July 31, 1963  
July 31, 1963 - Brethren & Co-Workers Letter
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Herbert W Armstrong 



Proclaim to the World the GOOD NEWS OF THE WORLD TOMORROW

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Publishing: The PLAIN TRUTH a Magazine of UNDERSTANDING


July 31, 1963

Dear Co-Workers with Christ:

   GREETINGS to our faithful family of Co-Workers on our 46th wedding anniversary!

   I have BIG NEWS—and GOOD NEWS for you! But the world news is not good. Yet one of Christ's commissions to us is to watch world events as they fulfill God's prophecies—working out HIS PURPOSE here below!

   First, here's the WORLD NEWS, in brief summary—and what it means, and where it's leading: Newspapers and telecasts have been shouting that there's good news—a nuclear-test ban between Russia and the U.S.A. But IT IS NOT GOOD NEWS! Once again, the United States and Britain lost the conference. IT DOES NOT MEAN DISARMAMENT! Nuclear war IS STILL COMING! Nuclear tests will continue—UNDERGROUND! This test ban FAVORS RUSSIA, not the U.S.! The U.S. is behind Russia in the BIG nuclear weapons, and in antimissile missile development. This ban will HINDER that development. Russia, behind in smaller nuclear weapons, can test them underground—and catch up!

   France will go on testing in the air, and so will Red China. The new agreement can be ended by Russia on three months' notice. She doesn't need that—Russia breaks every treaty she makes, anyway. There was a test ban in 1958. RUSSIA BROKE IT! A treaty agreement with Russia isn't worth a puff of air! Let's be realistic. There's NO GOOD NEWS—in the world! Such test bans serve only political purposes!

   The ONLY protection the United States, or Britain, or Australia, or any country, has against nuclear DEVASTATION from Russia is BIBLICAL PROPHECY.

   Many people are asking me—"Do you think the new pope— Paul VI—is the one foretold in Revelation 17—the one to head the resurrected "Holy Roman Empire?" Answer—I don't know—yet, and probably nobody knows—as yet. We have our own representatives on the spot WITHIN the area of the Common Market, which will flower out into this coming United States of Europe. We are well informed on progress. At the rate of present developments, indications are that the full political-military-economic union of the prophesied ten nations (or groupings of nations) will not become a reality for at least five to eight years.

   It may perhaps be significant that the real name of the present pope is, in English, John-Baptist Montini. Could this indicate that he is PREPARING THE WAY BEFORE the prophesied one? He is committed to the program of John XXIII, to try to UNIFY the "Christian" churches, and bring back into the fold the "wayward daughters,"—the Protestants. He will make progress in that direction—perhaps astonishing progress!

   But there is nothing definite to show us that Paul VI is the man prophesied. When John XXIII was elected, John-Baptist Montini was not yet even a Cardinal. Pius XII refused to give him the red hat. One of the very first acts of John XXIII was to elevate Montini to the college of Cardinals. It is wholly possible that the prophesied pope is not as yet even occupying Cardinal rank. He could ascend the papal throne in, say, eight or nine years from now. Or, the present pope could, at that time, become suddenly "inspired"—changed—suddenly exhibiting startling new powers electrifying the world.

   Jesus Christ warned us, "WATCH" and pray always that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass." We are watching. We will report to you. We will shout the warning, when the time comes!

   In the WORLD NEWS, there are constantly increasing racial clashes, mounting into more and more widespread VIOLENCE all around the world. Newspapers, magazines, and telecasts are trying to understand it—to find the solution to this RACIAL CRISIS. But they do not understand it—they cannot solve it—because they don't know the ORIGIN of races, the CAUSE of the trouble, or THE WAY to peace.

   GOD'S WORD is the FOUNDATION of knowledge. Because we understand that, we do understand the origin, the cause, and the only solution of this entire racial REVOLUTION, actually plunging the world toward the greatest mass violence of all history— BRINGING THE END OF THE WORLD!

   I have just finished a long article, a sequel to the one by Mr. Meredith in the August issue, which will appear in the October number of The PLAIN TRUTH, giving you the FULL ANSWER to this whole question. You will be surprised to find that RACIAL STRIFE and racial intermarriage leading to TOTAL VIOLENCE, was the real cause that brought on THE END OF THAT WORLD—and absolute PROOF that, at the time God commanded Noah to build the Ark, and start warning the world, there was only ONE MAN on all the earth who had not polluted the racial strain. You'll learn HOW the various races came into existence—WHY—and WHEN. You'll read GOD'S SOLUTION to this rapidly mounting race crisis. You'll read THE PLAIN TRUTH which none of the newspapers, magazines, or telecasters of this world can explain, with all their countless articles and news stories on the subject—BECAUSE THEY DO NOT KNOW THE ANSWERS!

