November 16, 1961  
November 16, 1961 - Brethren & Co-Workers Letter
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Herbert W Armstrong 



Proclaim to the World the GOOD NEWS OF THE WORLD TOMORROW

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November 16, 1961

Dear Co-Workers with Christ:

   Since my last letter, world events have been happening fast! Also events in the progress of this Work of God have been happening fast!

   As I said then, God Almighty, who rules the UNIVERSE, right now is holding back the furious winds of world-devastating nuclear WAR, —just long enough to get done this very world- encompassing job He is doing through YOU and me.

   But events, fulfilling PROPHECY, are crashing ahead fast!

   Since my last letter, the Berlin crisis has passed a climax. The crisis is not over—won't be for some time. But Khrushchev has backed away from actual nuclear war, again postponed his threatened separate peace treaty with East Germany.

   Right now, it may appear on the surface that tension has relaxed. The Kremlin method, in this cold war of nerves, is to blow first hot, then cold, then hot again. These repeated apparent lulls in his war of nerves are always temporary. New tensions will soon mount.

   Actually, the very last thing Khrushchev wants is the explosion of real nuclear war with the United States. There are reasons—and it is the very nature of the Russian BEAR. I have said repeatedly that the Russians in nature are like their ancient predecessors, the Medes and Persians—represented in the prophecy of Daniel 7 as a "Bear". They lumber ponderously along, the "Bear's" massive feet kicking on doors. If the door caves in or swings ajar, the Bear lumbers on in—and never leaves unless driven by a stronger power. But, if the door holds firm, the Bear waddles away. And if a fierce, snarling lion attacks with a roar, the Bear retreats on the dead run!

   Up until now, the record of the cold war has been one of retreat after retreat by the United States. The Bear has kept on coming!

   But, since my last letter, U.S forces held firm, with a show of force, at the entrance gate in the wall between East and West Berlin. October 23rd a U.S. armored patrol convoyed a U.S. civilian official across the gate, and into East Berlin, demonstrating that the U.S. was holding firm on its right of access. Then the Russians moved military tanks up to the gate to prevent further entrance into East Berlin. It was their last big bluff. For the first time, the United States began acting tough. American war tanks immediately rolled up to the gate, their guns aimed point-blank at the Russian tanks. Then another U.S. Convoy with a State Department official started through the gate.

   The Russian tanks, with U.S. tanks aiming their guns right at them, made no effort to stop the convoy. After this, the Russian tanks lumbered on away.

   Khrushchev pays no attention to President Kennedy's words. He respects only actions. This time there was action—a show of FORCE! This time the Soviet Union did the retreating. And now, the Russian leader says he has postponed making his threatened treaty.

   Krushchev did go ahead with his 30-plus megaton nuclear test-explosion. Its only purpose was to FRIGHTEN the world. It backfired! Immediately, while showing FORCE at Berlin U.S. officials at Washington officially told the world that, even if Russia struck first with a surprise nuclear attack, the U. S. could withstand and survive anything they could deliver—but, before a second night's attack Russia would be blasted out of existence!

   This is a kind of talk never before hurled out between nations in the history of the world!

   This ought to make us realize the kind of world, and the TIME in which we live!

   Then for the first time American officials disclosed actual facts and figures, showing the U.S. far ahead of Russia in war power—many times the number and total megatonage of nuclear bombs—a three to one superiority in missiles—3,640 jet bombers poised for instantaneous delivery of thousands of megatons of nuclear destruction to completely obliterate Russia, compared to a maximum of 350 possessed by the Soviet.

   Of course Khrushchev knew all these facts, anyway—but the world didn't.

   Another thing, Khrushchev right now is a VERY FRIGHTENED MAN HIMSELF! He is not so much frightened by U.S. military superiority. He knows as well as we that the U.S. will never strike first.

   But he is really AFRAID of two things: One, Red China is now pulling away, refusing to knuckle under to him; little Albania recently publicly and officially called him a liar and blackmailer; he is afraid other Russian leaders and former leaders may be secretly plotting to overthrow him—that's why he has down-graded Stalin, and expelled Molotov. His own empire is SHAKY WITHIN. The Iron Curtain, and the Berlin wall, are not there to keep outsiders out—the purpose is to keep the imprisoned Russian people and satellite populations from escaping to freedom!

   But the one thing Khrushchev is MOST frightened about, is the union he sees coming in Western Europe—right on his border. While America and Britain are blinded to the danger, and are encouraging it, Khrushchev SEES PLAINLY that the Common Market is gradually forming A THIRD WORLD-POWER-BLOC—the coming U.S. of EUROPE—the resurrected ROMAN EMPIRE—right on his very border!

   This is the prophesied "BEAST" of Revelation! The U.S. News & World Report pictures this as a reality by 1970, with 320 million population, compared to present U.S. population of 180 million, and Russia of 209 million. Also they predict a sky- rocketing production and power of resources. This, too, is all foretold in PROPHECY!

