August 28, 1964  
August 28, 1964 - Brethren & Co-Workers Letter
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Herbert W Armstrong 



Proclaim to the World the GOOD NEWS OF THE WORLD TOMORROW

Box 111, Pasadena, Calif. 91109

Publishing: The PLAIN TRUTH a Magazine of UNDERSTANDING

August 28, 1964

Dear Co-Workers with Christ:

   GREETINGS again from Pasadena!

   Mrs. Armstrong and I have arrived safely back at World Headquarters of God's Work, in Pasadena. We stopped over four days in New York, and another four in Chicago, where, with the president of our Advertising Agency, many contacts were made with radio station managers, and station representatives.

   As a result, 14 additional radio stations already have been added to The WORLD TOMORROW log, carrying the program seven days a week—over various areas of the United States and Canada. An additional 14 stations are pending, and we expect a good time to be opened to us on several of these. You will find these listed in the October PLAIN TRUTH. This will add a great deal of coverage to our broadcast—many of you will have closer and more clear reception.

   Our business office tells me we are more than two weeks overdue getting out this month's letter to you Co-Workers. As a result, the receipt of tithes and offerings has been slacking up. But bills for the necessary expenditures for this great Work of God never slacken. This has to be a sort of S.O.S. to our regular Co-Workers. I have to ask you to help us make up for lost time!

   In just a few days you will receive the GENERAL Semi- Annual letter going out to all subscribers to The PLAIN TRUTH. 90% of PLAIN TRUTH subscribers have never sent any contributions of any kind—have never paid for any subscription (there is NO subscription price, as you know!)—have NEVER received any request from us for subscription price, or contribution of any kind. YOU have, of your own volition, become one of us who are Co-Workers with the living Jesus Christ who HEADS this Work, in providing for the necessary expenses for this most important activity on earth today. So it is up to us few Co-Workers to "keep the home fires burning" so that we may CONTINUE to carry Christ's dynamic GOSPEL to the more than 22 MILLION people who hear it every week. Virtually TWO MILLION people are now reading every issue of The PLAIN TRUTH!

   These new radio stations—all of them IMPORTANT major stations—will quickly increase our weekly listening audience by a few more million people. GOD'S Work must continue to GROW!

   It was surely wonderful to arrive back in Pasadena and see our own giant new magazine presses rolling at top speed, finishing up the printing of the September PLAIN TRUTH. Our business office says we have saved some $12,000 per issue on these first two numbers printed on our own presses! That is a tremendous saving!

   The new college year is starting this week, with the largest incoming new first-year class in our history—and fine- looking young people they are, too!

   But Mr. Portune, our business manager, tells me that the extra-SPECIAL offerings for the new BUILDING FUND have dropped down to about HALF. Dear Co-Workers, remember—as I've said before—we have OUTGROWN our facilities for students, and for the operation of this great Work. The Work cannot GROW unless these new buildings and facilities are provided! These facilities are ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY for the expansion and conduct of God's Work! Remember, these SPECIAL offerings are to be IN ADDITION TO, and OVER AND ABOVE your regular tithes and offerings for the OPERATING EXPENSES of The Work. THIS SITUATION HAS BECOME SERIOUS!

   I must make this brief—for it is URGENT that I get it in the mail AT ONCE! God is surely doing HIS part! Hundreds of new converts have been baptized this summer—over all parts of the United States, Canada, Germany, France, other countries in Europe, Britain, Australia and New Zealand, South Africa—and even the West Indies. Our representatives have been contacting people personally —who had REQUESTED baptism—ALL OVER THE WORLD! The BIGGEST HARVEST EVER has been reaped!

   CHRIST is more than doing HIS part—and BLESSING His Work more than ever before! WE MUST rouse ourselves to greater sacrifice and effort, as HIS CO-WORKERS, to do our part. We have begun to lag. LET US LEAP to the cause, and try to make an EXTRA contribution.

   The GENERAL Semi-Annual letter—to ALL PLAIN TRUTH subscribers—will offer you your free copy of this very important new book on sex and marriage. BUT WAIT FOR THE LETTER—and order yours on the special card form that will then be enclosed. Do not order that book now—for we cannot send it to any but married people, or single people over 21—for reasons that will be explained in this letter—and if you request it now, you will have to do it again, on this special order-card. I just wanted you to know that this great task is finished at last—the book is being readied for our presses. It will be the largest, most important book we have ever published.

   But please DO answer AT ONCE—by RETURN MAIL—with the largest regular offering in addition to your tithes—that is possible, besides (especially if you did send in a statement of intention early this year) if possible, as large an extra SPECIAL, ADDITIONAL offering, designated specially for the property BUILDING FUND.

   I know you will do the very best you can—AND I AM VERY GRATEFUL! THANK YOU for your sacrifice, and your generous co-operation with CHRIST our Lord in GOD'S GREAT WORK!

URGENTLY with love, in Jesus' name,
Herbert W. Armstrong

Publication Date: August 28, 1964
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