July 17, 1962  
July 17, 1962 - Brethren & Co-Workers Letter
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Herbert W Armstrong 



Proclaim to the World the GOOD NEWS OF THE WORLD TOMORROW

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17th July 1962

Dear Co-Workers with Christ:

   You will receive, either enclosed, or a day or two later, a special semi-annual letter that I am sending to our entire subscription list for The Plain Truth. I want you to have this special letter also, as one of our Co-Workers who has contributed to the support of this wonderful Work of God. In it we are offering, FREE—absolutely without charge—a copy of Volume II of The Bible Story book—now ready.

   More than 90% of those who will receive this special letter have never sent any contributions or money in any form either for the support of this work, or for any of the free literature we are sending them—and not one of them has ever received any solicitation or request for contributions in any way, from us—nor will they, unless they voluntarily begin to become a regular contributor without request from us.

   However, as I think you know, I do try, as frequently as possible to take you who are Co-Workers with me and with Christ, into my confidence and keep you informed of the growth and present planning for the future of God's Work.

   So HERE IS THE LATEST NEWS in the fast-moving progress of this great world-wide activity, and the latest in PLANS FOR THE FUTURE!

   I have just returned from Paris. There a suite of offices was selected, in company with the director of the FRENCH-speaking broadcast of The World Tomorrow programme, Mr. Dibar Apartian. Mr. Apartian broadcasts twice each week to the French-speaking people over Radio Luxembourg, and also twice over Radio Europe Number One. Thousands are writing in for our literature in the French language. Our French department offices here at the college at Bricket Wood, have been outgrown and we are now forced to establish offices in Paris.

   At the same time, the same growth has taken place in the German language broadcast, also twice a week in German, over Radio Luxembourg. We have just recently leased a suite of five offices in Dusseldorf. From Ambassador College in America, we have sent over here one of our older-age students, a native of Germany, all of whose early schooling was there, but now a naturalized Canadian citizen, who, with his family, is now moving to Dusseldorf to manage the new office there.

   Up to now, both German-speaking and French-speaking people have had to write to our British address for all literature. German and French people are a little reluctant to write to England for things. With our German mailing address for Germans, and the Paris office for French people to write to, we feel that probably two to four times as many people will respond, and write in for literature—which now will be mailed to them immediately from the Dusseldorf and Paris offices. THIS WILL MEAN A GREAT STEP FORWARD in reaching those peoples with Christ's Gospel! I know you will rejoice with me!

   But this opens up another BIG STEP forward in reaching the French and German people with the Gospel. Some two weeks ago I spent a morning in the offices of our London Advertising Agency, and big plans were made for putting the Gospel into PRINT, in the one media that reaches MORE PEOPLE than any other magazine or publication on earth—Reader's Digest.

   I suppose you have seen some of our full TWO PAGE Messages we have been publishing in the British edition of Reader's Digest. One out of five of all adult people in United Kingdom reads this magazine. Many THOUSANDS of English people have first heard of God's TRUTH through these pages we have purchased in this mass- circulated magazine. But now we are planning to purchase two full pages, either every month, or every other month, in the German edition, with the same messages in the German language—and also two pages in the French language in the French and Belgian editions. Two pages, paid for at the regular advertising rate, in these mass-circulation magazines is very expensive. Yet, the cost per person who will read these powerful, gripping, challenging Gospel messages, is VERY SMALL, less than any other way we could reach them.

   Soon we expect to put these same messages in two pages in editions reaching, in their own languages, Holland, India, South Africa, Switzerland, and in Arabic language all the Arabic nations —Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Israel, Saudi-Arabia, Sudan.

   In the republic of South Africa, until recently a Commonwealth nation, we have for some years now had the largest listening audience of any wireless programme, according to British surveys. We have been broadcasting over that country via the super-power Radio Lourenco Marques three nights every week. NOW THEY HAVE OPENED UP THREE MORE NIGHTS PER WEEK, so we shall now be beaming SIX full half-hour broadcasts every week over that nation!

   IN EVERY WAY, our Head and Leader, the living Jesus Christ, is increasing the POWER of this great work! Christ's own original Gospel is hitting with terrific impact every continent on earth today. This tremendous activity is empowered by the HOLY SPIRIT OF GOD. It is GROWING in power and scope constantly, as no other activity on earth! We, together, form the BODY of Christ through whom CHRIST works!

   In that Body we do not all have the same office or part. Mrs.Armstrong and I are grateful, and rejoice that we are able to put approximately 30% of our personal income (all derived from the U.S.—none from United Kingdom) into God's Work, beside our whole LIVES, and our entire time, virtually night and day! WHAT A BLESSING! Yes, HOW blest we are! God has also made it possible for YOU to help greatly in this work with your prayers! Will you pray constantly and earnestly for the work? Also God has blest YOU by making it possible for you to contribute YOUR financial part, according as He has prospered you. Remember, Jesus Christ said that the poor widow who gave to the Lord's treasury her two mites actually gave more than the rich men—for she gave more in proportion to what she had. Yes, even the smallest "mites" help greatly in God's work—although God's work sorely needs the larger amounts, too—from those whom God has made able.

   God does expect His children to GIVE, cheerfully, and generously, according as they are able. That is YOUR glorious part in the greatest and most important work on earth! Jesus Christ Himself came to earth and started this Work of God. Today, it is a revived work, starting anew and afresh, gaining momentum and power as no other activity on earth today! Christ is carrying it on THROUGH YOU AND ME!

   Remember, we never ask for money over the air. We never charge for anything we have—the magazine, booklets, Correspondence Course, or, now this whole BOOK, the second volume of The Bible Story. I want you to be sure to write in for your copy.

   Till next time, God will bless you,

With love, in Jesus' name,
Herbert W. Armstrong

Publication Date: July 17, 1962
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