June 30, 1963  
June 30, 1963 - Brethren & Co-Workers Letter
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Herbert W Armstrong 



Proclaim to the World the GOOD NEWS OF THE WORLD TOMORROW

Box 111, Pasadena, Calif. 91109

Publishing: The PLAIN TRUTH a Magazine of UNDERSTANDING

Written from Ambassador College, St. Albans, near London, England

June 30, 1963

Dear Co-Workers with Christ:

   Last week I sent over for typing and mailing from the headquarters in Pasadena my "Semi-Annual Letter" for the entire 400,000 subscribers to The PLAIN TRUTH. Either you will already have received a copy of this letter, or it will be enclosed with this one.

   I hope of course that you will at once order your free copy of Garner Ted Armstrong's new booklet on child rearing.

   The very fact that this semi-annual letter went out about six weeks later than last summer—and that this Co-Worker letter has been delayed—has very seriously affected the income of tithes and offerings for God's Work. As you know, we never make any request for contributions except to this comparatively small portion of you who are, of your own volition, active Co-Workers with us. However, we do find that these semi-annual letters from me, always trying to offer, FREE, some special book or booklet of value, do a lot of good.

   These special personally-written letters tend to EXPLAIN to our radio listeners, and PLAIN TRUTH readers, many things about this Work of God they have wanted to know. They tend to cause casual listeners and new PLAIN TRUTH readers to feel a little closer to GOD'S TRUTH, and in a more personal way. But I'm sure you understand that I NEVER make any request for financial support in those letters.

   You understand our policy, I'm sure. It is GOD'S policy. We follow the BIBLE way. Jesus Christ never solicited the public of the world for contributions—nor did the apostles—nor did Israel of old ask any people outside their own Congregation (church) of Israel for financial help. The Gospel must go FREE to the world.

   HOWEVER, it does take money to conduct God's Work. God has reserved for Himself—for His Work—the first tenth of the income of all who are HIS PEOPLE, and liberal offerings, beside— according as one is able. In ancient Israel, all people were required to tithe. The first 10% of all incomes went to God's priests. When there was need to build a tabernacle, Moses sent out a special appeal for SPECIAL offerings for this construction fund. In those days the people responded so generously that TOO MUCH came in. Moses had to send out a proclamation asking the people to quit sending in so much! HOW DIFFERENT THAT WAS FROM US TODAY!

   The Apostle Paul not only taught TITHING to God's own people (as, for example, I Cor. 9 and Heb. 7), but he, too, asked for SPECIAL OFFERINGS. But this request went only to GOD'S OWN PEOPLE—in the Churches—NOT to the people of the world.

   THAT IS THE POLICY GOD STILL FOLLOWS TODAY, in this, HIS Work, using us as His instruments. YOU are one who started contributing to God's precious Work voluntarily—without any request from us. Jesus says that where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. Your treasure has been put into this WORK OF GOD. That is why we consider you as one of GOD'S OWN PEOPLE. Therefore, when there is need, I do ask you to help.

   Right now there is VERY SPECIAL AND URGENT NEED! This need, of course, is continuous. But when one of these letters is a little overdue, then thousands of Co-Workers seem to assume there is no need, and wait until my letter comes before sending in their offerings. PLEASE DON'T WAIT for these letters—because the NEED for the Work is CONTINUOUS!

   I am rejoicing in being able to report that our "austere year" we embarked on some three or four months ago is already showing good results. We are getting into a much better cash position at the bank. This Work has grown to such immense WORLD- WIDE scope and power that it requires a certain cash balance, in order to conduct GOD'S business in a businesslike manner. That is what we are now striving to do. God's Work must not be brought into reproach at the bank, or before businessmen.

   But this progress will not continue unless all of us CONTINUE to GIVE generously and regularly and constantly for the Work. That's why I must RUSH this emergency letter to you.

   We are now in the difficult summer months. We need more and more of the LOANS of larger funds, in cases where you are not free or able, now, to give outright such sums, but could let this money be working in GOD'S WORK until you need it. And then perhaps you might later be able to make part or all of it a contribution, if you find later you do not need to have it repaid. If you DO find it necessary to have part or all of it back, later, we will always stand prepared to return it.

   Our BUILDING NEEDS are becoming absolutely DESPERATE! This fast-growing work of such world-wide magnitude—where, today, the sun never sets on our offices around the world which receive mail from radio broadcasts and mail out requested literature— requires a constantly expanding staff of trained workers, secretaries, office managers, and ministers. These must be trained at Ambassador Colleges in America and Britain.

   The colleges must GROW, or the WORK cannot grow! They are training the people who conduct the Work. The colleges cannot grow unless we have buildings and equipment in which to train them and house them.

   Because of this situation—because of lack of adequate facilities I have been forced, FOR THE FIRST TIME, to give order that FEWER students must be accepted at Pasadena this fall than last year. The college simply CANNOT grow any further now, UNTIL we can begin to got our new buildings project under way. The architects flew over here to England a week ago to present to me the new Master Plan for the expanded campus at Pasadena. This plan includes the new dining hall, a large new wing of classrooms added on to Ambassador Hall, a new three-story Administration Building, an enlargement of the Press Building to three times its present seriously-outgrown size, a new auditorium (we have NONE large enough to be used now for college assemblies), and a new gymnasium (we have never had one yet, but it is badly needed), as well as one new men's dormitory.

   We seriously need EVERY ONE of these buildings, NOW—yet the best we can hope for is to start just ONE of them within six months or so, and then string out the remainder of the project over a five to seven year span. This also necessitates the purchase of a certain amount of additional property—although we now have perhaps close to 75% of the ground space we shall require.

   These architects presented to me the preliminary plans for this entire new college campus, in addition to a SERIOUSLY needed building for the college here to serve as a combination gymnasium, assembly hall, and recreation center.

   These buildings are not luxuries or wants—they are absolute NEEDS, without which the colleges simply cannot grow any larger.

   Co-Workers, WE MUST ENLARGE THE MONTHLY SPECIAL ADDITIONAL CONTRIBUTIONS FOR THIS SPECIAL PROPERTY-BUILDING FUND. I feel that many of you, who did not send in any statement of intention when I requested it several months ago, could do so now. I am not asking for binding pledges—just a statement of the amount, SPECIAL, and over and above your regular tithes and offerings, you will try to send in each month for the next year for this building fund. If, for any reason, your circumstances change so you cannot keep it up, you will not be bound at all—it is according to ABILITY—but I do need to know approximately what we may budget for this purpose, to make future planning possible.

   The past two months the receipts for this special PROPERTY-BUILDING FUND have slacked off. Co-Workers, PLEASE try to keep them up, and INCREASE them—and I need now to appeal to more of you to join us in these SPECIAL offerings for this SPECIAL fund. WE MUST NOT LET THE COLLEGE STAND STILL.

   Already some 600 have applied for entrance at Pasadena alone, for this fall—and we can accept only 70! It's going to be mighty hard to turn down about 530—and I know that probably 200 more will yet apply.

   Right now the summer baptizing teams are out. RIGHT NOW more people are being converted and baptized through this Work than ever before. GOD IS GIVING US A CONTINUALLY GREATER AND GREATER HARVEST! Now WE must do OUR PART. Please HURRY! Please PRAY EARNESTLY about it! And THANK YOU most sincerely.

With love, in Jesus' name,
Herbert W. Armstrong

Publication Date: June 30, 1963
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