   Right now the trend in this Common Market is toward "a Europe of United but Sovereign Nations." On this basis, with each nation retaining its own sovereignty, Britain is seeking admission. But, later, it will develop into an actual revival of the "Holy Roman Empire"—with one central ruler, and ten others placing all their military power in his hands. And prophecy says this giant new Power will destroy American cities and conquer this great nation!

   Co-Workers, these are solemn times! Jesus Christ, the HEAD of this great work in which we are engaged, has determined that OUR WORK MUST BE FINISHED BEFORE THAT HAPPENS!

   Are we awake? Do we realize that God has placed in our hands the most marvelous and powerful instruments ever devised for GETTING HIS LAST MESSAGE TO THE MULTIPLE MILLIONS OF PEOPLE ALL OVER THE EARTH?

   Think! How many could Jesus Christ, Himself, talk to when here in human flesh? He fed 5,000 by a miracle—but how many of that 5,000 could have actually heard just one human voice out- doors, without microphones or loud speakers? How many could the Apostle Paul reach?

   There are multiple times more people living today—and the living Christ has seen to it that HIS MESSAGE, now, just as He said in Matthew 24:14, IS going to the millions in ALL THE WORLD! Already it is going in mighty POWER over every continent on earth —but not yet into all nations. But every year it increases in power by 30%—has, for 28 years! It doubles in power every two years seven and a half months!

   MORE! The living CHRIST, through us, is today reaching the vast MULTITUDES who could not be reached by any other way! Do you realize what would happen if a pastor of an established church would proclaim THIS VERY MESSAGE OF CHRIST'S? His congregation would refuse to listen, and fire him!

   I learned, 28 years ago, that NO MAN would DARE proclaim the true, pure, unvarnished Gospel of Christ—CHRIST'S OWN GOSPEL —as long as he is supported and paid by MEN, or denominations or organizations of MEN. Do you realize that, today, by actual survey, only one in a hundred of the future ministers preparing in the theological seminaries even believes Christ is going to return to earth? THEY DON'T BELIEVE THE BIBLE! The clergy of our day is fast turning farther and farther from belief in God, in the Bible, and in the TRUTH!

   Do you realize the PRICE Mrs. Armstrong and I had to pay, to be FREE—unshackled—so I can proclaim CHRIST'S Message straight from the shoulder? We were without money, car, home. But Jesus Christ BUILT HIS WORK for these last days gradually—always growing, always multiplying in power—until today it is THUNDERING His true Message around the world! NO ONE ELSE proclaims this whole TRUE Gospel!

   Oh yes, of course, now and then, one of the controlled clergy of this world raises a small voice in persecution and opposition attempting to discredit the very WORK OF GOD. Yet the dynamic, all-powerful living CHRIST carries His great work right along in ever-increasing multiplying POWER! He says no MAN can stop it! They have tried! None ever could! None will!

   But, people will listen to this Message OVER RADIO! They will read it in Reader's Digest, other magazines, in The Plain Truth, and our other literature—in the privacy of their own homes —yes, millions who would never listen to the TRUTH in their own churches! Strange, but TRUE!

   And right now, HERE WE ARE, again, into the CHRISTMAS SHOPPING SEASON. Every year at this time many Co-Workers FORGET their gifts for CHRIST and His work, and spend all they have TRADING gifts back and forth with friends and relatives! Have YOU read the plain TRUTH about Christmas? Get our free booklet by that title! It is documented—factual—you can check up and verify every astonishing FACT at any public library! Read in this booklet how this day is not Christ's birthday—how the wise men did NOT trade presents among themselves—they gave their gifts to CHRIST!

   Right now, when we face the most trying time of the year, I have to call on YOU—and ALL our Co-Workers to SEND YOUR LIBERAL GIFTS FOR THE WORK OF CHRIST—and try to make it doubly or triply GENEROUS, according, of course, as God has prospered and made you able.

   The work is not yet out of this tight financial bind. The NEED, right now, is GREAT, and URGENT! Even though a good portion of those who have LOANED money to the work have not had to call for repayment, and many have been able to later donate it, still several others have needed what they had loaned, and this year we have had to repay many thousands of dollars on such loans. So that this does not have to stop or cut down the GOSPEL WORK, I have to still ask all who have larger sums you feel you cannot GIVE outright, at this time, to send in such sums as a loan. If you can GIVE a larger sum of one or several thousand dollars, it was never more seriously needed.

   Even the widows' mites, from the many who do not have such larger sums, count up BIG. Every one is NEEDED!

   More new radio stations have been added since my last letter. This letter is too long now, so will tell you in my next letter—but God's work IS MOVING—FASTER ALL THE TIME! We must KEEP it moving!

   THANK you! —and REMEMBER TO PRAY EARNESTLY, DAILY, for this work, and for me personally, will you? I pray for YOU—and God is blessing you!

With love, in Jesus' name,
Herbert W. Armstrong

Publication Date: November 16, 1961
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