   This will be a striking, startling, DARING article!

   But we do DARE to proclaim the plain TRUTH! We are not muzzled! Hundreds of you have been asking about this race question. Well, we are now giving you THE ANSWERS as no one else has given them since the founding of this world!

   Now just a brief bit of personal news. I have just returned from two days at Geneva, Switzerland, laying plans for the opening of our new offices there, leaving purchase orders for office furniture and equipment. God has opened to us a suite of five bright, airy, sun-lit offices in a new, modern aluminum-and- glass office building—one of the largest in Switzerland—just being constructed. The building is not yet finished, but they expect to have our offices ready for occupancy by November 1st.

   When I arrived, last evening, at London Airport, Mrs. Armstrong was there to meet me—rather sad and lonely, because it was the fifth anniversary of the death of our son Richard David (Dick). A mother just cannot avoid remembering and thinking about such a loss. It has taken much of the previous annual joy out of our wedding anniversaries—today is our 46th.

   You probably know that our magnificent main building at the college here in_England is named Richard David Armstrong MEMORIAL HALL, to honor and perpetuate the memory of our son, who had become one of God's most fruitful, effective, helpful and high ranking ministers. But we are thankful beyond words that God gave us a second son, Garner Ted, and for the POWER of his ministry, and the spirit of love, dedication, wisdom, understanding, humility and zeal God has endowed him with. We know God is using him to bless MILLIONS in all parts of the world. WHAT A PRIVILEGE to have the part God allows us, IN HIS WORK! WHAT A PRIVILEGE God has granted YOU, as Co-Workers with Christ and with us, in THE VERY WORK OF GOD! Mrs. Armstrong and I are grateful beyond words.

   Our son Dick, as many of you know, left a little 2 1/2- month old son, our little Dicky, named after his father. A little over two years ago his mother married Benjamin Chapman, a former graduate of the University of California at Los Angeles-(U.C.L.A.), and who subsequently graduated a year ago from Ambassador College here in England, and was ordained to Christ's ministry a little over a month ago. Mrs. Armstrong and I felt we could not give up Lois as our daughter, so we have "adopted" (in our love and affection, not legally) her husband Mr. Chapman.

   In ten days we are sailing back to America. The Chapmans, including their new little daughter Carolyn Gayle, and with young Richard David Armstrong, now past five years of age, will accompany us. Mr. Chapman established our radio studio here, and has been director of it. He majored in electronics at U.C.L.A., and was employed as an electronics technician for two years after receiving his degree there, before coming to Ambassador. But in the past two years here, he has devoted his time mostly to the active ministry—counselling, baptizing, and preaching. Both he and Lois have been here for three years, so they are now being transferred to Texas, where Mr. Chapman will supervise the building and equipping of our new radio studio on the campus of the coming new college there (to open its doors to students one year from now). Primarily, however, he will serve in the ministry in that area.

   I do not often talk about ourselves personally in these letters, but thought you might welcome that bit of personal news.

   Now for GOD'S NEWS!

   We have had four teams of men on baptizing tours this summer, covering the United States and Canada. Hundreds have been baptized. Remember, the angels of God SHOUT for JOY over even one sinner who repents. Do YOU feel like shouting for joy? It is your prayers and your tithes and generous offerings that have made possible the broadcasts, the literature, the training of these dedicated men in Ambassador College, their travelling expenses— everything that has gone into OUR part in bringing these precious lives to repentance, and begettal as GOD'S OWN CHILDREN to enter His glorious and eternal Kingdom!

   Of course let us not forget that none can come to the Son, Jesus Christ, except the Spirit of God the Father draw him. But YOUR FERVENT AND PREVAILING PRAYERS, interceding for these people, have been heard and have had their part in the fact that God's Spirit did convict these precious lives, and move them toward repentance. Of course, they, themselves, had to YIELD and make the unconditional SURRENDER to God—His will, His Word and His law—in each case.

   Those baptized are less than half of those who wrote to us requesting baptism. Some failed to meet with our men. One man who requested baptism rewarded our men for travelling to visit him by threatening violence and running them off his place. Many had not really repented—had not surrendered their wills to God—were not yet ready. Many of these—we know from years of experience— will be ready by next year, and will be brought into Christ's fold then. This means that, in addition to those hundreds being baptized now, other hundreds are on their way.

