August 09, 1961  
August 09, 1961 - Brethren & Co-Workers Letter
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Herbert W Armstrong 



Proclaim to the World the GOOD NEWS OF THE WORLD TOMORROW

Box 111, Pasadena, Calif. 91109

Publishing: The PLAIN TRUTH a Magazine of UNDERSTANDING

August 9th, 1961

Dear Co-Workers with Christ:

   Tomorrow Mrs. Armstrong and I are to sail back to the United States, and I find the situation in our business office such that I must get off a letter to you before leaving England.

   In this great work of GOD—the most important activity on earth today—we simply must keep pace with the rapid acceleration of world events which are fast bringing us to the END of this world! Our great mission is far, far from finished! There is yet SO MUCH for us to do—and so little time to do it in.

   Our Head and Leader—the living Jesus Christ—has been increasing the power and scope of this work at the rate of 30% each year over the year before. This has continued, now, for 27 1/2 years. That is a phenomenal record. But this new Giant World Power rising up in Europe—now beginning with the Common Market—is beginning to make such gains that it is actually rivalling the increase in God's work. The Common Market countries increased, in trade volume, 28% in 1960 over 1959!

   This Common Market is making almost incredible economic gains. The prophesied "Beast" of Revelation 17 is rearing up its head out of the symbolic "bottomless pit" much more rapidly than most people realize. Mr. Khrushchev sees it coming. He realizes he must get the Western Powers out of Berlin quickly, before it develops much farther, or Russia's program for conquering and ruling the whole world will be wrecked. So we have the red-hot BERLIN CRISIS!

   Mr. Macmillan, the British Prime Minister, sees this Common Market steering rapidly toward a political-MILITARY United Europe. He sees Greece being taken into this rising European Power. He sees other European nations scrambling to get in. And he foresees, emerging from this, a Giant new WORLD POWER of United Nations of Europe with more population, greater resources, and soon greater military power than either Russia or the United States—with Britain isolated on these islands! He knows that would spell DOOM for Britain. Britain would be squeezed into ruin economically. Britain would be a "sitting duck" for military invasion and total defeat. THAT IS WHY HE AND PARLIAMENT HAVE JUST MADE THE MOMENTOUS DECISION TO TRY TO GET INTO THE COMMON MARKET. They believe they may exert enough influence on the inside to either defeat or slow down this development into a political-military power.

   Also it will become a RELIGIOUS POWER. And it will be Roman Catholic. Everyone will be forced to embrace Roman Catholicism—or be tortured and then martyred—put to torturous DEATH! Then will come the time prophesied in Amos of a FAMINE of hearing the Word of God. My mouth will be silenced! NO ONE will be allowed to proclaim God's BIBLE TRUTH anywhere in the western world—in the Communist countries—and that means anywhere on Earth!

   Co-Workers, we need to WAKE UP! WE ARE IN A DESPERATE RACE AGAINST TIME! The Scriptures warn us not to become weary with well doing!

   Our business offices—at World Headquarters in Pasadena, California—and also at Ambassador College, in Bricket Wood, near St. Albans, Herts., in England—and also in Sydney, Australia—are still in a very tight bind. We have not been able to work out of it through the difficult summer months.

   Here in Britain our various staff crews are working industriously to prepare for DOUBLE the number of students this coming October. At Pasadena, California, new dormitories are being prepared, and nearly 100 additional beds, study desks, wardrobe cabinets, and other necessities are being prepared for the largest incoming Freshman class in the history of Ambassador College.

   In Australia, and also at Pasadena and the office here in England, the requests for booklets, The Plain Truth, the Correspondence Course, and other literature are increasing and breaking all records.

   We are on a drastic retrenchment program—curtailing or postponing every bit of expansion expense we possibly can—yet the phenomenal growth of this work does bring constant financial problems.

   We cannot stop GOD'S WORK! We DARE NOT impede the progress of GETTING THE GOSPEL OUT TO THE WORLD, while there is yet time!

   Our Lord Jesus Christ has opened up providential, almost unbelievable additional super-powered radio stations to us through this present year—far more than ever before—and every one, especially in America is the leading station in its area. Just yesterday I sent a telegram to New York approving a possible opening of PRIME TIME SIX DAYS A WEEK to reach all South Africa. At present we have 10:30 P.M. Monday and Tuesday nights, and 10 P.M. Saturday nights. At very slight additional cost per program. We are tentatively offered SIX NIGHTS each week at 9 30 P.M. That earlier hour, and the six times a week, will far more than double the power of the Gospel to South Africa! This is not definitely offered, so I ask you to add your earnest prayers to mine that this offer will be made definite! It is mighty important. We already have the largest listening audience of any program in South Africa, according to British surveys.

   Our living Saviour and Guiding Director of this Work is constantly opening important and powerful doors. As we see WORLD DEVELOPMENTS coming to the climax where WE SHALL BE SILENCED, and no longer allowed to broadcast God's LAST WARNING GOSPEL MESSAGE to this dying world, we must RENEW OUR LOYALTIES—we must sacrifice other things—we must strive to INCREASE, if God has made it possible, the offerings for HIS WORK, in addition to our honest and faithful tithes. Remember the first tenth of income is HOLY UNTO HIM!

   I shall pray earnestly for you that God will provide for you, that you may be able, and that he will move on your heart—for Jesus Christ said that if your TREASURE is in HIS WORK, there will your heart be also! I need your constant prayers for me, and for all our staff, and for God's great work, world-wide! THANK YOU, and God IS blessing you!

With love, in Jesus' name,
Herbert W. Armstrong

Publication Date: August 09, 1961
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