October 27, 1966  
October 27, 1966 - Brethren & Co-Workers Letter
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Herbert W Armstrong 



Proclaim to the World the GOOD NEWS OF THE WORLD TOMORROW

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Publishing: The PLAIN TRUTH a Magazine of UNDERSTANDING

October 27, 1966

Dear Co-Worker with Christ:

   Just LOOK how far we have come since this decade began! And then look at what's JUST AHEAD!

   In the next four years, you are going to see STAGGERING EVENTS happening in this world, which few, even today, would believe! Yet, just beyond, in a way almost NO ONE today would believe, WORLD PEACE is coming to this earth. An entirely NEW WORLD will soon dawn—the happy, peaceful, prosperous WORLD TOMORROW!

   Just STOP a moment, and take stock of where we are in this rapidly accelerating panorama of world happenings! Let's get our bearings. Let's look realistically at the specific job to which the living CHRIST has drafted (with our willing assent) YOU and me!

   I just happened to pick out of the files the letter I sent to our Co-Workers, dated January 29, 1960. You might still have your copy of it on hand—or have you come into our joyous family of Co-Workers since? I was struck with a few things I wrote, then. It began: "This is my first letter to you in this new decade. We have entered the 1960s. I wonder if you realize what frightful happenings are going to affect your life during the 1960s!! ...You and I have been called to the most gigantic mission of all history."

   Then I quoted President Eisenhower. He was still President then. "'NO OTHER FACT IN TODAY'S WORLD EQUALS THIS IN IMPORTANCE,' said President Eisenhower in his State of the Union Message, January 7, speaking of the FACT that we live in a divided world, approaching mutual annihilation. He continued, 'It colors everything we say, plan or do....We stand in the vestibule of a vast new technological age (with the) capacity for human destruction.'"

   Co-workers, look how far we have come since then! Still, the really BIG world-shaking events are three to four years off. We have just about three years and two months of this decade left. TREMENDOUS things will happen in that brief time! So far, in this decade, the things that have happened would appear staggering, indeed, if they all had happened more suddenly, say, in a two or three months' period. But these events have slipped up on us GRADUALLY during the past seven years. We get to taking them for granted.

   In that letter of January 29, 1960, I wrote, further: "January 14, Khrushchev before the supreme Soviet 'announced that the Soviet...stockpile of nuclear arms and missiles is large enough "to obliterate from the face of the earth" any attacking country or combine of countries.'" He was referring, of course, to obliterating the United States from off the earth! It hasn't happened—and it won't—BUT THE THREAT IS STILL HANGING OVER OUR HEADS!

   In the world, since then, men have repeatedly orbited the earth—walked in space—docked in outer space with missiles previously orbited. Men have received close up photographs made on the very surface of the moon—and received photographs of the other side of the moon. They have sent unmanned spacecraft comparatively close to Mars, and received close-up pictures establishing the certainty that Mars is not inhabited. Many additional nations now have nuclear weapons—since 1959. This completely changes the peace outlook.

   There has been tremendous increase in crime, violence, race hatreds, divorce and broken homes—major increases in sickness and especially mental disturbances. We have seen a moral toboggan- slide set in—especially on college and university campuses. (But not on Ambassador campuses.) The nations of Europe have advanced much closer to a UNITED EUROPE, resurrecting the Roman Empire, even though De Gaulle has temporarily slowed down this momentum.

   Great major strides have been made in these seven years in setting the stage for the grand smash CLIMAX at the close of this Age. In the next three or four years even more startling events will come!

   Jesus Christ said there would come (and it is coming now almost immediately) a time of trouble on the world so great that, unless GOD intervened, not a single human would be saved alive! But, He reassured, "for the elects' sake" humanity will be saved! God is using YOU and me as His instruments in converting that "elect" for whose sakes God WILL INTERVENE! Humanity will be saved!

   We ought to realize HOW WONDERFUL it is that we have that assurance! Otherwise, in face of TODAY'S CONDITIONS, and the accelerating trend, THERE SHOULD BE NO HOPE FOR SURVIVAL!

   Look at these MAJOR TRENDS, rapidly converging together toward ONE FATAL CLIMAX:

   How is human life sustained? By air, by food, and by water! Rapidly our air is being filled with gasses, smog, poisons—even nuclear fallout. In many places even the TREES are sickly and dying, because of air pollution, lowering of the water level, lack of rain, and the pollution (by man) of the sprinkler water supply. Man is POISONING the air he breathes.

   Our water supplies are suffering doubly. Water is getting more scarce. Drought and lack of rain is affecting the water supply in MANY parts of the world. Then look at what MAN is doing to pollute the rivers, streams, and lakes!

   Our food must come from the SOIL. Our foods are being ROBBED, depleted, and polluted doubly also. Man has mistreated his soil with artificial fertilizers, trying to squeeze more out of his soil than nature allows. He further poisons food by artificial spraying. Soil further is being washed away by erosion. And, as if that were not enough, man perverts and robs his food of its necessary minerals and vitamins in FOOD FACTORIES, in the greed for bigger profits.

   Add these three rapidly increasing evils, and we have the FACT that man is poisoning, depleting, polluting, robbing the three sources that SUSTAIN human life.

