October 23, 1961  
October 23, 1961 - Brethren & Co-Workers Letter
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Herbert W Armstrong 



Proclaim to the World the GOOD NEWS OF THE WORLD TOMORROW

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Publishing: The PLAIN TRUTH a Magazine of UNDERSTANDING

October 23, 1961

Dear Co-Worker with Christ:

   Suppose Khrushchev did order an all-out NUCLEAR surprise- attack on the United States in the next week or two. Suppose that instead of test-exploding the 50-megaton bomb, Khrushchev exploded it on the United States, just ten miles from where you live? THAT IS POSSIBLE! THAT COULD HAPPEN—TOMORROW!

   What would you do? What would happen to YOU?

   Now I'm certain, because I KNOW God's prophecies are absolutely SURE, that no such terrifying disaster is going to happen next week—or probably even next year. NEVERTHELESS IT IS POSSIBLE—the stage is all SET for it—Russia has the nuclear weapons and the means for delivering them—and Khrushchev has full authority to give the word—which would be obeyed!

   Even though it won't happen, it's high time we WAKE UP to the stark, frightful REALITY of things! And the ONLY REASON why God Almighty, with His supreme power over every person, nation, force and power, is now HOLDING THIS VERY THING BACK, is to allow time, and circumstances, for HIS TREMENDOUS MESSAGE as a last warning to be THUNDERED BY US as His instruments, around the world!

   But we must realize that such TOTAL CATASTROPHE is merely being held back—DELAYED for a while—until the living Jesus Christ gets this WARNING, and His GOOD NEWS of His Kingdom and the peaceful WORLD TOMORROW into every nation!

   Jesus Christ said plainly, more than 1900 years ago, THIS VERY DESTRUCTION IS GOING TO COME! It will be a time of world trouble far more terrible and destructive than anything that ever happened—whole cities being totally destroyed. He said it will be so destructive that, once started, it would erase all human, animal and plant LIFE from the earth—UNLESS God Almighty intervenes to CUT SHORT the all-out TOTAL nuclear war.

   Oh yes, it is coming! Jesus Christ said so! But it is NOT coming in the way, or from the source, that men now expect. Not from Russia. Khrushchev's tactics of terror and causing FEAR by his threats are, indeed causing FEAR. I quote from the October 16 U.S. News: "Germany, divided visibly, ...is developing new doubts ... about the U.S. Germans hold the key to West Europe." Khrushchev won't start actual total nuclear war now—but his threats are doing two things: 1) frightening Germany and France and all western Europe; and 2) causing western Europe nations to LOSE CONFIDENCE in ability or certainty of U.S. to protect them from Russia. This is HASTENING the development of the six-nation Common Market into a TEN-nation political-military-economic EMPIRE. Such a U.S. of Europe could soon be stronger than Russia. United, these European nations can protect themselves from Russia. They will make a DEAL with the U.S.S.R.—a non-aggression pact. Then the Germans, who will dominate, remembering it was U.S. power that TWICE defeated them in world war, will attack the United States, destroying OUR CITIES. SO SAYS PROPHECY!

   That attack WILL COME! Yet, it will NOT come UNTIL God has completed His WARNING to our peoples, and making known to ALL NATIONS the GOOD NEWS of His coming world-government to usher in world PEACE, PROSPERITY, SALVATION. And GOD IS CARRYING ON THAT WORK THROUGH US AS HIS INSTRUMENTS! The Eternal GOD has called YOU as a Co-Worker with Christ in this great work, the same as He has called me. We are Co-Workers together with the living CHRIST!

   WE NEED TO REALIZE THAT TIME IS SHORT! It is later than we think! Since my last letter to you, more than a MONTH of that time has gone! Since my last letter, WORLD EVENTS HURLING HUMANITY TO THE VERY BRINK OF THIS FINAL CLIMAX HAVE SPEEDED UP STILL MORE!

   Our leader Jesus Christ also has SPEEDED UP HIS WORK still more!

   Since my last letter, the WORLD TOMORROW broadcast has gone on the more powerful radio station in the western half of Canada—a giant 50,000-watt station. Also additional stations in New Zealand. Plans have been made to go back on television—this time, on a larger scale that will continually expand in power and number of stations. It is still one or two more years off—but now definite plans are being laid.

   Also plans are maturing for the purchase of TWO PAGES each month in the United States edition of Reader's Digest. You probably read it. This publication has the largest circulation of any publication on earth. Already we use these two-page spaces to publish Christ's Message in the British, Australian, and New Zealand editions.

   Yet our business office still is in an alarmingly tight financial squeeze. GOD'S WORK MUST CONTINUALLY GROW IN POWER AND SCOPE—otherwise it could not be God's Work. God starts things through human instruments the very smallest—then causes them to grow until they become the largest. This work started the smallest—one radio station of 100-watts—smallest power existing— and has grown to 15 million watts of radio power weekly.