   Of course, our ministers stationed in various locations all over the United States are counselling with, and baptizing, scores of people every month. Those baptized on these summer tours are only those living in areas where our ministers have not been available to call on them earlier, during the year.

   In Britain we have had two baptizing tours out this summer, with the largest harvest of precious lives for God's Kingdom of any year so far. In Australia and New Zealand it is now WINTER—and our baptizing tours reaped a good harvest there some months ago. A German-speaking team is on a baptizing tour of Germany and Austria right now.

   I wonder if you realize how different is this true WORK OF GOD from the churches or religious works of this world. Jesus Christ STARTED this work, in Person, 1936 years ago. The very same SPIRIT OF GOD which started this Work in Him as an individual, continued it after His resurrection, through the COLLECTIVE BODY of the Apostles and their Co-Workers who together formed the CHURCH OF GOD. Christ's Commission to them was, 1st, proclaim HIS MESSAGE —the Gospel or Good News of GOD'S KINGDOM, in all the world—not to convert everybody, but AS A WITNESS!

   The secondary commission, in GOD'S WORK, was (AND IS) to "feed Christ's sheep" whom God gives us. In other words, to properly feed, with the WORD OF GOD, and minister to, those to whom God grants repentance, and begets by His Holy Spirit. This means their lives are totally CHANGED!

   But the first commission is to proclaim Christ's Message in all the world AS A WITNESS! Today more than TWENTY-TWO MILLION PEOPLE are hearing that Message proclaimed with POWER every single week! In evidence of this, we are receiving, just from the United States and Canada alone, more than an average of 100,000 letters from listeners every month! That is more than the White House receives, according to an article in a mass-circulation magazine.

   Beside this, it requires a large office staff in our Sydney office to read and answer the letters that come from listeners in Australia, New Zealand, and south-eastern Asia. There is also a large office staff at the college here in England, answering the thousands of letters coming in from all parts of the United Kingdom and Europe. Beside these, offices of from four to six on the staff are required at Manila, The Philippines; at Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada; at Dusseldorf, Germany; at Johannesburg, South Africa; and, in process of opening soon, in Geneva, Switzerland, to handle the French-speaking mail. The PLAIN TRUTH is being published in both German and French languages—and the three English editions printed simultaneously, in Los Angeles, London, and Melbourne.

   GOD'S NEWS is GOOD! And that news is this: His GOOD NEWS of His Kingdom—of salvation—or coming WORLD PEACE—is going out in mighty POWER, into every inhabited continent on earth! In scope and power this mighty Work, empowered by God's Holy Spirit, directed, guided, and blessed directly, in Person, by the living CHRIST, who is the HEAD of this Work, is leaping constantly forward at the rate of a 30% growth every year!

   Jesus Christ actively guides, directs, and controls THIS WORK! But He doesn't do it alone. He doesn't do it FOR us! He does it with and through us! He uses YOU and all our Co-Workers and me as HIS INSTRUMENTS! That is for OUR good! It is a privilege and a blessing to be able to have our part in HIS WORK! Are you thankful—grateful?

   We must never slacken or let down in OUR PART! Rather we must make this Great Commission—this WORK WITH CHRIST—the very first interest in our lives! We must put it before every other financial WANT, and even sacrifice other things for it!

   Time is running out on us. Only a few more years remain to finish God's Work! But the Work is, as of this moment, still, RIGHT ON SCHEDULE! There is time to finish His Work—BUT NO TIME TO LOSE!

   We need still more statements of intention (not binding pledges) of extra SPECIAL monthly offerings, beside your tithes and regular offerings for operational expenses, for the college PROPERTY AND BUILDING FUND! Several did respond to my last letter about this, but NOT NEARLY ENOUGH! There continues the need of loans of large sums which you are unable to give outright, that this money may be WORKING where Christ works, until you need part or all of it back.

   Co-Workers, we still are in the slack, difficult summer months. I have to ask you to PRAY—and PRAY MORE EARNESTLY AND DILIGENTLY for this Work and its finances! We can never slacken our efforts! The need is very great RIGHT NOW—and will continue to be until the work is DONE! You are laying up real spiritual treasure in heaven—and great shall be your reward! THANK YOU, and GOD BLESS YOU—as I know He IS BLESSING YOU.

With love, in Jesus' name,
Herbert W. Armstrong

Publication Date: July 31, 1963
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