March 22, 1961  
March 22, 1961 - Brethren & Co-Workers Letter
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Herbert W Armstrong 



Proclaim to the World the GOOD NEWS OF THE WORLD TOMORROW

Box 111, Pasadena, Calif. 91109

Publishing: The PLAIN TRUTH a Magazine of UNDERSTANDING

March 22, 1961

Dear Co-Workers with Christ:

   GREETINGS! Again I have IMPORTANT NEWS. Here are the latest happenings in the world-wide WORK OF GOD.

   Right now it is mid-afternoon. I am at my desk at Head- quarters in Pasadena, California. Could you believe that I spent this very morning—TODAY!—and also this early afternoon—in conference with radio station managers half-way across the United States in Dallas, Texas?

   What a fast-moving age we live in! The president of our advertising agency, from Beverly Hills, and I had lunch in Dallas with the manager of station KRUL, Ft. Worth. He drove us to the airport, arriving there 1:45 this afternoon.

   At 2:54 p.m., Los Angeles time, we were rolling to a stop down the runway of International Airport, Los Angeles, in a giant 707 jet. And here I am, at my own desk, mid-afternoon SAME DAY, writing you very important NEWS, and about a most URGENT situation!

   Here's why we took this trip, and the exciting, breath- taking, providential things that happened!

   First, we had received a cancellation notice from Station WFAA. They were making a complete change in programming policy— cancelling all religious broadcasts. Second, we wanted time for The WORLD TOMORROW weeknights on WNOE, New Orleans. We are now on that station Sundays only. Third, we were anxious to have the program broadcast every night on the two VERY IMPORTANT 50,000-watt stations, KWKH Shreveport, and KTHS Little Rock. Also I had never met personally the officials of 50,000-watt KTRH, Houston, which broadcasts The WORLD TOMORROW seven nights a week.

   We went first to Houston, inspected their very fine studios and facilities, had a delightful short visit with their officials; then on to New Orleans the same evening. Next morning we had breakfast with the general manager of Station WNOE. After telling him the story of The WORLD TOMORROW program, showing him our large prospectus of full-color original photographs of our Pasadena Headquarters and Ambassador College campus, the beautiful new Ambassador College campus in England, and our offices in Australia and Canada, he said he had no idea The WORLD TOMORROW had such tremendous listener-interest, high ratings, cultural back- ground and substantial organization behind it—and that he would try to clear time for daily broadcasting.

   At Shreveport, time was opened for The WORLD TOMORROW every night on KTHS, Little Rock (1090 on the dial), the only 50,000-watt station in Arkansas, at 9:15 p.m., following CBS world news; and the same time following CBS news Monday through Friday on KWKH, Shreveport (1130 on radio dial), and 10:30 Sunday nights and 11:30 Saturday nights—with a promise of an earlier time Saturday and Sunday nights as soon as the station can clear it. KWKH has been for many years one of the four or five most responsive radio stations in America. It is a station we have sought to be on for 15 years. At last this giant door has OPENED!

   At Dallas, we found the management at WFAA very friendly. But no half-hour program fits in with their new programming format.

   Next, we found that Station KRUL, Ft. Worth, has just gone to 50,000 watts! We are already on that station, every morning, 7:00 a.m.

   Then—like a MIRACLE!—totally unexpected, and certainly providential, the great 50,000-watt KRLD opened wide its doors to us! At 8:00 p.m., every night—seven nights a week—they will announce The WORLD TOMORROW is to be heard immediately after ten minutes of CBS world news—our program to go on at 8:10 p.m. until 8:40.

   Now notice how the loss of WFAA was turned into a GAIN! Station WFAA operates on channel 950 at 50,000-watts of power only part of the time—and we have been on this 50,000-watt channel on SUNDAYS ONLY. The rest of the time we have been on WFAA on their 570 frequency at only 5,000-watts of power, and at the very early time of 6:00 a.m. Monday through Saturday. Now, in place of that, the Lord Jesus Christ, who is living HEAD of this work, has opened up to us the full 50,000-watt power of KRLD at this very fine time in the evening, when it reaches out MUCH FARTHER. It gives us almost DOUBLE the audience, at approximately the same cost!

   Is it any wonder I am jubilant, joyful, grateful—and that my very first act on returning to my desk is to rush to my typewriter to share this GOOD NEWS with YOU?

   B U T ! ! ! That isn't all!

   I find on my return there is also another side of the picture! We are at that time of month when income to pay radio bills and the necessary expenses of this great work of God falls off—and it seems to be falling off MUCH MORE THAN USUAL RIGHT NOW!

   Co-Workers, God has taught me by hard experience that when He opens doors He expects us to walk on through them, in faith. Only a little more than a month ago, He opened up to us a number of very powerful and OUTSTANDING new stations—50.000-watt KCMO, Kansas City, 50,000-watt KRMG, Tulsa, WSPD Toledo, KQH Spokane, KPHO Phoenix—every one a leading station in its area—and then, after I wrote the last Co-Worker letter to you, station WOW in Omaha! In these very few weeks these new stations have resulted in a veritable AVALANCHE of HUNDREDS AND HUNDREDS—yes, THOUSANDS of letters from new listeners we never reached before! The response is phenomenal—more than we ever hoped for!

   These are LEADING stations—OUTSTANDING stations—the ones most people listen to. NEVER BEFORE, in the more than 27 years of this work broadcasting CHRIST'S OWN GOSPEL to a world that never heard HIS TRUE Gospel before, has He opened so many TOP-RATED most-listened-to stations in so short a time! This is providential!

   In a few short months these prominent stations in all parts of the United States will result in hundreds of new Co-Workers adding their tithes and offerings, along with yours, to keep this greatest work on earth going—and GROWING constantly in power and scope, world-wide!

   B U T ! ! Meanwhile it means that WE, ourselves, must make greater sacrifice than ever—or we shall not be able to STAY ON these new top-rated powerful stations that now carry CHRIST'S MESSAGE into a whole HALF-MILLION ADDITIONAL HOMES EVERY WEEK!

   Listen carefully, dear Co-Workers! Our Leader, Jesus Christ, is stepping up His work—causing it to grow EFFECTIVELY as never before—right at the very time of our most serious national economic recession since the great depression or 1929-1936. At least 10% of our Co-Workers are now unemployed. THE REST OF US MUST MAKE UP FOR THEIR SHARE, AND MORE TOO, FOR THIS WONDERFUL GROWTH!

   This is a solemn, serious hour! We face what may be our greatest TEST! God has PROMISED to prosper those who are honest in putting HIS first 10% of their incomes into His work, with generous offerings beside! I have a letter from one faithful tithe-payer. He lost his job. He called on God in prayer to KEEP HIS PROMISE of financial blessing and security! Then he went out after another job. He was turned down. He tried again—and again—and again. He wouldn't quit or give up! He did HIS PART. He kept BELIEVING GOD'S PROMISE! After his faith was tested, and he still persevered, he found a BETTER job than he had lost! Now he can still help keep God's work going! GOD WILL BLESS YOU, TOO!

   Never have I needed your prayers more! Never have YOU needed to pray more. Pray for me—for this work—for other Co- Workers that God will keep them in jobs, bless them so they can give more for HIM! Let all our loyal Co-Workers PRAY FOR ONE ANOTHER! We still need LOANS of largest possible sums, if it is money you cannot give outright for the work. This is a GRAVE SITUATION! Air mail gets your tithes and offerings to us quicker! I'm praying for YOU—and God IS blessing you—BE THANKFUL!

With love, in Jesus' name,
Herbert W. Armstrong

Publication Date: March 22, 1961
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