December 13, 1965  
December 13, 1965 - Brethren & Co-Workers Letter
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Herbert W Armstrong 



Proclaim to the World the GOOD NEWS OF THE WORLD TOMORROW

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Publishing: The PLAIN TRUTH a Magazine of UNDERSTANDING

December 13, 1965

Dear Co-Workers with Christ:

   Once again circumstances force me to rush, airmail, another emergency letter to you.

   In a frenzy of Christmas shopping, people are breaking all records. But they are forgetting Christ—the living, active Christ who has drafted YOU and me as HIS CO-WORKERS, in the final surge of WARNING this world—of PREPARING THE WAY for HIS SOON- COMING BACK TO EARTH IN PERSON!

   People are forgetting—or paying no attention to the FACTS that fill their newspapers and hit their ears on every newscast —that world events are MOVING aa never before toward the final grand-smash CLIMAX that will END this age and this civilization!

   The SIGNS are everywhere now. The war in Vietnam is escalating BIG—and FAST! It is spreading beyond Vietnam. Communists are deliberately planning to spread the war into Laos, Thailand—ALL SOUTHEAST ASIA. Their motive? —To draw in more and more U.S. troops—to WEAKEN the United States. They think the U.S. may then give up—and then Communism would sweep on south through the East Indies, and on into Australia—perhaps east also into the Philippines!

   As I write, two Americans are up in space orbiting the earth. The spectacular civilian space adventures, taking off from Cape Kennedy in Florida, capture the public attention. But the real PURPOSE of the space effort is not mere adventure, or scientific advancement. It is MILITARY. Russia is making all-out efforts in the space program—for MILITARY reasons. Unless the U.S keeps even, or ahead of Russia, this country—as well as all others on earth—would soon be at the mercy of the madmen at the Kremlin. So—the U.S. is keeping even—or getting ahead of Russia—far faster than the world knows.

   The REAL space program has been mostly secret. It is entirely MILITARY! The U.S. has a vital "space fortress" right here in California—at Vandenberg Air Force Base. It is a far more active space base than Cape Kennedy. Already many more space launchings have lifted off from there. Already dozens of secret satellites and missiles have rocketed upward from there. Soon, it is planned, military astronauts will rocket into space in space LABORATORIES, orbiting the earth. They will be virtually manned ISLANDS—or— biting laboratories encircling the earth. It's now possible there may be 50 of them in the skies by 1970 or soon thereafter.

   When both the U.S. and Russia have such military fortresses tracking around the earth in orbit—with hydrogen bombs and other mass-destruction weapons—you can easily realize what Jesus Christ meant when He said that in the years just almost ON US, NOW, no flesh would be saved alive UNLESS Christ Himself moves to STOP IT! Read it in Matthew 24:21-22.

   But Jesus Christ has drafted YOU and me into HIS SERVICE, preparing the way for His return to STOP IT. He said that for "THE ELECT'S SAKE" this terror WILL BE STOPPED. The "elect" are those who have turned to God—who serve and obey Him—who cry out to Him in prayer (Luke 18:7)—who rely on Him. And every year THOUSANDS are now being converted—changed—made Christ's "elect"—through this very WORK of the living Christ which YOU are helping to make possible!

   Look at Europe today. The nations of Western Europe WANT to unite into a U.S. of EUROPE. They are TRYING to unite and bring back to life the ROMAN EMPIRE. But they are squabbling and quarreling and wrangling among themselves as to HOW it shall be done. De Gaulle has one idea. Others have other ideas. All this is merely hastening the day—within VERY few years—when a super religious leader will arise and be accepted by all of them as their supreme AUTHORITY to unite them. See it in Revelation 17.

   Everywhere on earth events are HURLING this world toward the prophesied grand-smash CLIMAX. We may have barely six more short years to finish this great Work the living CHRIST is doing through YOU and me! I say MAY—I am not setting dates, yet biblical prophecies indicate the strong possibility that time remaining for us is indeed JUST THAT SHORT!

   But Jesus Christ is speeding this Work right along ON SCHEDULE!

   As world events speed up, and time grows short, so does this all-important Work speed up! We are into the middle of the last month of this year. FAR more has been accomplished this year than ever before! If world events had reached their climax even five years ago—where humanity would have been erased from this earth except by the second coming of Christ—THERE WOULD NOT THEN HAVE BEEN ENOUGH OF THE "ELECT" TO HAVE SAVED HUMANITY—according to Jesus' prophecy of Matthew 24.

   But now this Work is gaining such momentum that, indeed, it does now appear that IF that fatal climax should be reached in, say, five, six or seven years, THERE WILL BE ENOUGH! Humanity WILL BE SAVED! The WORLD TOMORROW WILL DAWN—a world of PEACE, of happiness, of good health, of ABUNdANCE! Co-Workers, YOU AND I are privileged to HAVE A PART, with Christ, and under Christ, in SAVING THE WORLD!

   The leaders of the governments of this world can't save it!

   The scientists can't save it!

   Armies can't save it! MAN can't save it!

   BUT JESUS CHRIST CAN—AND WILL! Nothing but supernatural divine power can now SAVE this world from extinction! Those who scoff at Christ—at a divine Creator and a Savior—are faced with this frightful dilemma: UNLESS there is the living Christ who is soon coming to SAVE the world, then in very few years, now, THEY AND ALL HUMANITY WILL BE BLASTED OUT OF EXISTENCE. And THAT is what MEN would do!

   Yet, dear Co-Worker, here at the most vital time of all, thousands who have been Co-Workers in this Work are NEGLECTING Christ and His Work—and while supposing they are giving gifts FOR HIS BIRTHDAY, they are, in actual fact, deserting Christ, or cutting down on their part in His Work, and merely EXCHANGING presents with OTHER HUMANS!

   I tell you solemnly, by authority of the living Jesus Christ, that NO ONE will be spending any money in Christmas shopping in a few more years. Christ is COMING—very SOON! The world will then learn that Christmas is NOT Jesus' birthday—that neither God nor the Bible nor the Apostles ever told us to celebrate His birthday—that it is a PAGAN celebration, and actually not Christian by Christ's authority at all! I hope that telling you that TRUTH does not offend you—but I have to tell you, solemnly and IN LOVE, that JESUS CHRIST HIMSELF will soon tell that to the WHOLE WORLD—when He comes!

   Everyone—EVERY ONE—is going to have to face Christ in the Judgment! There isn't much more time! Time is running out—FAST!

   God's Work IS IN GREAT NEED! Jesus Christ is ALIVE—and He has drafted YOU—and me—as His Co-Workers, to support and to carry on as His instruments, HIS OWN GREAT WORK! We must put it FIRST!

   Even if you already have sent an offering—or your tithes— this month, could you, without undue hardship on yourself, send another—a GENEROUS one? Or a loan of a larger amount, if you are not free to give it? That money will help reach MILLIONS with Christ's own MESSAGE! And Jesus Christ BLESSES those whose hearts —and treasure—are IN HIS WORK! THAT'S the way to REAL good cheer and JOY right now!

   I'm having to send this AIRMAIL. The mails are clogged and delayed right now. So, please, send it back by AIRMAIL. God is blessing you!

With love, in Jesus' name,
Herbert W. Armstrong

Publication Date: December 13, 1965
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