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Brethren & Co-Worker Letters
November 06, 1961  
November 06, 1961 - Brethren & Co-Workers Letter
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November 6, 1961

Dear Brethren:

   We need to have certain facts relative to the membership God has put into His Church, to help us in planning the various avenues of the Gospel campaign for the future.

   In order that we may find what percent are wives whose husbands are outside the Church; what percent of those are antagonistic and what percent are friendly and possibly showing tendencies toward yielding to God—what percent are husbands with non-member wives, etc.;—how many are widows; how many are husband and wife, BOTH in the Church;—how many are unemployed—how many are farmers, factory workers, office workers, independent business men, professional men, managers of companies or departments, salesmen, etc.—we are asking every member to fill out and return the Questionnaire enclosed.

   We want to know how God's people compare, in earning ability, with the national average of all people according to U.S. Census figures.

   Soon we expect to step up the magazine advertising campaign. We now purchase two pages every issue in Reader's Digest, Australian and New Zealand editions; every other month in the British edition. Soon we plan to begin putting the same Gospel messages in double-page ads purchased in the United States edition. But also we expect soon to start putting the Gospel message IN PRINT in other mass-circulation magazines. If God is calling farmers more than people living in cities, then we will go strong in farm papers. If God is calling certain classes in the cities more than others, then we need to use the magazines reaching these classes more than magazines reaching classes God is not calling. If God calls more women than men, then we must give consideration to the big Women's magazines like Ladies' Home Journal, McCalls, etc.

   These facts we now seek from God's present Church membership will indicate which type of media will reach the type of people God is calling.

   This questionnaire is one way you can HELP God's Work. I am sure no member will refuse or neglect to give this help— therefore, we shall expect a reply from every member.

   Fill in NOW, while it is on your mind, and return in the enclosed self-addressed reply envelope.

With love, in Jesus' name,
Herbert W. Armstrong




1. How many members of your family are baptized members? _________

Are,husband and wife, both, in the Church? _________________

Give ages of children: Boys ____________; Girls ____________

2. Do you attend a local Church regularly?____; Occasionally?_____

How far do you live from nearest Church? ___________________

3. Are you single? Man ________. Woman ________. Widower ________.

Widow ________. Husband of non-member wife? ________; if so,

is she hostile? ________; Interested? ________. Wife of non-

member husband? ________; if so, is he hostile? ___________;

Interested? _________.

4. Do you live in a city of over 100,000?___; suburbs of city?____

smaller city? _______; small town? _______; rural? ________

5. Are you unemployed?_________. How long have you been?_________.

Is it because of disability?___________; or unable to obtain


6. Are you on salary or wages?__________; Commissions?___________.

Self employed?___________.

7. Do you own a business?____________. What kind?________________.

Are you a professional man or woman?______. What profession?

___________________. Executive or department manager?_______

Salesman?______. Office work?______. Factory worker?________

Other form of labor________________. Is your net taxable in-

come (on which you pay Federal Income Tax) above $5,600

per year (average U.S. family income for 1960)?_____________

Below $2,000 per year (minimum wage-law average)?___________

On Social Security or Public Welfare?_______________________

8. What general magazines do you read: Reader's Digest?___________

LIFE_________ Look_________ Saturday Evening Post___________

Pageant____________ TIME____________Newsweek________________

U.S. News & World Report___________Others___________________


Ladies' magazines: Ladies' Home Journal______ McCalls'______

Farm Papers: (Please list which ones you read) _____________


List any other publications you would recommend for purchase

of advertising pages to publish Gospel Message _____________




Publication Date: November 06, 1961
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