message, January 7, speaking of the FACT that we live in a divided world, approaching mutual annihilation. He continued: "It colors every- thing we say, plan or do...We stand in the vestibule of a vast new technological age (with the) capacity for human destruction."

   Scientists say our ONLY HOPE is WORLD GOVERNMENT with power to enforce world law and world peace. But this is not even a hope—it is an utter impossibility. "'World peace through law,'" said a Los Angeles Times editorial, January 4, 1960, "....is too visionary and illusive to represent a workable idea. World government and enforceable world law are unreal slogans in an age when East and West are separated by insurmountable barriers of thought."

   RUSSIA now has the frightful weapons that could lay waste the entire North American Continent—or the entire United Kingdom—or both. ONE MAN—Khrushchev—has power to order it. CAN YOU TRUST KHRUSHCHEV WITH YOUR LIFE? Listen to what leading scientists and sociologists say: "CHICAGO (AP) — Rulers and bosses are generally smarter—but more mentally deranged—than other people, a sociologist said Tuesday. The moral behaviour of ruling groups tends to be more criminal and subnormal, added Prof. Walter A. Lunden of Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa. ...'The greater the power of the rulers, political leaders and big executives, the more corrupt and criminal they tend to be,' ...he told the American Association for the Advancement of Science."

   January 14, Khrushchev before the Supreme Soviet "announced that the Soviet... stockpile of nuclear arms and missiles was large enough 'to obliterate from the face of the earth' any attacking country or combine of countries." He also boasted "a fantastic weapon which Russia now has in the hatching stage" (U. S. News, Jan. 25, 1960)

   WHAT CAN WE DO ABOUT IT? What has God called us to do? Proclaim to the world the GOOD NEWS (Gospel) of the imminent coming WORLD TOMORROW! Proclaim to the world, as we are doing with a LOUD SHOUT over every continent, that GOD ALMIGHTY will step in and supernaturally intervene, just before mankind blasts all human life from off the earth—that He will again send JESUS CHRIST, in all power and glory, to set up a divine WORLD GOVERNMENT as an ACT OF GOD, to RULE THE WORLD BY DIVINE FORCE, AND BRING US PEACE AT LAST!

   THIS is the Message that Jesus brought more than 1900 years ago! The world LOST that Message. The world REJECTED it, buried it under a confused heap of pagan rubbish! We are the generation which is to live through this cataclysmic CLIMAX! God Almighty has raised up this great world-wide work in fulfillment of Jesus' prophecy (Mat. 24:14) to warn the generation on which this climax shall strike—and to PREPARE A PEOPLE FOR CHRIST'S COMING!

   This, dear Co-Workers, is by far the MOST IMPORTANT ACTIVITY ON EARTH TODAY! God has called YOU, as well as me, to be a vital part of this dynamic crusade! He has opened to us the vast DOOR of radio, the printing press, television!

   This present decade will lead right up to the very immediate threshold of the final world violence which Christ, at His coming, must cut short! WE ARE THAT NEAR THE END OF THIS WORLD, IN ALL PROBABILITY!

   We have hurdled the difficult month of December, and of January when so many are catching up with their finances after having spent all they had and gone in debt for Christmas gift-trading. NOW, we face the short month of February! Receipt of funds so vital to the very life of this great work is again falling off!

   That means an alarming situation arising again! Co-Workers, NOTHING ELSE IS IMPORTANT right now. Terrifying, frightening, unbelievable catastrophes are soon going to explode, around the world! Violence is going to multiply until YOUR LIFE—every life— is threatened! Speaking of US whom God has called to this very work, Christ says: "BECAUSE thou hast kept the word of my patience, I also will keep thee from the hour of TRIAL"—that is, the GREAT TRIBULATION (Revelation 3:10). Let me tell you, dear Co-Workers, I count this work more important than anything in my life—more than life itself! I know that I am secure against the horrifying mass slaughter and torture and violence soon to come. I want YOU to have this same security in Christ Jesus! NOTHING ELSE IS SO IMPORTANT!

   God's work NEEDS your immediate, generous response—and your continuous week-by-week or month-by-month sacrifice. Your honest and faithful TITHE belongs to God. He expects generous and liberal offerings beside—according as He has blessed us financially.

   Let's all put our shoulders to the wheel together, and give one mighty, gigantic HEAVE—that there may be ample funds to carry on God's great work! Send it air-mail!

   God is blessing us beyond belief! I am praying for your continued spiritual well-being, health, prosperity, and every blessing. I need YOUR prayers, too! PRAY for this work! THANK YOU!

With deep love, in Jesus' name,
Herbert W. Armstrong

Publication Date: January 29, 1960
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