April 25, 1966  
April 25, 1966 - Brethren & Co-Workers Letter
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Herbert W Armstrong 



Proclaim to the World the GOOD NEWS OF THE WORLD TOMORROW

Box 111, Pasadena, Calif. 91109

Publishing: The PLAIN TRUTH a Magazine of UNDERSTANDING

April 25, 1966

Dear Co-Workers with Christ:

   GREETINGS from Australia: Mrs. Armstrong and I are visiting our offices here in Sydney, Australia — "down under," on the other side of the world where the sun circles around the NORTH on its way to setting in the west.

   God's Work is BOOMING here in Australia. It is my wife's first visit here, and my first since October, 1960 — five-and- one-half years ago. The Work has grown TREMENDOUSLY since then. We have an office staff of thirty-five here in the MLC Building, beside a new two-story printing plant of our own, where we now print the Australian edition of The PLAIN TRUTH. The PLAIN TRUTH printed here is identical to the United States' edition, except for the return mailing address on the back cover.

   It has been a tremendous inspiration to Mrs. Armstrong and me to see God's Work BOOMING in rapid growth down here in Australia. While here, I have had conferences with radio station officials in Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney, and we leave in ten minutes for the airport, flying today to Brisbane. These and other business conferences are resulting in stepping up our program for reaching the people of Australia and New Zealand with Christ's own Gospel. Additional radio coverage is opening up. Also arrangements are under way for the purchasing of full-page advertising space in national magazines and metropolitan newspapers. These will carry Christ's dynamic Message to hundreds of thousands, and millions, in print.

   Many hundreds have been really converted — their lives turned around and CHANGED — since I was here last. God is doing a big work here in Australia. WHAT AN INSPIRATION it is to realize that the WORLD TOMORROW is heard all over the world.

   Let me tell you a rather exciting experience. When I was here in October, 1960, our local manager, a radio station official and I were walking on a wharf to board a ferry when suddenly I heard a sharp, deep bass voice from behind say: "Are you Herbert W. Armstrong?" Turning, I saw a tall policeman. How did he know ny name, way down here in Sydney, Australia? Had I done something wrong?

   "Well, I want to shake your hand " he said, reaching out his hand. "I hear you on the radio, and I recognized your voice as you were talking to this gentleman."

   It was really a startling experience. Well, here is the astonishing sequel. I met this man again the other day, with his wife. He has been converted since I was here, baptized by one of our local ministers. And, more! His wife was also baptized just the other day — since we arrived here — also by one of our ministers. Mrs. Armstrong and I were overjoyed to meet them both.

   I am now finishing this letter from Brisbane, where I am to speak tonight to an audience of a few hundred listeners to the WORLD TOMORROW. I have spoken before good-sized audiences in Melbourne, and several times in Sydney, since we arrived in Australia. Tomorrow I have a luncheon appointment scheduled with the manager of a Brisbane radio station.

   We now have a number of ordained ministers serving our very large and growing audience of radio listeners in Australia. Our minister here in Brisbane was a pioneer student at Ambassador College in England, in 1960. He is English, but graduated from the Pasadena College in 1964. He was Vice President of the Student Body his senior year. He is married to an Irish colleen from Dublin, also a pioneer student in England in 1960. They have a cute little daughter nearly two. It was good to see them once again. The manager of our staff of thirty-five in Sydney was a Student Body President at Ambassador College, Pasadena, about fourteen years ago. He, too, married one of our Ambassador co-eds, and they have a lovely family of three children. He has become a very able man. Several of our staff at Sydney are former Ambassador students and all but one married to wives they met at college. All have children. Our minister stationed at Melbourne graduated from the college at Pasadena a few years ago — also married to a fine wife he met at college — and they have one child. It has been a delightful privilege to Mrs. Armstrong and me to see them all once again — all living in HAPPY homes, because they know and live GOD'S WAY. WHAT A BLESSING!

   Next Monday we fly on to Hong Kong for two days, to try to make arrangements to put the WORlD TOMORROW program on a station there. Then we must take a very long flight all the way across Asia, to Tel Aviv, Israel. We will spend a few days revisiting historic places in the land of ancient Israel. I am especially anxious to visit again the little synagogue in Nazareth, where Jesus spoke from the Book of Isaiah (Luke 4:16-30), and other places. Then from there straight to London, and Ambassador College in England.

   This 'round the world' trip is an arduous one. I was afraid it would be very hard on Mrs. Armstrong, but thousands are praying for our safety and pleasant flights for her; and so far, all prayers have been answered. We are very grateful.

   In a transoceanic telephone call with our business office in Pasadena, I find that the income is beginning to sag again, as we pass into the latter half of the month. SO once again I will ask our staff at Headquarters to speed this letter to you AIR MAIL. The last half of each month is always the most difficult for our business office. I realize many of our Co-Workers receive their paychecks or other income on, or right after the first of the month — but if you can possibly send an ADDITIONAL offering during the latter half, it will help greatly in the great Work of God.

   The loans of larger sums which a few of our Co-Workers are able to put to work where the living Christ is directing (feeling they cannot make it an outright donation at this time), have been helping tremendously. I am very grateful for them.

   But I am just as grateful for even the very small amounts given to God's Work by those who have no large sums to give or loan. The widows' mites' do count up. God's way is for us to GIVE, according to our means and ability. The very small amounts from those of small means are just as precious in God's sight — and even more so, IF the "mites" are larger in proportion to ability. God judges us according to HOW WELL we do in proportion to what we have to do with.

   I must hurry now to the auditorium where I am to speak tonight. Remember, the living Christ blesses you for YOUR GENEROUS PART in His Work.

With love, in Jesus' name,
Herbert W. Armstrong

Publication Date: April 25, 1966
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