December 22, 1960  
December 22, 1960 - Brethren & Co-Workers Letter
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Herbert W Armstrong 



Proclaim to the World the GOOD NEWS OF THE WORLD TOMORROW

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December 22, 1960

Dear Co-Workers with Christ:

   Look what has happened these last six months! Here we are with the first year of "the sixties" almost gone already. We told you the sixties would sweep this world on to the very brink of the END!

   These last six months have seen more world happenings fulfilling prophecy—and preparing the way for such fulfillment— than any other whole year in history!

   They have seen United States prestige slapped, ridiculed, and plunged into the muck and mire of contempt. It started with the bungling at Washington in the U-2 case, followed by Khrushchev publicly insulting President Eisenhower in a manner no former president was allowed to be insulted by a foreign power, combined with his scuttling of the Summit Conference.

   Next, on Khrushchev's orders, Japanese communists succeeded in forcing Mr. Eisenhower to cancel his visit to Japan under circumstances that cost the United States utter "loss of face" in the East. Over there "face" of the nation's leader means the prestige of his nation. Then little banty rooster Castro in Cuba began "slapping" the president's face, accusing and threatening his colossal neighbors only 90 miles' distance, literally stealing a billion dollars' worth of American industry in Cuba—and getting away with it!

   How does all this fit into prophecy? Prophecy says ten nations in Europe are going to UNITE in a giant resurrection of the Roman Empire, a new colossus drafting the balance of power in the world. It will become quickly a greater military power than the United States or Russia, deceiving and invading the United States and Great Britain. There are TWO great world powers—the United States and Russia. Only the United States' atomic and hydrogen bombs have deterred the Kremlin from rolling over and occupying all of Europe. The nations of Europe lie next door, adjoining Russian satellites and Russian power. They have had to look to American might to hold off the Russian hoards. Khrushchev has been stamping American prestige down into the mud with insolent vengeance. Mean- while, Russia is boasting of the development of new and far more frightening weapons than the H-Bomb!

   And how is this affecting the nations of Europe?

   Western Europe is becoming more and more uneasy—less and less confident they can rely on United States' power for their protection. This giant factor is starting the nations of western Europe more and more toward uniting for their common protection.

   Meanwhile the six-nation Euromart is capturing WORLD TRADE. Germany, Italy, France, and other nations have launched a gigantic world TRADE WAR.

   This, too, is war!

   The prophecies say this new European combine will revel in unprecedented PROSPERITY! First is to come this economic upsurge, quickly followed by political and military union. That economic upsurge is already underway!

   These nations are offering the world low-cost goods. Their workers really work—early and late! They PRODUCE! They are becoming more and more mechanized. In mass production they are beginning to match the United States. But, although America has mass production, America also has UNION LABOR HIGH WAGES. Americans have automobiles, refrigerators, washing machines, T.V. sets. Europeans—especially the working classes—do not have these luxuries. They live on a scale equal to about 35% or 40% of America's average income. So American goods are high-cost goods. German, Italian, Japanese goods can be sold in world markets for some 40% under American prices, and still leave thick profits for their fast-growing industries.

   Do you see what this means? It means that in other nations around the World people are now starting to buy German, Italian, Japanese goods. American factories are LOSING gradually, their foreign markets.

   Even in America, millions today are buying Volkswagens, German and Japanese cameras, German typewriters. So many millions of Americans are buying the smaller foreign cars that this trend has revolutionized the American automobile industry. Detroit now is trying desperately to stay in the business by turning out compact cars. They are trying to compete, if they cannot beat foreign prices, by offering slightly more room, better design or engineering advances. Meanwhile they are taking advantage of the trend by shortening and making smaller, little by little each year, even the larger and more expensive cars. In other words, they are having to resort to offering consumers a little LESS at slightly higher prices, to make up for losses to foreign competition!

   THIS SIMPLY MEANS THAT THE HANDWRITING IS ON THE WALL FOR AMERICAN INDUSTRY AND BUSINESS! It means our days of prosperity are LIMITED and soon will rapidly decline! A nation CANNOT CONSUME in luxury more than it produces!

   American unions have constantly preached the gospel of giving less labor production for MORE PAY. Up to now, American labor has been able to work increasingly shorter hours, giving it gradually less and less effort, yet drawing higher and higher wages—and constantly increasing the standard of living—able to afford more refrigerators, washing machines, radio and T.V. sets, more auto- mobiles—even two cars to a family—and even vacation trips abroad.

   Do you see HOW this is possible? ONLY BY INCREASE OF MACHINES so that one man with machines produces more, in shorter hours, than three or four men did before!

