June 27, 1966  
June 27, 1966 - Brethren & Co-Workers Letter
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Herbert W Armstrong 



Proclaim to the World the GOOD NEWS OF THE WORLD TOMORROW

Box 111, Pasadena, Calif. 91109

Publishing: The PLAIN TRUTH a Magazine of UNDERSTANDING

June 27, 1966

Dear Co-Worker with Christ:

   I'm sure the BIGGEST news I have for YOU, right now, is this: YOU are helping—you are having a part in changing the world! Yes—and far more than that—in SAVING the world! Let me EXPLAIN!

   I never could understand why some supposedly intelligent Americans—college professors and college students (but NOT at Ambassador!!!)—became Communists—joined the Communist Party. That is, I couldn't understand it until I read the book by Whitaker Chambers. He explained that they become active Communists, because they have been led to believe that this is the way they can have a part in changing the world! They see so many things WRONG with the world. They know it needs changing! They have been DECEIVED into believing Communism will set it right!

   But with YOU it is different totally! You really are helping to change the world! And FAR MORE THAN YOU HAVE REALIZED.

   I want you to UNDERSTAND this! I wrote you before how I was so impressed with the terrible fact that far more than half of all the people on earth today live in abject poverty, squalor, filth, stench—millions actually starving—ill fed, ill housed, ill clothed. The ignorance, degeneration, sickness and disease is beyond description. But, even in affluent United States—and in British countries—look at the sorrow, pain, suffering. Look at the broken homes, juvenile delinquency, the crime! Look at the RIOTS, the race hatreds, the jealousies, envies, the bitterness!

   THAT IS ALL GOING TO BE CHANGED!—and SOON! By SOON, I mean, in all probability (though I'm not setting dates) ten to fifteen years—OR LESS!

   HOW will it be changed?

   NOT by Communism. NOT by the war in Vietnam. NOT by any war, any government, or any plan of MAN! It can only be changed by the direct intervention of Almighty GOD! The living CHRIST is very soon going to RETURN to this earth—this time in all the super- natural indescribable POWER and GLORY of the Eternal GOD! He is going to set up SUPER WORLD GOVERNMENT—a government over ALL NATIONS—ruled by JESUS CHRIST!

   But don't think the governments and peoples of the world will welcome the returning Christ with outstretched open arms! They will try to fight Him! They will be DECEIVED into supposing He is the Antichrist! He will have to rule by divine supernatural FORCE! You get a glimpse of it in the eleventh chapter of Isaiah—in the 14th of Zechariah—and many other prophecies.

   And what will soon be the result?

   Jesus Christ is not only going to straighten out world conditions and stop all the wars. He is coming, also, to SAVE THE WORLD—to change human nature! Here is a description: "And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are (shall then be) passed away." (Rev. 21:4.)

   But HOW are you now helping bring this wonderful CHANGE?

   Jesus Christ will not come until THE WAY HAS BEEN PREPARED—until the world has first been WARNED! And YOU are helping prepare the way—helping shout the GOOD NEWS of The WORLD TOMORROW over every inhabited Continent—helping warn the world! YOU are privileged to have a vital part in the very Work of God. The same Jesus Christ who is soon coming as WORLD RULER is now guiding, directing, heading THIS VERY WORK. Constantly we see the now invisible but active and powerful HAND OF CHRIST in this Work.

   There have been literally hundreds of incidents where the UNSEEN hand of the living Christ has intervened, changed circumstances, GUIDED this Work directly and supernaturally. Let me give you just one or two examples:

   For the past few years, The WORLD TOMORROW has been broadcast WORLD-WIDE—over every inhabited continent on earth. But we have not yet reached all nations. In 1960 our New York advertising agent for overseas broadcasting and I traveled around the world in an effort to get the broadcast on additional powerful stations. But we haven't yet been able to reach the very IMPORTANT nation, JAPAN, with Christ's Message for this hour. There are super-power radio stations in Tokyo and other cities. They are commercial stations. We could buy time on them. But we have to reach Japan in THE JAPANESE LANGUAGE.