   If this were not enough, the POPULATION EXPLOSION itself would destroy humanity in another two or three decades! Experts are frightened when they look at the FACTS of the accelerating increase in population. In a very few more years, the earth's population will DOUBLE. And then, in far fewer years from then, it will DOUBLE AGAIN. The outlook for those who do LOOK at it is frightening.

   Now look at the factors swooping down upon us which directly DESTROY life.

   Constantly increasing drought and floods already are taking human lives by the MILLIONS—mostly in the Orient. Most Americans do not realize the tragic danger. Prophecy says drought will continue rapidly from now—resulting in EPIDEMICS OF DISEASE with which doctors will be unable to cope. This threatens human lives by the hundreds of millions!

   Then, W A R ! There are "small" HOT wars raging over the earth right now—and the one in Vietnam is not so "small." Every effort is being made to limit this war short of all-out NUCLEAR destruction. But, can these efforts succeed? The war is escalating. Month by month the United States is sending increasing numbers of troops to Vietnam. The recent trip of President Johnson, and the Manila Conference is resulting in increasing numbers of troops being added from allied eastern nations. Once all-out NUCLEAR war is unleashed the PROBABILITY is the total extinction of all life from the earth—if Almighty God did not intervene.


   WHAT A BLESSING—WHAT a comfort—you KNOW that GOD is not only going to intervene in world affairs and STOP this total annihilation of humanity BUT HE IS GOING TO BRING US W O R L D P E A C E—with happiness and joy, and with abundance, prosperity, security for ALL!

   Does that mean anything to you?

   The past two months I have written you of how God is using us as His instruments in CHANGING THE WORLD. He is going to usher in a completely NEW world—the glorious WORLD TOMORROW! Man has failed! Man could never solve his problems—man only creates problems. God is using us as His instruments—with His advance- Message of the happy and peaceful WORLD TOMORROW. Thus He is giving YOU a PART in SAVING THE WORLD. Not only in saving it alive—preventing total annihilation—but also in preparing for Christ's coming to USHER IN A NEW AND HAPPIER WORLD!

   This Work is GOD'S Work. It started small—but it is GROWING as no other activity that I know. Since that letter at the beginning of this decade, in 1960, this Work has DOUBLED in size and scope and power, and then DOUBLED that, and now is on the way to REDOUBLING AGAIN!

   Now some FORTY MILLION PEOPLE hear The WORLD TOMORROW every week. Now, in all probability, between two and three million people read The PLAIN TRUTH every issue—and what a greatly improved magazine it is! The circulation, the coming issue, is 800,000 copies—rapidly approaching a MILLION COPIES! It now has become one of the MAJOR magazines of the earth—and its circulation is world wide!

   I do thank God for giving you your part in CHANGING THE WORLD!—Even as I thank Him for giving me my part! It is a glorious privilege! I know of no place where every single dollar ACCOMPLISHES SO MUCH. But it does take money, of course, as every activity does. I'm sure you realize that, of the forty or more MILLION people who LISTEN to The WORLD TOMORROW—of the two or three million who READ The PLAIN TRUTH—not one in several hundred has ever contributed a penny to this Work—not one in several hundred has ever been asked for a contribution! You know there is no work like it. You know we NEVER solicit the public for financial help. We charge for NOTHING. There is no price on any of the literature we offer FREE. It's incredible. Hostile persecutors try to make people believe we do solicit the public. Once in a while they will get hold of one of these Co-Worker letters, written personally just to our inner family of Co-Workers—all of whom have VOLUNTARILY, without solicitation become Co-Workers. Then they print a portion of such a letter to make people who don't know believe that we do beg the public for money. They are misrepresenting, and of course they KNOW they are—and it is THEY, not this Work of GOD—who are soliciting the public for contributions, and putting a PRICE on their literature. I hope you have noticed, however, that we do not strike back—we do not try to discredit or "expose" ANYBODY. We are too busy proclaiming CHRIST'S Gospel! And that is ONE of the reasons God does so abundantly BLESS this Work.

   YOU have voluntarily become a Co-Worker with the living Christ in His Work. I do follow the Biblical example and pattern, as did Moses, and in the New Testament, the Apostle Paul, in encouraging God's own people to support God's Work, according as God has blest and made possible.

   The need is continually heavy. But every single dollar does reach HUNDREDS in the most effective manner! Yes, even the widows' mites DO GREAT WORK when placed WHERE CHRIST HIMSELF IS WORKING!

   Of course this Work needs the larger offerings, up to even thousands of dollars, from those who are ABLE, and whose hearts God makes willing. But never feel that small amounts from those unable to do more does not help, just because this Work has grown big. And those who have made loans of larger amounts they have not been free to GIVE have accomplished tremendous good, working where the living Christ is working.

   I am working on a new booklet, picturing JUST WHAT the wonderful WORLD TOMORROW will be like. I hope to have it ready to offer next month.

   Meantime, the need is urgent, and again I send this AIRMAIL. THANK YOU! from the heart—and I know God IS blessing you abundantly.

With love, in Jesus' name,
Herbert W. Armstrong

Publication Date: October 27, 1966
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