September 28, 1967  
September 28, 1967 - Brethren & Co-Workers Letter
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Herbert W Armstrong 



Proclaim to the World the GOOD NEWS OF THE WORLD TOMORROW

Box 111, Pasadena, Calif. 91109

Publishing: The PLAIN TRUTH a Magazine of UNDERSTANDING

September 28, 1967

Dear Co-Worker with CHRIST:

   Here I am on the English campus of Ambassador College again. After getting the new school year off to a fresh start on the Pasadena campus a month ago, I flew to the Texas campus for a few days — for the opening of the 1967-68 school year there — and then on over here.

   All three campuses are now full of activity — young men and women students hustling back and forth every hour from one class to another. Each campus, once again, is a beehive of activity.

   For about a year and a half the Work of God was going full speed ahead over the British Isles, broadcasting daily — on some stations twice daily, morning and evening — broadcasting the WORLD TOMORROW over the seven off-shore ship radio stations. We effectively reached ALL PARTS of the British Isles — England, Scotland, Wales, and North Ireland, beside Eire (South Ireland). Tests, mail, and checks indicated that not less than seven or eight MILLION people, possibly much more, were hearing the Message of the living Christ every week within Britain and Ireland.

   But the British Parliament made the commercial broadcasting from the ship stations illegal. So we had to GO OFF THE AIR in Britain — TOTALLY! It is really a terrible blow to the very Work of God in Britain. We are receiving many letters from British people deploring the shutting off of the WORLD TOMORROW. Hundreds of thousands RELIED on the program as their daily diet. They received facts, information, knowledge that is not available anywhere else. It gave them daily inspiration, encouragement, faith and spiritual help.

   It leaves us with a tremendous PROBLEM. Somehow we must find a medium to REPLACE radio for reaching the fifty-five and some odd million people of Britain with Christ's Message.

   So I called Garner Ted Armstrong, my son, Mr. Albert Portune, our Business Manager from Pasadena Headquarters, and Mr. Stanley Rader, attorney and financial advisor, to fly over here from Pasadena. We have just had a very important and serious conference here, with our chief officials of the British campus and the Work in this part of the world.

   I want to take you, as a Co-Worker with Christ in HIS great Work, into my confidence in regard to this tremendous problem we now face. We CANNOT just throw up our hands in despair, and lay down on the job and QUIT — not even here in Britain. The British are God's own chosen BIRTHRIGHT people. If you have read our recent book on "The United States and British Commonwealth in Prophecy" you will understand that. If not, I hope you will request your FREE copy at once — for it is IMPORTANT! God's warning Message MUST continue going out to the British people!

   But we do have SERIOUS PROBLEMS! We have been making a start in television in the United States. It is, so far, a small start. Television is a POWERFUL medium for reaching people — far more powerful and effective than radio — if effectively programmed and used. But it is also far more costly — though not more costly measured by its effectiveness and number of people reached.

   We saw that we must, now, turn to publishing media over here in Britain to take the place of the radio stations that have been put out of business over here. We must buy advertising space in newspapers and magazines, and put Christ's dynamic Message in that space. That, too, costs money.

   What we had to recognize is this: We cannot go full speed ahead in television in the United States and also plunge full power into such a campaign of buying advertising space in Britain right now, simultaneously.

   Here in England they have a far different newspaper situation than in America. The entire British Isles — even including Eire (South Ireland) — occupies a smaller area than California alone. Yet there are fifty-five million people here.

   The result is that the large daily and Sunday newspapers cover the entire United Kingdom, and have circulations of four, five, and six million copies.

   There is no commercial radio in Britain, and even the ITV (commercial television) does not have the mass viewing audiences comparable to America. People here read newspapers more, and view television and listen to radio less. There are no magazines here like LIFE, LOOK, SATURDAY EVENING POST, and our mass-circulation women's magazines — no news magazines that compare to TIME, NEWSWEEK, and U.S. NEWS. But they do have MASS-CIRCULATION newspapers.

   Advertising rates in these mass-circulation newspapers are VERY high — but they reach millions of people — and are not higher per thousand copies circulated.

   We cannot afford to go into a big British newspaper campaign, and at the same time go ahead in a big way in television in the U.S.

   So we had to decide which to choose.

   We are now on TV in Los Angeles, the San Francisco bay area, Tyler, Texas and Bermuda.

   We had to decide to try to replace the radio broadcasting that has been shut off in Britain with newspaper and magazine coverage. WE SIMPLY CANNOT DROP THE WORK IN BRITAIN! Then we shall GO SLOWER in adding television stations in the U.S..

   If God's Work is to keep growing, we have to add additional new printing presses both here in Britain and in Pasadena — and we must install one or two smaller presses on the Texas campus. We save thousands of dollars every month by doing our own printing. But we send out — even in the United States — more than four bi freight car loads of literature every month — including The PLAIN TRUTH, books and booklets, Correspondence Course, etc.

   This great Work is reaching forty-five million or more people EVERY WEEK, around the world. It is the most effective and far-reaching and POWERFUL Gospel Work the world has ever seen — reaching MORE PEOPLE than any other ever did, so far as we know.

   And it is SO EFFICIENTLY ORGANIZED and conducted, that every dollar goes farther — reaches MORE PEOPLE — in this Work than any other operation, so far as I know. But there just simply IS NOT ENOUGH MONEY TO KEEP IT GOING AND GROWING EFFECTIVELY AS IT MUST!

   Co-Workers, we are planning as carefully as possible — making every dollar go the farthest possible. THOUSANDS of lives are being CHANGED, converted, brought to God's Kingdom and ETERNAL LIFE every year — MANY thousands, now, every year! The spiritual HARVEST is TREMENDOUS! But the LABORERS, to support it and help finance it and keep it growing, ARE TOO FEW. Jesus said: "The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few: PRAY therefore the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into His harvest." I ask YOU to do that!

   Co-Workers, I now have to ask you to try to send in ADDITIONAL offerings, beside God's tithe which HE says you OWE Him — as far as you are able. I have to ask you to do it every month for the rest of this year. WE SIMPLY HAVE TO PRAY HARDER — sacrifice other things MORE, TRY harder. Time is running out on us!

   God's great Work is growing — but not as fast this year as it MUST, if we are to fulfill Christ's commission to which He has called us! We must tighten our belts, so to speak — and ALL TOGETHER push this great Work on faster!

   NEVER were loans of money you do not need right now more URGENTLY needed. They HELP! If you have a larger sum, but are not free to give it outright to Christ's Work at this time — why not let it be WORKING where the living Christ is DIRECTING and BLESSING, in the meantime.

   PRAY for this Work. PRAY for me personally — and my son Garner Ted, and all of our active staff now numbering into many hundred. WE PRAY FOR YOU! The need is URGENT. We must put on GREATER EFFORT for the remainder of this year! THANK YOU! God IS blessing you!

With love in Jesus' name,
Herbert W. Armstrong

Publication Date: September 28, 1967
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