   THAT WAS IMPOSSIBLE. The broadcasting had to be done by a Japanese. He had to be a native-born Japanese who grew up in Japan. It could not be, for example, a California-born Japanese-a Nisei. The people of Japan would detect the difference in dialect instantly. They would not listen to a Nisei. It had to be a Japan-born Japanese. It had to be a Japanese experienced as a radio speaker. But it had to be a CONVERTED Japanese—not to the "missionary-converted" type of Christianity—but one converted by the VERY GOSPEL CHRIST HIMSELF taught, as it is proclaimed on The WORLD TOMORROW! Further, it had to be one trained IN AMBASSADOR COLLEGE.

   I said to our overseas advertising agent: "There is not one chance in thousands of millions of such a thing just HAPPENING! The ONLY WAY we can reach the Japanese people is by a miracle from God. There is no way we, of ourselves, can go to Japan, convert a trained radio speaker, bring him to Pasadena, put him through Ambassador College. But if the living HEAD of this Work wants HIS Message to go to the Japanese people, then Christ Himself will have to send just such a man to us—there is NO WAY we can bring it about ourselves."

   We had no right to expect that anything like that would just HAPPEN in a thousand lifetimes! We had to trust the living Christ to do it for us!

   Here is what happened. Last year—I think it was in August—a native of Japan was walking along Pasadena's South Orange Grove Boulevard. He was attracted by the large fountain and the several water jets in the formal Italian sunken garden of our Ambassador Hall. He noticed the bronze plaque on the entrance: AMBASSADOR COLLEGE." He walked inside. He looked over more of the campus. He was looking for an American college, to further his education in the English language. After thorough examination, he registered as a student. But he was not, apparently, the man. He had no radio-speaking experience. He had made a mistake in filling out papers for the Immigration authorities, due to improper instruction. The Immigration authorities said he could not remain in the United States. So he went on to England, filled out immigration papers there properly, and was admitted to Ambassador College in England.

   We did not know it, but from there he was in contact by correspondence with a fellow Japanese in Japan who was a radio speaker. That man is now on our campus here in Pasadena. He has decided to stay. He is not a baptized Christian—yet—but very plainly God is dealing with him. Already it seems his whole heart is in this Work. As I write, his wife is on a ship which sailed from Japan, bound for Los Angeles harbor and Pasadena. He is now at work translating several of our booklets into Japanese. He is going to attend Ambassador College, beginning this coming fall semester.

   Co-Workers, things like this don't just HAPPEN, by accident. Yet they are being brought about. These two Japanese men were friends in Japan. Now they are BOTH at work translating booklets into Japanese. The man in England will work with, and assist, the radio speaker in Pasadena. I BELIEVE GOD WANTS THE PEOPLE OF JAPAN TO HEAR HIS MESSAGE! Perhaps, just to be cautious, it is too early, yet, to say definitely that this Japanese man now in Pasadena will actually become the radio speaker on The WORLD TOMORROW in Japanese. But most assuredly it looks that way.

   In 1947 Mrs. Armstrong and I sailed to Britain and Europe, to inspect possibilities of a branch college there, and broadcasting opportunities. There was NO POSSIBLE WAY we could get The WORLD TOMORROW on any radio station over there—then. Yet, late in 1952, the most powerful station in the world, Radio Luxembourg, opened to us, and the program went on the air the first week in 1953. But we needed DAILY broadcasting in Britain. That seemed utterly IMPOSSIBLE. There is no commercial radio in Britain. Then, year before last, Radio London—a radio station on a ship just outside of British territorial waters, opened up—and the first week in January, we were reaching Britain DAILY. Then came Radio Caroline, Radio 390, Radio Scotland, and others. Today the broadcast covers Britain like it does the United States and Australia!

