March 26, 1968  
March 26, 1968 - Brethren & Co-Workers Letter
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Herbert W Armstrong 



Proclaim to the World the GOOD NEWS OF THE WORLD TOMORROW

Box 111, Pasadena, Calif. 91109

Publishing: The PLAIN TRUTH a Magazine of UNDERSTANDING

March 26, 1968

Dear Co-Worker with Christ:

   We are receiving continual evidence, now, that IT IS LATER THAN YOU THINK — time is running out on us — there isn't much more time to FINISH this great WORK OF GOD!

   You may have read in TIME, the weekly news magazine, of how we were falsely sued in Akron, Ohio, for teaching CHRIST'S TRUE GOSPEL! John the Baptist was beheaded for explaining the same truth of God to King Herod. TIME magazine called the suit against us "exceptionally ludicrous," indicating "it would seem likely" the appeal to higher courts will result in a reversal in our favor. Naturally, we will appeal — if necessary clear up to the Supreme Court — and we have no fear of the outcome.

   But persecution, now, is beginning to step up. There is a Satan, and he is exceeding angry that GOD'S WORK has become so powerful, worldwide. Satan would have taken my life years ago, had it not been for the fact that so far God has not allowed it. Many times my life has been threatened for proclaiming Christ's own Gospel.

   Now comes the latest threat. A self-acknowledged Nazi in Germany has sued me in Duesseldorf, West Germany, for falsely alleged slander against Germany in the booklet "1975 in Prophecy." Mentioning that I wrote in this booklet that I did not know who the coming "Fuhrer" of the resurrected Roman Empire will be, he wrote me: "May I tell you from the bottom of my heart that I desire to be this Fuhrer ... I would rather seize poison-rats like you and have them hung upside down inside one of the tunnels of the Pasadena Freeway. I would close both openings of the tunnels and put in 1,000 big, hungry rats to take care of your poisoned body and spirit. ... Furthermore, I have demanded that you be refused entry into Germany for life. ... You may rest assured that your name will remain with us 'national Germans' (Nazis) for all times on the list of 'most wanted men,' until you are hunted down — however long that may take." Previously he had said this would happen IF he was not able, through the present West German government, because it is under "pressure," "to have subhumans like you brought to the gallows." So it was, indeed, a threat on my life. However, I shall expect to return to Germany whenever necessary in the service of the living CHRIST — and under His divine protection.

   Already I understand from our German office that in the eyes of the authorities there investigating his suit God is already giving us grace and favor, and I feel nothing will come of his suit. But your PRAYERS will HELP!

   But dear Co-Workers, can you realize HOW FAST events are happening in the world? The British government closed down the radio stations that were broadcasting from ships, by which we were reaching perhaps a majority of the entire population of Britain. Since they did that many things have happened to Britain. They devalued the pound. They gave up their Empire status, and went down to about a third-rate power in the world. They have had epidemics destroying their cattle. And NOW, has come the shocking United States GOLD CRISIS. Read the article about this in the forthcoming April PLAIN TRUTH.

   You have seen that the U.S. Dollar — long thought of as the stablest currency in the world — is in immediate jeopardy of being DEVALUED!

   That means that it will take you MORE DOLLARS to buy the SAME amount of imported goods. IF the dollar is devalued, INFLATION will almost surely result — and eventual economic COLLAPSE for the United States.

   Those of you who truly BELIEVE the prophecies of your Bible KNOW such economic collapse is prophesied to happen! For years, we have been saying on The WORLD TOMORROW program, and in the pages of The PLAIN TRUTH magazine, that WORLD WAR III has ALREADY BEGUN — but that it is presently ECONOMIC in nature. We have shown how God prophesied a virtual TRADE WAR will get under way against the United States and Britain — and how our national economics will falter, and then COLLAPSE!

   Shockingly, a severe economic debacle has already stricken Brighten, just as God said it would! And now, in almost daily news, comes the frightening development of a rush on GOLD by European speculators and gold hoarders. This has resulted in a DOUBLE standard for gold, as you have probably read — and President Johnson has signed a bill removing the "gold cover" for the United States.

   What does this all mean?

   It means that AT ANY TIME now, you could suddenly awake to find you have only about HALF the "money" you thought you possessed — or that your purchasing power has been DRASTICALLY reduced, overnight!

   SHOULD the dollar collapse, it could well mean a repetition of the disastrous DEPRESSION that strangled the economic world ln 1929!

   As never before, YOUR MONEY is in danger!

   So remember — WHILE it is still "good," your money represents BUYING POWER. It represents a FORCE in your life with which you can ACCOMPLISH! And what is the most singly IMPORTANT WORK you can accomplish today? It SHOULD be the very calling of God — the commission of Jesus Christ to His true servants for this time, to PREACH THE GOSPEL to all nations before the climactic END OF THE AGE is upon us!

