January 31, 1968  
January 31, 1968 - Brethren & Co-Workers Letter
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Herbert W Armstrong 



Proclaim to the World the GOOD NEWS OF THE WORLD TOMORROW

Box 111, Pasadena, Calif. 91109

Publishing: The PLAIN TRUTH a Magazine of UNDERSTANDING
January 31, 1968

Dear Co-Worker with Christ:

   Now the United States faces a NEW CRISIS in North Korea. This beside the sudden stepped-up offensive by North Vietnamese. WHAT DOES IT MEAN? It means PROPHECY is being fulfilled — prophecy revealing we are in the VERY LAST DAYS!

   The newspapers, and newscasts tell you WHAT has happened. But they do not tell you WHAT IT MEANS!

   WHAT HAPPENED? Just over a week ago, Monday night, January 22nd, a little 4th-rate nation, North Korea, seized the United States Navy lightly-armed intelligence ship Pueblo, and its 83-man crew, on international waters. This was an illegal act of WAR against the United States.

   If you have carefully read our recent book, the new enlarged edition of "U.S. and Britain in Prophecy," you will understand how the prophecy of verse 19 of Leviticus 26 applies to Britain and America, NOW — just before the END of this present world — shortly before the return of the living CHRIST to establish GOD'S government over the earth. The time is NOW!

   It is the time after God withheld the national promise of world-power and wealth and greatness from our peoples for 2,520 years. It is the time after God had lavished upon us that unprecedented national greatness and power. It is the time after we have abused and misused that power - rebelled against the great God who blessed us with it — departed from His ways and turned to pagan worship and atheistic concepts.

   And now, (Lev. 26:19), God says to Britain and America: "And I will break the PRIDE of your POWER; ..."

   God gave us the most colossal national POWER and wealth ever possessed by any nation or empire. Already He has taken away that POWER from Britain. Before World War I they were the world's greatest Power. Today they are a second or third-rate Power — no longer one of the WORLD-Powers. But the United States still Possesses that POWER! We are the world's greatest Power! Yet we are afraid to use it.

   God has taken from us THE PRIDE of our power!

   Had a little nation like North Korea captured a United States Navy ship when Theodore Roosevelt was President, he probably would have issued orders at lightning speed to effect the recapture of that vessel, and had it back even before the world heard the news. Not even a BIG Power would have dared attack or seize a United States Navy ship, then! And we didn't have but a fraction of the power, then, that we have today! WE HAD PRIDE IN OUR POWER THEN!!

   I have said before, America has won her last war! God in heaven determines the outcome of wars (see Psalm 33:13-19, especially verses 16-19).

   And now that God has broken our PRIDE in our power, what next? Famine, and disease epidemics (Lev. 26:19-20), and then, verse 21, we shall be punished not only by the natural consequences of our own wrong ways — but God Himself will inflict seven times that intensity of punishment on us. See RSV translation: "I will bring more plagues upon you, sevenfold as many as your sins." (See pages 184-192 in the new enlarged edition of U.S. and British Commonwealth in Prophecy, and also read chapter 10, beginning page 129, for complete explanation of the "seven times" of Leviticus 26.)

   WHAT, then, DOES THIS EVENT, and others like it, REALLY MEAN? It means, according to God's SURE Word of prophecy, that the invasion of Britain and America by a STRONG World Power is very soon to come — possibly in four or five years or less — though we can't set dates. It means the prophesied GREAT TRIBULATION on our peoples! It means the END of this age — this civilization — this world, IS CLOSING IN ON US FAST!

   It means WE HAVE BUT A SHORT TIME TO FINISH GOD'S WORK! It means we are right now in the MOST CRUCIAL days of all earth's history — and the final CRISIS in this GREAT WORK OF GOD!

   Great progress is being made toward getting full page and double page messages in some of the mass-circulation magazines — and even mass-circulation newspapers; and in preparing for the expansion of the television program. My son Garner Ted is MUCH MORE effective on television than radio — and being viewed and heard already on television in the San Francisco bay area, the Los Angeles area, eastern Texas, and one or two other areas. I hope that within the year many more of you will be able to see this dynamic, VERY EFFECTIVE television edition of The WORLD TOMORROW. I am working toward my new series, getting back on radio, and hope you will hear the beginning of this series before another month.

   More than 45 MILLION people, on all continents, are hearing God's Message every week. The PLAIN TRUTH circulation is climbing as never before, now reaching to 1,200,000 copies — and probably read by more than 3 million people. More precious lives are being CONVERTED than ever before — now numbering into thousands every year — actually baptized by God's own ordained ministers and their assistants, trained at Ambassador College.

   YOU are having an important part in REACHING THE WORLD with God's Message — in CHANGING THOUSANDS OF LIVES — and preparing to CHANGE and SAVE THE WHOLE WORLD when Christ comes — VERY SOON, NOW! NOTHING ELSE is important, compared to this! It's not only your very great privilege — it's YOUR RESPONSIBILITY — the same as it is mine! Your part is just as necessary. I need your prayers for me, personally — it is not easy to adjust to getting back on the air after so long a time off. I need your help — PLEASE!!!

   We have entered the MOST CRUCIAL YEAR of this great worldwide WORK. It's time for all Co-Workers to get on their knees — with fasting and prayer for this WORK — to heed God's instructions to us in Joel 2:12-13: "Therefore also now, saith the Eternal, turn ye even to me with all your heart, and with fasting, and with weeping, and with mourning: and rend your heart, and not your garments, and turn unto the Eternal your God, for He is gracious and merciful, slow to anger, and of great kindness, and repenteth Him of the evil."

   In some respects this month of February is the most difficult of the year — for it is the shortest month. There are fewer days in which income is received, yet the month's expenditures are the same as others. We do get 29 days this month ("leap year"). But it will be a more difficult month financially.

   And if you have a larger sum you are not free to give, as a tax-deductible contribution, at least PUT IT TO WORK WHERE THE LIVING CHRIST IS GUIDING, DIRECTING, AND BLESSING GOD'S WORK, until you need it — or until you may be free to release part or all of it as a deductible donation — on a loan basis.

   But always so great a Work has great NEEDS i- and the need is especially urgent now. I earnestly pray God's richest blessings on all who, with me, are Christ's Co-Workers in the great Work of the living GOD! THANK YOU!

With love, in Jesus' name,
Herbert W. Armstrong

Publication Date: January 31, 1968
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