   The British government would not allow CHRIST'S OWN MESSAGE to be broadcast in the British Isles. The Church of England most assuredly DOES NOT proclaim it. But the living Christ OPENS DOORS for His own Work! The British government may brand these ships "pirates"—which they are NOT—but in due time they are going to have to confess that the living GOD is not dead—but that HE allowed these ships to operate as radio stations—AND SO FAR AT LEAST THE BRITISH GOVERNMENT HAS NOT BEEN ALLOWED TO HAVE ANY POWER TO STOP THEM!

   Now look further. Look at the Scandinavian nations! We have not yet reached those nations—except that the broadcast in the English language has been heard by a FEW in these countries. But God has sent native-born Scandinavian men to Ambassador College in England. We ourselves did not bring them—they came with-out any activity on OUR part.

   Look at the nations in the Middle East—the Arab-speaking world. We have not, so far, been able to reach them. But a young man came to Ambassador College in England from Iraq. He will soon graduate. He is very zealous—and his heart is HEAVY with the burden for getting Christ's Message to his native countrymen and all the Middle Eastern peoples! He is gathering information for the purchase of whole page advertising space in magazines reaching those people—and putting Christ's Message in those pages.

   I could cite you HUNDREDS of such incidents. They fall into a definite progressive PATTERN. No one, knowing all these things, could say they all just HAPPENED as accidental coincidents! They DEMONSTRATE the unseen but MIGHTY HAND OF THE LIVING CHRIST, ACTIVELY DIRECTING THIS WORK! He is constantly, as we become ready to step through, OPENING DOORS for His Message to go to the whole world!

   This great Work is not MAN'S doing—yet Christ is using humans as HIS INSTRUMENTS in doing it. What we cannot do of ourselves, He does FOR us. The rest He does THROUGH us! He has DRAFTED YOU, and me, and others, into His service. We are privileged to HAVE A PART in God's very own Work!—the very most important activity on earth today! More than 30 million people are now HEARING the powerful Message every week—AROUND THE WORLD!

   THINK OF IT! Communists—some of them at least—are literally inspired to great sacrifice, hard work, running all risks in 5th column sabotage, organizing riots, in the false and deluded notion that they are HELPING—having a part—in changing the world! There is an old saying: "Breathes there a man with soul so dead, who never to himself hath said, 'This is my own—my native land!'" Doesn't that STIR you to say: "Breathes there a Co-Worker in God's Work, with gratitude so dead, who never to himself hath said, 'How GRATEFUL I am—how BLESSED—to have been chosen by the living GOD to be an actual Co-Worker with CHRIST—to HAVE A PART in changing, and CONVERTING, the WORLD!'"

   Already this Work is changing the lives of thousands. Already it is REACHING and WARNING MILLIONS! And more, it is preparing the way for the coming of the ALL-mighty CHRIST, in supreme POWER and GLORY, to CHANGE THE WHOLE WORLD—and bring it PEACE, HAPPINESS, JOY, AND ABUNDANT WELL-BEING—SOON! He is coming to SAVE the whole world—to endow all who will accept with ETERNAL LIFE.

   To HAVE A PART in so glorious a Work transcends all else!

   I wish I did not need to remind our Co-Workers that there is, constantly, financial need—but many Co-Workers would become careless and negligent if I didn't. You know well, of course, we NEVER ask the public for money—NEVER sell anything. All is FREE, because our inner family of Co-Workers make it possible.

   Yes, the NEED is great—it is still with us, and greater than ever!

   Not only our tithes, but also free-will offerings beside, as generous as our means allow. There is still the need for loans—to put such money TO WORK where CHRIST is working! NOTHING is so important. The need is always urgent. CHRIST is blessing this Work—working miracles! Let us never become weary with well doing!

   Keep PRAYING for this Work. Pray for God to continue giving me wisdom and judgment. Keep CLOSE to our God and our Saviour and coming King by constant and prevailing PRAYER! God bless you—and He IS blessing you!

With love, in Jesus' name,
Herbert W. Armstrong

Publication Date: June 27, 1966
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