   BUT WE HAVE NOT YET REACHED ALL NATIONS! We reach all inhabited continents on earth, world-wide! BUT THAT DOES NOT MEAN ALL NATIONS, and even those now reached MUST be reached more effectively!

   Dear Co-Worker, ours is the most serious task in this world today. God is holding back the winds of world-devastating WAR in order to get this job done which He is doing through US. He has opened before us the mighty DOOR of radio, television, and the printing press. WE HAVE TO PAY MONEY—BIG MONEY! To meet these increasing costs, as Christ keeps His Work in pace with accelerating WORLD EVENTS, is a mighty tough problem! We all need to tighten our belts, so to speak, and even sacrifice other things so we can contribute more as our part to which Christ has called us as His Co-Workers.

   Now these terrifying nuclear bombs ARE GOING TO DROP ON OUR CITIES—although not next week—although NOT until God's Work is finished through us—but THEN they will FALL!


   Listen, dear Co-Workers! THIS IS REAL, and we must FACE IT! I, also, as a Co-Worker with Christ, and with YOU! And I HAVE FACED IT!

   Let me tell you what I will do! Jesus Christ has PROMISED, (Revelation 3:10—which refers directly to us in this work) that BECAUSE we have obeyed HIS WORD—have walked on through the DOOR He opened—the DOOR through which God has made it possible to PROCLAIM HIS GOSPEL to all the world—that He also will keep us from the coming hour of TRIAL or the Great Tribulation. This is the same time spoken of by Jesus in Matthew 24:21-22; by Daniel in chapter 12:1-2; and by Jeremiah in chapter 30 verse 7. It is the time spoken of by Ezekiel 5:12 and 6:6—when in all our dwelling places, THE CITIES SHALL BE LAID WASTE!

   Dear Co-Worker, let me tell you, I have faced this—I know it is REAL—and it is sure to come! But, if we whom Christ is using as HIS Co-Workers are faithful—if we deny NOT His precious Word by clinging to the pagan traditions of MEN which form the WAY of this world—if we walk through the gigantic door of mass- evangelism He has opened for us to reach the whole world—if we put HIS KINGDOM and this glorious Message of it FIRST in our lives— sacrifice for it—and remain FAITHFUL to the end, Jesus Christ has PROMISED to protect us from this terrifying destruction to come.

   Read Luke 21:36—if we WATCH, to see events prophesied coming to pass—if we PRAY always and earnestly—we shall be accounted worthy to ESCAPE these terrifying events—yes, ALL these catastrophic destructions.

   HOW? I do not know, definitely, how. But in ReveLation 12:14 we are to be taken on the symbolic "wings of a great eagle" to a place of safety—described as into the wilderness—or desert. Does that mean we are to be taken by giant airplanes? Possibly— yet Scripture says God delivered the children of Israel out of Egypt "on eagles' wings."

   I do not NEED to know more, now, about HOW, or WHERE. I think it quite possible that I do know already—in general, the time, and the place.

   Perhaps God has already revealed it to me—but I do not want to say, unless or until SURE—and unless l know God wishes it revealed to others.

   It is enough to know GOD HAS PROMISED, if we comply with His conditions. It is enough to know WE CAN RELY ON GOD! It is SURE! And, if YOU are faithful, YOU may be SURE—and rely on it without FEAR!


   God's Work, because it is constantly GROWING, seems to be in constant financial NEED. God supplies that through YOU! Be honest with the TITHE—the first tenth of your actual personal income—which is not yours, but GOD'S, for His work. And then He asks of us generous special offerings, besides—according as HE has made possible. God has blest us, in America, above all people on earth financially. LET US BE LIBERAL AND GENEROUS WITH HIM FOR HIS WORK—and He promises to PROSPER us still more! The work still is in need of loans of larger sums, from Co-Workers unable to give such sums outright at this time.

   Dear Co-Worker—PRAY for this work as never before! It is the most serious and important activity on earth! PRAY FOR ME, —please! I have many problems to meet and solve—many important and far-reaching decisions to make. I need wisdom from God. I ask you to join me in praying God will grant it. Pray for all other Co-Workers, that THEY will take this burden to heart more, and WAKE UP to the urgency! Keep praying, and watching as events unfold leading to Christ's second coming, and the END of this world, and the beginning of the WORLD TOMORROW! —and then rest in calm ASSURANCE you shall be protected!

   Remember, AIRMAIL speeds your tithes and offerings faster.

With love, in Jesus' name,
Herbert W. Armstrong

Publication Date: October 23, 1961
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