   The time is growing mighty SHORT!

   PROPHECY is racing to fulfillment right before your eyes! You are LIVING JUST BEFORE THE END OF AN AGE!

   Dear Co-laborers with Christ — that means we have only a SHORT time, now, to FINISH THIS GREAT WORK! Is ours a truly UNSELFISH work? Are we trying to build something for OURSELVES? NO! We are trying to extend ourselves to the utmost parts of this world with the GOOD NEWS about God's soon-coming WORLD RULE! The GOSPEL of the KINGDOM OF GOD!

   WHILE we are still privileged to broadcast Christ's message — to proclaim it on radio and Television, and to print it on our presses — we need to be busier than ever before — WORKING, STRETCHING, SACRIFICING, urgently zealous to reach every single person we can before it's too late!

   We need to get Christ's message into JAPAN! We need to find ways to reach WHOLE NATIONS that have not been touched as yet. And we need to more effectively reach even the United States and Canada!

   And, temporarily, the businesses of this world are still continuing along with a shaky confidence in the DOLLAR!

   So now, THINK about your dollars for a moment. Do you still have some "confidence" in THIS WORLD, and in its financial systems? Are you "laying up treasure where thief doth enter and rust doth corrupt" or are you laying up treasure toward the KINGDOM OF GOD? Is your money stagnating — is it lying DORMANT — where it may be literally SNATCHED AWAY from you in a moment? Or is it PRODUCING, WORKING, DOING something constructive?

   Are you thinking of a purely MATERIAL "security" for years ahead, when you KNOW Bible prophecies SHOUT that the END OF THIS AGE IS NEAR? Or are you thinking of the SAME KIND of security that was ABRAHAM'S goal, and that of all the prophets and Apostles?

   Think about your "money." Is it something REALLY tangible? Or is it only a piece of PAPER in which man temporarilY retains a certain confidence? And then think about WHERE THAT MONEY CAN BE PRODUCING THE GREATEST GOOD! Where can it be buying PAGES OF TRUTH? Buying MOMENTS OF TIME TO PREACH THE GOSPEL? Buying ink, and paper, and stamps for mailing out the precious truths YOU have been learning to THOUSANDS OF OTHERS?

   The final CRISIS is fast descending upon us. Soon MONEY will be worth NOTHING to you. Have you not read the prophecy of what men will do with their SILVER and GOLD, which in the form of DOLLARS have become their IDOLS which they worship and serve?

   Immediately AFTER our Work is finished — and NOT UNTIL THEN — this shall happen: "And they shall go into the holes of the rocks, and into the caves of the earth, for fear of the ETERNAL, and for the glory of His Majesty, when He ariseth to shake terribly the earth. In that day a man shall cast his idols of SILVER and his idols of GOLD ... to the moles and to the bats." (Isa. 2:19-21.) This is a picture of the DAY OF THE LORD, which is to follow the Great Tribulation (of probably 2 1/2 years), which follows IMMEDIATELY after GOD'S WORK HE IS DOING THROUGH US IS FINISHED!

   Co-Workers, right NOW, dollars are still POWER! Let us SACRIFICE to put them WHERE THE LIVING CHRIST IS USING THEM IN GOD'S WORK, now getting His precious Gospel to more than 45 MILLION people every week, in every inhabited continent of the earth!

   In all probability, five years from now will be TOO LATE! But now it is NOT, yet, too late! Let us WORK while we may, for "the night cometh when NO MAN can work" — when there shall be a FAMINE of HEARING the Word of GOD!

   God's Work is in serious NEED. We are now preparing big Messages to be printed in full page or BIG advertising space all over the British Isles. We MUST finish getting the Message to EPHRAIM! But unless our Co-Workers will sacrifice, and INCREASE their offerings, beside their faithful tithes, this year's budget will not provide for much of it!

   More than ever before we need LOANS of larger amounts from those who are not free to make these larger sums a contribution at this time. More than ever we need the "widows' mites" from those who simply do not have larger amounts to send. Yes, even those "mites" HELP — when we all UNITEDLY pitch in to DO OUR PART as Co-Workers WITH CHRIST!

   REMEMBER — you are HAVING A PART in not only CHANGING THE WORLD — but preparing for Christ's coming to SAVE THE WORLD! PRAY for the Work as never before!! PRAY FOR ME, and Garner Ted, PERSONALLY, and for our protection against cranks, fanatics, persecutors. In the POWER of Christ and the HOLY SPIRIT, we go forth BOLDLY until Christ's Work through us is finished! THANK YOU! Be THANKFUL you are privileged to HAVE A PART with CHRIST!

With love, in Jesus' name,
Herbert W. Armstrong

Publication Date: March 26, 1968
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