   Up until now no foreign nation was as mechanized as the United States. That gave America a great advantage. That made possible increasing luxurious living, with decreasing physical labors.

   BUT TIMES HAVE CHANGED! We need to WAKE UP! Germany, Italy, Japan are getting machine production at a breath-taking pace! And they still pay 30% to 40% as much in wages, while their men work longer and longer hours! America's dreamland splurge into luxury is about OVER!

   In TEN YEARS we shall feel thee pinch. In twelve years or less, we shall be in the depths of the worst depression ever suffered by any nation! Our living standards will plummet DOWN, DOWN, DOWN!!!

   Co-Workers, GOD ALMIGHTY HAS FORE-TOLD ALL THIS FUTURE TO WAKE UP OUR PEOPLES BEFORE IT HAPPENS! No one else on earth is proclaiming the full message of the Bible's PROPHECIES!

   No one else is proclaiming the GOOD NEWS of TOMORROW'S new world, under the government of Jesus Christ! No one else is WARNING the people! No one else preaches the very Gospel Jesus Christ preached—which is the only true Gospel of Jesus Christ! That might sound strange, BUT IT IS TRUE!

   We have a terrific JOB to do. As world events whip up momentum at accelerating pace, SO MUST THIS GREAT WORK OF GOD! God Himself is leading the way! Constantly He is opening new gigantic DOORS through which we may shout His GOSPEL around the world! World events have stepped up this past six months faster than ever before! BUT JESUS CHRIST HAS STEPPED UP THIS WORK THIS PAST SIX MONTHS FASTER THAN EVER BEFORE!

   NEVER has the work of God taken such powerful leaps ahead, as in the past year and especially the past six months! One thing, if I may mention it—while I have had to be in England, getting the new Ambassador College in England started, my son, Garner Ted Armstrong, having had to carry most of the broadcasting, has, by God's grace, gained in speaking POWER, in dynamic IMPACT, and in authoritative maturity. By more hours of prayer, by yielding still more to God, he has allowed God to speak through him with a power that only GOD ALMIGHTY can impart, with the vital energized spark of God's own message!

   But over here in Britain a large crew of electricians, carpenters, bricklayers and other construction men are working on an OVERTIME CRASH BASIS rushing to completion our new radio studio so that I may remain, myself, on the air whenever I must be over here! Right now we are in a frantic race against time—to allow me to broadcast FROM HERE THE TWENTY-SEVENTH ANNIVERSARY PROGRAM which goes on the air New Year's Day.

   Over here things are moving at a fast clip. But over here I see Christmas shopping crowds jamming the London streets and stores, just as in America! Here we have been in the MIDST of the season when most people forget all about a gift for CHRIST, or the need of support for HIS WORK—and spend all they have or can borrow on presents to exchange back and forth with relatives, friends, and business customers!

   We are getting into the LAST PART of the month when our Co-Workers slow down and WHEN CHRIST'S GREAT WORK SUFFERS MOST FROM LACK OF FUNDS!

   Co-Workers, PRAY for this work. PRAY, more earnestly than ever before, that God will lay it on the hearts of Co-Workers to THINK OF CHRIST—and the NEED OF HIS WORK in this difficult time.


   JESUS CHRIST, THE HEAD OF THIS POWERFUL WORLD-WIDE WORK, NEEDS YOUR HELP. This is the time when we need to ask our Co-Workers to sacrifice still more to put CHRIST, His righteousness, and HIS WORK absolutely FIRST in your prayers, and your finances! We need all of the LARGER sums, of hundreds, and thousands of dollars, that are available—because so many can send only the widows' mites—but we also need a deluge—yes, a cloud-burst of them! They do count! Just do your utmost according as God has made possible, and then by your urgent and persistent PRAYERS you can PRAY other larger sums from those of more means, into the work!

   THANK YOU, dear Co-Workers for your loyalty, your prayers, your sacrifice! Two of our top evangelists in Christ's service are now in Central and South AFRICA, where several dozen people are awaiting baptism. We are broadcasting SIX NIGHTS A WEEK over the powerful radio station at Elizabethville, right in the very thick of all this trouble in Central Africa. Scores there are coming into God's TRUTH, their lives being converted! PRAY for the safety of these men—Mr. Roderick C. Meredith and Mr. Raymond F. McNair. They are risking their lives in Christ's service! Let's all stand loyally by!!

With love, in Jesus' name,
Herbert W. Armstrong

Publication Date: December 22, 1960
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