June 26, 1968  
June 26, 1968 - Brethren & Co-Workers Letter
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Herbert W Armstrong 



Proclaim to the World the GOOD NEWS OF THE WORLD TOMORROW

Box 111, Pasadena, Calif. 91109

Publishing: The PLAIN TRUTH a Magazine of UNDERSTANDING

June 26, 1968

Dear Co-Worker with CHRIST:

   Again I am writing you from England — from the Ambassador College Campus. I flew over more than three weeks ago for the graduation exercises here, immediately after officiating at Commencement on the Pasadena Campus. My son, Garner Ted, officiated at the Texas Campus.

   We graduated our largest class here — as we did at both Pasadena and the Texas Campus — and every graduating student has a full-time position IN THE WORK! Isn't that a fine record? Yet we have the same record nearly every year. Many of our girl graduates married men graduates, but that simply means they are well-trained HELPERS to their husbands.

   There are so many exciting BIG NEWS things to tell you I hardly know where to begin. Things are happening faster than ever before. I have said we must accomplish more in God's great Work the next 3 1/2 years than in the last 34 1/2 years combined. And events in the Work — as well as world events — are moving along at precisely that kind of increasingly accelerated pace.

   In world events, the sudden increase in marches, demonstrations, riots, strikes, MASS VIOLENCE — and assassinations — even to overturning or threatening to overturn governments of nations, is something this world has never seen before. WHY? Well, I can't tell everything I want to explain in this letter. Many articles in The PLAIN TRUTH in coming months will explain these tremendous world crises, what's back of them, where they are swiftly leading the world.

   On the way over here from Pasadena, there were conferences in New York, then here in London, and then even in Sydney, Australia, and in Hong Kong, with contacts in European capitals, that have resulted in solid two-year contracts for the use of DOUBLE-PAGE advertising space — in full color — in MANY EDITIONS of Reader's Digest by Ambassador College. This will include the British Edition, the German and French Editions in those two languages, and in the English language the editions covering South Africa, Australia and New Zealand, India, and the Asian Edition — a special English-language edition with subscribers in Malaya, Singapore, the East Indies, Burma, Cambodia, Vietnam — all that part of Southeast Asia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Japan, and the Philippines.

   This will reach MANY MILLIONS of people in many parts of the world. Then a big super-power radio voice is opening to us — even what may become the most powerful radio voice on earth, that could be heard WORLDWIDE. Negotiations are still pending. This is so top secret I cannot reveal, now, where it is — but if God wills this will be the most sensational news of radio history. The living Christ who directs and HEADS this fast-growing worldwide Work of GOD is now opening bigger and mightier doors!

   Exciting? Yes, thrilling beyond words!

   But all this fast stepping up of the Work lays on our shoulders more and more grave RESPONSIBILITY! God is moving, now, miraculously — but He works through us — uses us as His instruments — and we have OUR PART as Co-Workers WITH THE LIVING CHRIST, preparing THE WAY for His very imminent return to this earth. THEN He will take over the GOVERNMENT of every nation on earth — set up the WORLD GOVERNMENT of the KINGDOM OF GOD ruling over ALL NATIONS, putting down all this violence, murder and WAR — bringing the world PEACE at last!

   When I started this letter what I had in mind to say to you was to EXPLAIN, in a way I never thought of before — in a way that would make it more clear than ever before — just WHAT this Work is — WHY this advertising space is being purchased by Ambassador College — in fact, WHY are we organized THE WAY we are? There is nothing else like it on earth. But there are vital REASONS why this whole Work is organized THE WAY it is.

   I have tried to explain this time after time. But somehow, just this morning, it came sharp and clear to my mind just what is the REAL EXPLANATION in a way I never thought to put it before. I had just picked up a copy of a booklet we published a few years ago, on the INSIDE STORY of The WORLD TOMORROW. That is now out of print, but somehow it failed to explain it as clearly as it came to my mind this morning.

   But I need to rush this URGENT letter to you immediately, and so I think I shall get this off to Pasadena at once, and then take time to write that FULLY — either as an editorial in the "Personal from the Editor" column in the next PLAIN TRUTH, or as a special booklet — or perhaps BOTH! I'll get that to you later — and I think you'll find it interesting and ENLIGHTENING.

   Modern methods and machines and instruments make possible a Work today that could not have been done a few years ago. For instance, we now have TELEX. That is like our own private telegraph service, with our own TELEX instruments in our own offices here in England, in Pasadena, at the Texas Campus — in fact in all our offices around the world. I will have this letter put on our own TELEX here, and INSTANTANEOUSLY they will have it in Pasadena, where my own secretary will retype it yet this morning — and her typed letter will then be put on our giant printing presses, and will be mailed yet today to our family of Co-Workers in the United States and Canada.

   I will reveal to you these gigantic new outlets for getting the Message TO THE WORLD as fast as they materialize so that I can let them be known — but I can say this much — SURPRISING things are on the way for this great Work — such as never before — AND FULFILLING PROPHECY in a breathtaking way!

   WE EACH HAVE OUR PART in what the living Christ is opening up, and leading. This "Danny-the-Red" who organized and started the student uprising and national strike and crisis in France — that almost succeeded in overthrowing Charles de Gaulle's government — is trying to start several NATIONAL REVOLUTIONS, in order to CHANGE THE WORLD! He sees that things are WRONG in the world. But he does not have the solution. He is MAKING THINGS FAR WORSE! JESUS CHRIST is the One who has the SOLUTION! He is going to CHANGE the world — and then SAVE THE WORLD — and He has called YOU and me to be His Co-Workers — to HAVE A PART in CHANGING the world, and far more — SAVING THE WORLD! He is now MOVING FAST! You and I must get right under this burden and do OUR PART with Him! There is no other Work like this! It is the ONLY ONE that HAS THE ANSWER! Soon there will be WORLD PEACE!

   Never was YOUR part and sacrifice for this Work so necessary! Try to keep the tithes and special offerings for the Work coming THROUGH THE COMING MONTH, as often and as generous as God makes possible! Even every widow's mite helps! But also the larger sums, as well as larger loans of amounts you cannot give outright at this time are urgently needed.

   THANK YOU — and I do, on behalf of our directing Head and Leader, Jesus Christ, give you THANKS from the heart — but also you and I should give HIM thanks in real GRATITUDE that He gives us the great and glorious PRIVILEGE of having a part in His Work — having a PART in CHANGING THE WORLD — and in SAVING THE WORLD!

With love, in Jesus' name,
Herbert W. Armstrong

Publication Date: June 26, 1968
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